Boston Terrier Names
Unique Ideas For This Cute Breed

When coming up with the Boston Terrier names on this page, we tried to take into account the many attributes of this energetic dog. The fact that it’s interesting history as a breed also played a role when picking these names as we realized this was no ordinary dog we were dealing with.

playful terrier waiting for boston terrier names

Did you know…

-This dog was originally bred to hunt rats in coal mines and factories, as well as a fighting dog. Hard to fathom that any canine was used for such things, but thankfully that’s in the past.

-That it’s a cross between the French and English Bulldog and other fighting Bull Terriers such as the currently extinct English White Terrier.

-The Boston Terrier can be a bit aggressive towards other animals due to it’s breeding, but this can be controlled with proper training.

Combine all the above with a quirky sense of humor this pup has, as well as it being a great family pal, is it any wonder why we felt this pooch deserves a Boston Terrier names page dedicated to just this breed?

What you’ll find below are a few suggestions for Boston Terrier puppy names, then some gender specific ideas, then our creative lists of ideas that we felt would fit this breed better than other ideas on this site.

 Male & Female
Boston Terrier Names
Suggestions Then Lists...

Apollo: Taken from the Greek god of the sun, your Boston Terrier will certainly be the sunshine of your life.

Bossy: Great as either a male or female Boston Terrier name, this choice is a "short version" of Boston, their city of origin.

Cadence: Meaning "rhythmic," this name idea brings to mind the sound of the claws of these canines as they tap along a hardwood or tile floor.

Beautiful Boston Terrier out in the garden

Jabba: Straight from the Star Wars movies, a name that refers to a rather jowly character, reflecting the facial characteristics of this breed of pup.

Lakesha: This name and all its alternate spellings, which abound, all mean "joyful" and these dogs are real joys to own and love.

Lamar: This Boston Terrier puppy name means simply, "of the sea" and, while not water pups, often these pooches love to swim with their human families.

Terry: Another naming idea which serves to reflect the title of this breed. Alternate spellings of "Teri" or "Terri" make this name work for either gender of pooch.

Uno: Meaning "one," and is perfect for the single dog family owning a Boston Terrier or that one pup that has just stolen your heart!

Names For Males Names For Females
 Aesop  Lennox  Areli  Jackpot
 Astro  Lightning  Bandit  Jasmin
 Atlas  Maestro  Beans  Kelly
 Babyface  Mako  Betty Lou  Latte
 Basil  Mozart  Cameo  Lovey
 Carson  Ninja  Cha-Cha  Maggie
 Comet  Primo  Chick-A-Dee  Maxine
 Cujo  Rowdy  Delaney  Mulan
 Dash  Rourke  Dogzilla  Nitro
 Dog Juan  Sake  Duchess  Pal
 Edge  Sheik  Eve  Patience
 Elvis  Slugger  Fiesta  Pookie
 Flame  Stallone  Flirt  Radar
 Frisco  Tamale  Fudge  Ricochet
 Gazpacho  Taz  Giggles  Rosa
 Goofy  Trinity  Gizmo  Saucy
 Handsome  Turbo  Gucci  Shiloh
 Hot Rod  Tyson  Heidi  Skedaddle
 Indy  Wasabi  Honeybee  Tango
 Jelly Bean  Wingnut  Hope  Toots

More Male And Female Boston Terrier Names

For Your Boy: Hundreds of male Boston Terrier names
For Your Girl: More female Boston Terrier names

   Abe    Evita    Mikko
   Addie    Facade    Mini Mutt
   Adriana    Fallon    Miranda
   Aja    Fang    Neal
   Al    Ferrari    Nemesis
   Ali    Flair    Nevada
   Amore    Fletcher    Nibbler
   Angel    Fly Girl    Nifty
   Aries    Gabor    Nookie
   Attaboy    Gallagher    Oberon
   Axel    Gatsby    Odell
   Babe    Gecko    Ole
   Badger    Gidget    Omar
   Bam Bam    Girly Girl    Omelet
   Banshee    Gossip    Opie
   Barbarella    Guido    Othello
   Barkley    Haden    Pantera
   Bebop    Haley    Parable
   Beijing    Halo    Patriot
   Biff    Happy Feet    Pearl

A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down. -Robert Benchley-

   Billy Bob    Harmony    Pegasus
   Bistro    Heartbreaker    Percy
   Bodean    Hilary    Peugeot
   Bongo    Hooch    Pickles
   Bronson    Igor    Pookie
   Cabaret    Iota    Pugsley
   Cabo    Jackie Oh!    Rajah
   Carisma    Jaida    Ramses
   Caruso    Jaws    Ranger
   Cassidy    Jelly-Belly    Razz
   Caviar    Jigs    Reebok
   Charade    Josie    Reggie
   Chewy    J.R.    Replay
   Choo-Choo    K-9    Rhythm
   Clem    Kalamazoo    Ringo
   Cognac    Kato    Rocky
   Conga    Kelso    Rocco
   Cortez    Keno    Saber
   Cruz    Kirby    Saga
   Cuervo     Klutz    Sammy

Lovable Ideas: Perfect for loveable Boston Terriers
Unusual Choices: For out of the ordinary naming ideas

   Dahlia    Laddie    Sangria
   Dallas    Lambchop    Sarah
   Dancer    Largo    Sassy
   Danger    Larry    Schmooze
   Dean    Legend    Scout
   Delaney    Liberace    Sebring
   Denver    Liberty    Selena
   Desi    Lolita    Shanghai
   Detour    Ma Barker    Shawnee
   Diddley    Ma Cherie    Shogun
   Dijon    Mafioso    Tahnee
   Disco    Magoo    Tai
   Drake    Mallory    Tamale
   Dudley    Mama Mia!    Taos
   Dutch    Margherita    Tattoo
   Eddie    Mason    Terminator
   Einstein    Maui    Trigger
   Ellie Mae    McFly    Van Gogh
   Equity    Memphis    Vanity
   Espresso    Mia    Veto

More Names For Boston Terriers...

Boston Terrier waiting to pounce

Males: Gender specific ideas for the guys
Females: Gender specific ideas for the gals
Clever Ideas: Ideas that match it's personality
Match Color Or Size: After its size & color
Names After Your Breed: Perfect for his breed