Golden Retriever Names
Unique Ideas Just For Retrievers

On this page you'll find Golden Retriever Names that were picked to match this particular breed as closely as one can match a naming choice.

Being one of the most popular dog breeds out there, we felt they deserved their very own Golden Retriever dog names page. So in order to come up with creative ideas for our lists, we tried to take into account the following breed attributes that have made the Golden Retriever such a popular pooch in the first place....

Things like…

-Their natural beauty

-Their golden or dark blonde color

-Naturally affectionate disposition

-Very intelligent and easily trained

-A very loyal, and affectionate family pet

-Enjoys the outdoors and is an excellent sporting dog

So whether you're looking for gender specific choices, or even those a bit out of the ordinary, we hope you'll find these names for Golden Retrievers are just what the veterinarian ordered.

Our Golden Retriever Names
-Suggestions and Lists-

Blaze: As with the golden blaze of a fire, not only a good pick for a pooch that’s gold in color, but also for the Golden Retriever that’s fast on it’s feet, especially when called to dinner.

Three puppy amigos

Chablis: For the Retriever whose love is like a fine wine, good before and after meals. Heck, why not for breakfast lunch and dinner too? And don’t forget weekends.

Jazz: This has a smooth and trendy sound to it. It’s an excellent choice for a Golden Retriever if you’re a music lover, or if your pup keeps rhythm with it’s tail.

Jubilee: A jubilee is a big party of sorts. Everyone gets together during a jubilee and have lots of fun. This is an interesting Retriever name choice for the pup that’s the life of the party.

Marilyn: What better way to pay tribute to your Golden Retriever pal than by naming her after the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe? Good for the blonde dog that enters the room one hip at a time.

Rags: A cute Golden Retriever name for a pup that loves to chew on everything he can find. This pooch will love to tease you and is always ready to learn new things.

Adorable puppy special delivery

Rhapsody: A good choice for a dog that gives you an ecstatic expression of feeling. Your Golden Retriever will add something very refreshing to your life, whether it be it’s humor, or just the warmth of companionship.

Rumor: If you want to be talked about by family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, adopt a four-legged canine buddy. We’re not sure you’d want to tell this Retriever any secrets though.

Sadie: Meaning "Princess" in Hebrew, this name is suitable for a Golden Retriever that gets along well with children, strangers and the elderly. This girl is a very loved canine, and your pooch will love this name.

Safari: Meaning "journey", Safari is a cute Golden Retriever name. If your buddy loves to travel or take long walks or is always meandering somewhere then this is a good choice.

Names For Males Names For Females

  Ace   Dakota   Abigail   Nitro
  Aladdin   Denali   Abilene   Noodles
  Andre   Dimples   Amaretto   Orion
  Aries   Dudley   Amber   Ouija
  Bailey   Duffy   Aspen   Rascal
  Baja   Elvis   Blondie   Reno
  Banzai   Fable   Bree   Rocket
  Beau   Flash   Bubbles   Sage
  Beethoven   King   Cassie   Samba
  Bingo   Lefty   Dallas   Sedona
  Bonkers   Loverboy   Destiny   Stella
  Boone   Maverick   Elvira   Sunny
  Bubba   Puddles   Goldie   Taboo
  Caboodle   Rainer   Karma   Tiara
  Cadence   River   Lacey   Taz
  Cairo   Sierra   Mackenzie   Tootsie
  Casey   Spartan   Madge   Twilight
  Cha-Cha   Tango   Mandy   Vixen
  Crash   Valiant   Misty   Willow
  Chase   Victory   Nibbles   Woodstock

Male & Female Golden Retriever Names

  Agate   Calgary   Ginger
  Argon   Calvary   Goldie
  Avalon   Caper   Highlander
  Avril   Cashmere   Jazz
  Bambino   Danny Boy   Paris
  Bandito   Dazzle   Pastel
  Baxter   Dipper   Pixie
  Beastie   Dimples   Rory
  BeeGee   Dory   Russet
  BestBoy   Eduardo   Rustler
  Blair   Eddie   Rusty
  Blaze   Eifel   Saffron
  Blake   Fire   Sparky
  Brick   Flame   Spry
  Brittle   Flashy   Sarge
  Bumper   Fuzzy   Taz
  Cabot   Gilt   Whisper

More Names For Golden Retrievers
By Size And Color

For Big Dogs: BIG ideas to make your Retriever loom larger
For Blondes: Call attention to your Golden Retrievers color!

  Alaska   Ezekiel   Homey
  Anchorage   Fabio   Hustle
  Autumn   Fame   Indigo
  Bamboozle   Fargo   Ingot
  Blaze   Flash   Jackson
  Blondie   Fletcher   Javelin
  Brag   Finder   Jessup
  Bugle   Fido   Jimbo
  Captain   Giselle   Jolly Roger
  Chester   Glitter   JR
  Colonel   Glossy   Major
  Debra Hairy   Glamor   Marilyn
  Digger   Goldie   Palin
  Diver   GR   QT
  Dover   Grable   Quimby
  Duckminister   Heart   Sarge
  Duke   Hillary   Summer

  Abel   Beret   Desmond
  Abigail   Bertha   Deuce
  Ablaze   Cadbury   Disco
  Abraham   Cadence   Gale
  Acadia   Cadet   Galileo
  Ace   Cadillac   Gallant
  Albert   Caesar   Gallup
  Alberta   Carolina   Gambler
  Bach   Carrie   Goldie
  Bacon   Calypso   Goldilocks
  Bailey   Daisy   Nelson
  Bamboozle   Danielle   Nellie
  Belle   De Niro    Parable
  Ben   Dean   Raleigh
  Babbs   Decker   Sunny
  Benson   Desire   Vegas

Even More Unique
Golden Retriever Dog Names

Canine Romeo

For Females: Creative ideas she'll love
For Males: Give him a title he'll be proud of
Groovy Dogs: Geeky pups need not visit
Clever Ideas: Ideas after it's personality
For Unique Pups: For the pup that's special