Big Dog Names
Great For The Large-Sized Pup
or small ones that wish they were

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If you’re the owner of a full-sized pup, then the big dog names shown below could be just the thing when looking for new ideas that are creative enough to make your pup stand out from the pack…if it doesn’t already due to it's size.

Even though few own an English Mastiff which is the largest breed of all (ranging from 110 to 340 lbs. with a shoulder height from 24 to 36 inches) there are many other large breeds that owners have to choose from. Breeds like the German Shepherd, Retriever and even Great Danes.

Regardless of the breed you choose, they all deserve a great title, so we’ve dedicated this page to help you find the perfect one for big dog that reflect your pals size or one that reflects it’s big attitude. Let’s not forget that some small breeds think they’re larger than they really are, (the Chihuahua comes to mind) so if you own a smaller pooch why not give things a humorous twist and call it something that sounds big?

We think you’ll find that the choices on the following pages will fit on any breed regardless of size, but put one of these on a full-sized pooch, and it will surely attract more attention than it already gets.

Our Big Dog Names...

Yellow Lab with kitten pal

For Females
Accentuate her size

Let's face it, big girls command attention and they know it too. No pipsqueak Yorkie or Chihuahua is going to tell them what to do. They like to think of themselves as canine SUVs, the Hummers of the canine world. The thing about it is that they might come across as intimidating but they've got a heart that matches their size.

Rottweiler patiently waiting

For Males
Watch he comes!

Ever notice than when your boy wags its tail that a cool breeze is felt throughout the room? Yep, that tail sure moves the air, and not only that but moves other things as well. Cats, small children, furniture or anything else not fastened down. This page is dedicated to the male whose tail tells us he's happy and whose tail cools our rooms.

Great Dane relaxing

Large Dogs
Our "Best Of" page

In the unlikely event that you can't find a suitable big dog name from the gender specific lists above, or you're looking for even more great ideas, we've assembled a list of choices on this page that we think are the doggone best. This page has a lot of unisex ideas that know no gender limitations. See what we mean here...

Breed Specific Large Dog Names...

Do you own one of the breeds shown below and are looking for titles handpicked just for them? Surprisingly enough certain ones work better on certain breeds and those shown on the pages below reflect not only that breeds temperament, colors, even country of origin. Though not all big sounding, they do offer more specialized ideas just for them...

chew toy for dogs

German Shepherds: This is one smart pup
Golden Retrievers: Blondes have more fun!
Labrador Retrievers: Most popular breed
Rottweilers: Definitely a full-sized pooch!
Great Danes: This page is for them
Huskies: Beautiful, intelligent and rather BIG