Collie Dog Names
Perfect For This Special Breed

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The Collie dog names on this page try to capture some of the many virtues of this beautiful and intelligent breed.

And what’s there not to like? Looks, charm and smarts to mention just a few qualities you’ve no doubt noticed.

Dog hoping for a treat

Additional things you might not have known…

-There are multiple types of Collies which include Smooth Collies, Rough, Bearded, Border Collies and even Shetland Sheepdogs.

-Lassie, the dog that made this breed famous was a Rough Collie

-They originated in Scotland about 350 years ago where they were used mainly for herding and still are today by some families. Sometimes they’re also used as rescue, tracking and search dogs.

-They’re considered one of the most intelligent breeds of canines in the canine kingdom, which makes them easy to train. So smart are they that they can even help your kids with their Algebra. J

-This pup breed has plenty of energy so needs a place it can run, so apartment dwellers might do better with another breed.

-Because they’re a working dog they need and even crave attention and things to do. They love agility competitions, herding your kids and other pets, heck, they’re so helpful maybe you can teach them to pick up around the house and do the laundry. lol

So don’t you think this breed deserves its own special Collie dog names page? We do! And here’s our suggestions and lists…

Our Unique Collie Dog Names
For Both Male and Female

Banzai: Literally meaning ten thousand years, Banzai is a good pick for your special pal. If this pooch was given to you to celebrate a happy occasion, lift both arms in the air and say "Banzai" "Banzai" "Banzai".

Eager: Since Border Collies are such hard workers, Eager will make a good idea for him or her. This pooch will have a keen interest or intense desire to please. A cool choice for your eager beaver.

Hope: An excellent choice for the collie that likes to work hard and play hard. A good pick for the pooch that you trust to help you with your most precious herd. Any female will love this Collie dog name.

   Abigail    Iggy    Ninja
   Akira    Indy    Odie
   Annie    Ishtar    Ouija
   Ariel   Jade    Patches
   Bandana   Java    Pearl
   Belle   Joker    Perseus
   Bolero    Kahuna    Porsche
   Cabo    Karma    Rage
   Chanel    Laddie    Rain
   Dahlia    Lassie    Rainer

Jaiden: This cute choice is perfect for both a male and female Collie. This cute title means "thankful; God will judge" and is suitable for the dog that you are happy is in your life. Your pal will like this choice.

Napoleon: Give your brave Collie this name after the 19th century Corsican soldier who became emperor of France. In Italian, the name Napoleon means "Lion of Naples" which makes this suitable for your outdoor loving dog.

Puppy watching what your doing

Nelle: Choose this title for your bright pal. You will always know where you stand with this girl. A good choice for your ray of canine sunshine.

Nola: Meaning 'famous, champion" Nola is an all-time favorite for Border Collies. This is a good pick for the noble pooch that is as brave as a lion.

Riley: Riley seems like a sophisticated choice for your valiant pup. With this fellow, an emotional bond is not one for you to take lightly. No one is as trust worthy as this canine.

Royce: This cool suggestion means "son of the king" and is a fitting choice for this breed. While this has traditionally been for boy dogs, in recent years Royce has been used for both male and female pets. A superb idea for the Collie that enjoys luxurious things.

   Denali    Legend    Rio
   Espirit    Lexie    River
   Falcon    Mackenzie    Romeo
  Fargo    Magnum    Saber
  Floozie    Marley    Sage
  Frankie    Maui    Salem
   Genesis    Meadow    Shiloh
   Gypsy    Nacho    Skittles
   Hailey    Nicky    Taj
   Hawk    Nike    Taos

Tyler: Give this male Collie dog name to the pup that you always turn to for advice. This is the name for the honest and non confrontational pooch. You don't need to book in advance to speak to this friend.

Valiant: If you like the name Valiant it will be the perfect choice for your puppy. Valiant will all ways try to be a true perfectionist and will always use a rational approach when doing his work.

Wagner: While this doesn't crack it in the top 100 best dog names, you just can't deny it that Wagner is a cute pick for your furry friend. A good title for the pooch that is always wagging its tail to meet you. A perfect choice for your happy pet.

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