Famous Dog Names
 From Those Starring In
Movies, Comics, TV, Cartoons & History 

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This famous dog names page will point the way to the titles given to those celebrity pups who star, or have starred in movies, television, comics and even Disney movies and cartoons.

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Are you a fan of the comic strip Ziggy?…then maybe calling your own pup after his famous pal Fuzzy might be a good choice. Did you enjoy the movies Snow Dogs, or Eight Below? Then how bout Diesel, or Shadow?

Consider the classic television series Lassie...If your furry friend is a faithful companion, and always there to get you out of a bind like he was constantly doing for his young owner Timmy, then maybe Lassie might make a good pick. Simply click on a famous dog names category below and check out our lists!…  

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pups achieving their fame from...

Cartoons:  Many pups achieved fame thru cartoons. Who hasn't heard of Scooby Doo? or Snoopy, the most legendary, and probably the richest Beagle on the planet?

Movies: Illustrious pups from the movies are everywhere. Benji is a popular star. Not to mention Lassie as well Old Yeller, which would be a great choice for a yellow Lab or a pooch that barks a lot.

Television: Canines love being on TV, so much so that you can’t seem to keep them off! There's Bullet from the old Roy Rodgers Show, and Eddie, who was made famous from the comedy Frasier.

Comics: Pups have also appeared in many comic strips thru out the years. Marmaduke would make an excellent choice for a large breed, and Snoopy’s fame also transcends from cartoons into comic strips.

Disney Dogs: Who doesn't love Disney? Not only do they make great theme parks, they’ve made many canines rich and famous. There’s Pluto, Goofy, the 101 Dalmatians which are 101 too many to list here, but not here...

Dogs of Celebrities: We think all canines deserve 15 minutes of fame. So why not give your pal the same title as the pup owned by your favorite celebrity? These suggestions are guaranteed to last longer than a Hollywood marriage.

Dog Names After Celebrities: Do you have a favorite movie or TV star past or present? Or how about a memorable unexpected encounter with one that left you star struck? Click here for some memorable titles for your pup...

Great Canines In History: There's many canines that have left their mark in history. Many never felt the need of the glamorous lights of Hollywood, (like those in the above category) yet are remembered for their achievements.


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