Creative Male Dog Names
Perfect For Your Male Puppy

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Searching for the best male dog names that will make your popular boy puppy stand head over paws above the lesser named pups on your block? Well look no further, we’ve compiled lists of hundreds of the top ones along with our own suggestions that your male puppy will love almost as much as your sharing the snack that your eating!

Chihuahua puppy looking for a unique male dog name

When coming up with your own favorite best male dog names, remember that finding the perfect one can be made a lot easier when you match your choice to...His size, his breed, his personality, even his unique habits.

Keep in mind too that a name should be creative and distinctive enough that it'll make your second  most important decision to train your pooch that much easier.

Once you’ve narrowed down the list to 5 or so of the best, ask your pal what he thinks! You’d be surprised how your pup will react favorably to certain ones, yet yawn at others. Plus, he should have some say when choosing as no pooch wants to be made fun of by the neighbors cat.

Simply click on one (or all) of the links below to find the perfect male puppy name for your new buddy.

Our Male Dog Name Lists...

Flying dog of course

For males that are

Is your pal unique? You bet he is! That’s why we came up with a page of great male choices that are one of a kind.

Cool Dachshund

For the male that's

The dictionary defines the word “cool” as something that is suave, self assured, and hip. Sound like your boy?

Genius dog

Boy titles that are

 Is your pup smart, quick on his four feet and as sharp as a tack? Then why not salute those puppy attributes?

Dog and cat at boring birthday party

These ideas are

These manly titles transcend the ordinary and will cause the mailman, robbers or squirrels to think twice before crossing your yard.

Shy Pomeranian puppy

For the pup that's

These smallish sounding puppy choices will fit any small breed perfectly as it will highlight what everyone already knows...that he's doggone cute!

Hungry St. Bernard

For the pup that's

Large sounding ideas guaranteed to make your large canine loom larger. For a cute twist, why not give a big title to a small pooch? A perfect way to bolster your pups self esteem.

Relaxed Pug

Great for your...

Even your kids will ask to be renamed once they see the ideas on this page. Well, maybe that's a bit extreme.

Young girl and her Akita pal

Find ideas that are
The Best

Variety is the spice of life, find great suggestions from cities, to authors, to pups from the movies, this page has it all.

Dog private eye

For when your stuck
Name Finder

This page can lubricate your creativity and help speed up the naming process. It's so easy your cat can use it!

Our A-Z Lists…

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