German Shepherd Names
Perfect For Male And Female GSDs

Looking for German Shepherd Names? You've come to the right place.

When coming up with the suggestions for the German Shepard dog names listed below, we tried to provide ideas that might better fit this specific breed than the more general choices on the rest of this site.

So what we tried our doggone best to do when coming up with our names for German Shepherd suggestions and lists below, was to take into account some of the many attributes of this breed. Things like…They originate from Germany, are hard working, poised, and a disciplined, highly intelligent breed. So what you'll find below are those ideas we feel might be better suited for this specific breed starting with a few suggestions then lists of ideas for both sexes.

Our German Shepherd Names
Suggestions and Lists

Athena: This name is Greek in origin and means wise. In Mythology Athena is the virgin goddess of wisdom and war and can see it as a perfect fit for a female German Shepherd.

Bach: Johannes Sebastian Bach was a music composer of German background, composing hundreds of famous pieces. This would make a classic German Shepherd name

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Bruno: Meaning “brown-haired” Bruno would fit perfectly with a German Shepherd of tan or brown color.

Baroness: A member of the royal family of any nation ruled by a monarchy which was Germany’s government system once.

Berlin: Capital of Germany, this is a pleasant male German Shepherd name your dog will love.

Gretchen: The German name Gretchen means “little pearl” which would make a good fit with any female German Shepherd dog.

Katrina: Meaning “pure” this dog names for German Shepherds would be perfect for any pure-bred pup.

Zeus: Zeus makes a unique name choice for German Shepherds. This male dog comes from champion blood lines and is the "king" of the house.

Names For Males Names For Females

  Baron   Niles   Affinity   Durango
  Beethoven   Nikita   Alexis   Elke
  Berlin   Odin   Aries   Espirit
  Bismarck   Orion   Aurora   Fable
  Bruno   Rage   Azure   Genesis
  Edelweiss   Rainer   Baja   Grandeur
  Falcon   Rambo   Baroness   Gypsy
  Fritz   Rebel   Brandy   Harley
  Jacques   Reno   Brunhilda   Jade
  Jagger   Saber   Cabo   Koda
  Karma   Sable   Cadence   Lacey
  Keno   Sedona   Chalet   Liberty
  Legend   Schnapps   Chanel   Mai Tai
  Magnum   Sky   Cheyenne   Nicky
  Major   Storm   Cody   Rain
  Mozart   Taj   Deja Vu   Rio
  Munich   Tango   Denali   Sasha
  Nike   Werner   Destiny   Spirit

For More Gender Specific Names Try Here...

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These are perfect for male GSD's
or perfect for female GSD's

  Alfred   Gaston   Klinger
  Ava   Goethe   Kringle
  Beethoven   Grendel   Kristall
  Benz   Hesse   Mozart
  Biene   Henri   Munich
  Bismarck   Hexen   Panzer
  Blume   Hummel   Prinz
  Bruno   Jacques   Red Baron
  Bremen   Jagger   Reich
  Danube   Jet   Saxon
  Dietrich   Johannes   Schnapps
  Edelweiss   Kafka   Snoopy
  Elbe   Kaiser   Tesla
  Falcon   Kant   Unger
  Falk   Kiel   Von Braun
  Floh   Kirsche   Werner
  Fritz   Krypto   Zigfried

Even More Choices Here...

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-Shepherd names hand picked for uniqueness
-Salute your dogs home country of Germany
-While saluting, check these names out that are perfect for BIG dogs

  Ava   Laney   Parton
  Avis   Lisa   Pasha
  Bethany   Lucy   Pearl
  Belva   Lydia   Quince
  Bulah   Mable   Queso
  Chelsea   Marcie   Reggina
  Champagne   Maven   Rona
  Dancer   Mega   Rosa
  Diva   Meg   Regal
  Dulcia   Missy   Raven
  Eve   Millie   Ripley
  Ella   Mitzy   Sable
  Fergie   Molly   Sandy
  Flapper   Muse   Sugar
  Frankie   Music   Sweetie
  Kameron   Opal   Stevie
  Kiki   Ohmydog   Veronica
  Kosta   Ossie   Wilma
  Adele   Freedom   Rocky
  Arnold   Delilah   Saber
  Apollo   Gandalf   Sarge
  Avalanche   Genghis   Summer
  Axel   Godiva   Thunder
  Bailey   Harley   Tia
  Balboa   Hendrix   Treasure
  Balfour   K-9   Trenton
  Barrett   Krypton     Treska
  Berta   Lance   Trina
  Brigitte   Luger   Trevor
  Brooke   Madison   Viceroy
  Conrad   Majestic   Victor
  Danika   Max   Victoria
  Elke   Ninja   Warren
  Elsa   Pluto   Winona
  Emily   Rachel   Winston
  Emma   Rio   Winters
  Abductor   Ermine   Islet
  Adler   Ezra   Iliad
  Asterisk   Flapper   Izod
  Azure   Fritz   Jackson
  Bangler   Furl   Jiminy
  Beaker   Gabriel   Joker
  Beachbum   Gage   Juniper
  Bugle   Gargoyle   Krash
  Carlissia   Genesse   Klaven
  Carmaine   Gesell   Lariat
  Cazzie   Geneva   Lorren
  Cesar   Granite   Luster
  Cypher   Gnash   Luger
  Dasher   Hastings   Marquis
  Dimples   Helmar   Maxum
  Domain   Hector   Marcus
  Dominator   Hunter   Zephyr

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Visit here for Clever German Shepherd names
Looking for names that are Unusual ?

  Adhere   Eiffel   Miley
  Ali   Esprit   Nazareth
  Altair   Falcon   Nellie
  Alistair   Flame   Nez
  Arden   Heidi   Oakley
  Ariel   Jade   Orleans
  Bam   Khan   Palladin
  Blaze   Klingon   Pique
  Blitz   Lapis   Quarrel
  Brandy   Largo   Rasta
  Brock   Leah   Rio
  Cargo   Levon   Salavador
  Chase   Lyle   Stallion
  Colonel   Lyndon   Stallone
  Danica   Marley   Taz
  Denali   Maxine   Tremble
  Duchess   Mercury   Tussle

More Unique Naming Ideas That Are...

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Why not salute (are we still saluting?) your GSDs color?
Cool: Hand picked for their high coolness factor