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On this Dog Names By Breed page, we intentionally tried to depart from the usual alphabetical male and female lists and focus on dog naming suggestions that are more specific.

If you expected to find naming ideas like Twinkie, for your Rottweiler, or Fluffy for your German Shepherd…then you've come to the wrong page.

Cute puppy pals

Our suggestions below try to reflect certain characteristics of each individual breed. Here's what we mean…

Since Chihuahuas have a reputation for being small in size but big in attitude, we included on our Chihuahua Names page ideas that sounded small as well as those that sounded big.

On our Rottweiler page, we chose ideas that we felt might best reflect it's large size, as well as it's calm demeanor.

So to start, simply click on one of the alphabetically listed breeds below to check out our great naming suggestions.

Dog Names By Breed
For The Top 10 Breeds
And Others

Here's Ideas For...

cute beagle dog


Here's a page dedicated to a pup that would rather howl than bark. This pooch is always popular with those they meet, and merits its own page. 

Cute Boxer puppy


Since your Boxer is a TKO (Total Knock-Out) we felt this lively, spirited pup deserved a special place on this Dog Names By Breed page.

Cute Chihuahua puppy


Small, but feisty. Fiercely loyal to those they love. They’re a big dog in a small dogs body and deserves its own names page, like this one...

Long haired Dachshund


Referred to as The Wiener Dog, this pup is so long that it covers two different zip codes, and so lovable, that owners agree it’s one hot dog!

Cute German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherds

Intelligent, disciplined, as well as being a hardy, this pooch has always been one of the most popular. We chose the ideas here just for this breed...

Golden Retrievers

One of the most popular pups in the Canine Kingdom, this intelligent, lovable pooch deserves a title that fits. They're so smart they can help your kids with their homework!

Big Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers

The Labs we've known are smart and funny. If you're looking for ideas for Black Labs, Yellow Labs or even Chocolate Labs here’s some colorful and unique ideas.

White Standard Poodle


Is it their looks? Their temperament? Maybe their unique haircuts that make this pooch so special? No matter, here’s a page dedicated to this breed…

Curious Rottweiler


BIG, tough looking but laid back, they take no sass from any cat. We chose the ideas here specifically with this intelligent, beautiful breed in mind...  

Yorkie puppy wants to play


They're small, they're cute, the ultimate canine adornment for ones lap...They're Yorkshire Terriers! Here's a list of ideas dedicated to them and are just as cute as they are...

 Suggestions For Other Breeds...