Poodle Names
These Elegant Dogs Deserve A Special Name

When creating this Poodle names page we tried to take into account some of the many virtues that this unique breed possessed. Although many mistake this breed as having originated in France, sources in the know have this breed showing up in Germany first around the 1600s to the 1700s, followed by Russia and France.

Poodle puppy wants to keep you company

Regardless of it’s country of origin, some of the things we admired most about Poodles are…

-They’re beautiful…With their curly hair, and statuesque good looks, it’s like they know darn well they’re better looking than most pups on the block.

-They’re not sissy’s…Having been bred as water-retrieving pups, they can be trained to be a sporting dog. Good looking once groomed, but not afraid to get a little dirty.

-They’re smart…It’s like they’re Einstein’s on four legs! Making Poodles obedient and easily trainable.

So what’s there not to like about them? Nothing really.

That’s why we offer below unique Poodle dog name suggestions and lists that are gender specific as well as additional creative ideas that are perfect as names for Standard Poodles, Toy Poodle names and even some ideas from France if looking for French Poodle names. Oui Oui!

Male And Female Poodle Names
Suggestions Then Lists

Anna: Means “grace,” or “gracious,” and is a fitting title for a graceful and elegant female Poodle.

Bijou: A unique and refreshing French choice that means “jewel,” this truly identifies your confident and intelligent female Poodle.

Frederic: A French choice meaning “peaceful ruler,” this is suited for a Poodle that has a prominence and presence about him.

Beautiful Poodle

Juliette: A striking French title that rolls off the tongue and is well suited for a gentle and graceful female pup that is long and lean.

Napoleon: The perfect choice for a male French Poodle and a great way to pay tribute to the history of the country!

Niles: Sweet, smart, and affectionate, this Poodle is an important part of his family and never turns down a good snuggle on the couch.

Mirabella: Italian for “wonderful,” this is an excellent way to let your girl pooch know how you feel about her. This could easily be shortened to Bella, meaning “beautiful.”

Rigby: This Poodle has a good deal of energy, and even more curly fur! He loves to join his companions for a romp in the woods or a long walk on a nice, cool evening.

Valentino: Beyond charming, there isn’t a family member or friend that can turn this pup down, and he gladly accepts all their love and affection.

Names For Males Names For Females

  Adonis   Janus   Affinity   Juliet
  Amadeus   Jazz   Alanis   Kujo
  Amir   Kahlua   Alexia   Kyra
  Bali   Kali   Amaretto   Lava Lips
  Baron   Legend   Baroness   Lexi
  Bijou   Lyric   Bluebell   Lovey
  Cabernet   Mahala   Cabaret   Martina
  Cadence   Marlon   Cashmere   Maui
  Caper   Maxim   Chardonay   Mon Cher
  Dakar   Newport   Desiree   Novella
  Drake   Orion   Drusilla   Nymph
  Eiffel   Othello   Elvira   Odette
  Esprit   Paprika   Equity   Pia
  Flirt   Persia   Evita   Pirouette
  Foxy   Rainer   Faberge   Reno
  Genesis   Renoir   Garbo   Rosetta
  Grandeur   Seance   Glamour   Salem
  Havana   Sergio   Harlequin   Shady Lady
  Houdini   Tango   Hollywood   Twilight
  Jade   Toto   Jillian   Vogue

Cute Choices For...

White corded Poodles

Your Boy: More creative ideas for Poodle names
Your Girl: Hundreds of other choices for the ladies

  Aja   Gabrielle   Ouija
  Ali   Genoa   Paige
  Amore   Gipsy   Panache
  Andre   Godfather   Parable
  April   Grace   Passion
  Aquila   Gucci   Patience
  Asahi   Guido   Pavarotti
  Asia   Halo   Perrier
  Aspen   Hannibal   Perseus
  Avril   Hans   Porsche
  Babette   Hennessy   Reagan
  Bailey   Hogie   Reilly
  Baroness   Hope   Rhapsody
  Beau   Harley   Rio
  Belle   Ishtar   River
  Bernice   Jacques   Rogue
  Bolero   Jai Jalai   Roulette
  Boone   Jamaica   Rumba
  Bordeaux   Jubilee   Rush
  Bouffant   Julep   Ryder

I know that dogs are pack animals, but it is difficult to imagine a pack of standard poodles... and if there was such a thing as a pack of standard poodles, where would they rove to? Bloomingdale's? -Yvonne Clifford-

  Brando   Juno   Sangria
  Briar Rose   Justice   Satin
  Bridget   Kandida   Savannah
  Cadbury   Kasparov   Scarlett
  Cameo   Keira   Sequel
  Caprice   Kiki   Shanghai
  Carina   Kobi   Sienna
  Cartier   Lace   Sierra
  Caruso   Lady   Simone
  Casablanca   Lamara   Skedaddle
  Casanova   Lashes   Sky
  Casbah   Latte   Sofia
  C’Est Moi   Leonardo   Sorbet
  Charade   Lotus   Spartan
  Charo   Luna   Squire
  Consuela   Maurice   Sushi
  Countess   Meadow   Tahiti
  Cricket   Medusa   Taos
  Dakar   Mercedes   Tenor
  Damsel   Midori     Tiffany

More Creative Ideas That Are...

White Poodle beauty

Unique: Perfect for the one of a kind Poodle
Loveable: Making your pal even more loveable

  Dante   Mignon   Titan
  Danube   Minuet   Tootsie
  Delilah   Misty   Touche
  Denali   Mon Cher   Traveler
  Destiny   Monique   Trinity
  Dharma   Moxie   Tsunami
  Dog Juan   Mu Lan   Tulip
  Dreamer   Mystic   Tuscany
  Dublin   Mystique   Tyson
  Dupree   Nikita   Valentino
  Ebony   Nina   Van Gogh
  Elke   Norma Jean   Versailles
  Elvira   Nova   Vienna
  Ember   Nymph   Virtue
  Espresso   Obession   Wesley
  Excalibur   Odette   Whitney
  Fawn   Odin   Windsor
  Fidel   Omar   Woofstock
  Francesca   Oprah   Yasmin
  Frenchy   Orelle   Zsa Zsa

Fetch More Cute Ideas For...

Gray Poodle strutting his stuff

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