Cool Dog Names
For Those Too Hip For Anything Less

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This cool dog names page might be just what the doctor ordered when looking for creative and unique ideas for your male or female puppy.

Pomeranian badboy looking for cool dog names

Does your pooch have a smooth style all their own? Do other less hip pups in the room give yours an envious glance when your pal breezes in? Is it so cool that it almost doesn't need to be potty trained? Doggie panache such as this is a rarity in the canine world, but if your pooch exudes such a confident persona, then this page is for you!

The Dictionary defines the word “cool” as something that’s groovy, hip or fashionable, so we kept that in mind when coming up with the cool names for dogs on this page.

Here’s the criteria we used when coming up with our suggestions below…

It Had To Be…

1. Unique, and something one doesn’t normally hear a pup called.

2. It had to flow smoothly off one’s tongue. (yours and your dogs)

3. Creative or different enough to be memorable.

4. Must possess the "it" factor. We're not fully sure what "it" is but we know "it" when we hear "it".

Dog Name Disclaimer...Even though we felt the cool puppy names below fit the criteria above, whether your pal does will vary from pooch to pooch and is totally dogjective*.

Our Cool Dog Names Lists...

For The...

Cool Bulldog redneck

Cool Male 
Male titles for a pooch so groovy that one could swear that he’s a Brad Pitt or George Clooney with four legs and a lot more fur. Girls have been known to swoon when he enters the room.

Cool Poodle

Cool Female
 For the female that's so hip that we’re not sure we’ve heard them on any puppy! Don't let your pal settle for ordinary when extraordinary is just a click away...

Cool Boxer

Cool Boy
These smooth choices transcend the ordinary, and predictable.
See on this page what it’s like to experience creative naming ecstasy firsthand…

Cool and crazy Boxer

Cool Girl
This page was written only for girl pups that know they have "it", the suggestions here are bound to leave your gal pal barking Bow-WOW!

Cool Names For Dogs - Our Favorites

Pups e-mail us (they can write, but need a drool proof keyboard) asking for our favorites, find them here...

Fetch More Groovy Ideas For...

cute and cool long haired chihuahua

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*Dogjective: The canine version of the human word subjective