Unique Mastiff Names
Your Male Or Female Will Love These

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When it comes to Mastiff names, no owner wants to be heard calling out a name that would fit better on a Pomeranian or Chihuahua. And no Mastiff with any sense of dignity wants to have to answer to Trixie or Peaches, that’s why we’ve assembled here on this page, ideas that were beefier and had more substance than those given to dogs a third of this breeds size.

But there’s more to this pooch than just good looks and large size, they have interesting things to learn about them as well.

Large dog waiting for dinner

Did You Know…

The ancestors of today's Mastiff was the Molossus, a now extinct war dog that was common in the world of Greco-Romans? The umbrella term describing this breed refers to them as Molossers in case you hear it used you’ll now know where it came from.

The Puritans brought with them from Europe on the Mayflower a Mastiff. Yes, even the Pilgrims were dog lovers and couldn’t stand to be apart even for a little boat ride.

They are considered to be the most massive of all pups. Although Irish Wolfhounds and Great Danes are taller in size, this pooch makes them look skinny when it comes to shear mass. An adult can weigh as much as a human adult weighing in between 130-200 pounds…rather large we’d say.

A Mastiff by the name of Zorba set the record in 1987 as the heaviest and largest pooch of all time. With a measurement of 99 inches from nose to tail and weighing in at 344 pounds we can’t imagine it’s owner saying no to it at dinnertime and living to tell about it.

Because of the popularity of the Mastiff along with their lengthy history, they were quite popular in royal courts thruout Europe. It’s because of this that they can be found represented in many fine art paintings by the masters.

So there you have it…a breed that looms large not only historically, but also in size. Here below you’ll find not only male and female Mastiff names dedicated to them, but some ideas that sound BIG as well.

Our Unique Mastiff Names
For Male, Female, And That Sound Big!

Meaning defender, Alexia is a wise choice for your Mastiff or the large princess who never lets her crown slip. Alexia is also the name of the daughter of Constantine II the former Greek king.

A large breed puppy wanting to play

Empress: For a female that rules the household, this is a perfect pick. This Mastiff will sleep in the middle of the bed, get lots of pampering, and most likely won’t eat bland, dry dog food!

Europa: Meaning where the sun set, Europa is a good choice for your beautiful and large pooch. In Greek mythology this was the name of one of Zeus' lovers. Your pal will love this Mastiff name.

Genesis: The Greek for beginning or birth, Genesis is a cute puppy name for your first pooch. A great choice too for the Mastiff that’s first in line for dinner.

   Achilles     Frank    Legend 
   Alana    Gandolf    Liberty
   Amadeus    Geisha    Lobo
   America    Gigolo     Lyra
   Baja    Goliath    Majestic
   Bandit      Guinevere    Major
   Blade    Gypsy    McKinley
   Bridgette    Hannah    Mignon
   Cain    Havana    Mystic
   Calypso    Huntress    Neptune

Hope: This title is representative of the hope that your companion canine will live a long, healthy life and provide lots of fun and fellowship for the entire family. It can also represent hope for the future or the world in general.

A large dog trying to be patient with it's puppy

Kahlua: Fans of the drink of the same name may find this selection perfect for their dog. This popular liqueur is dark brown and can be chosen based on the coloration of the pet's fur or just because the title feels good sliding from the tongue.

River: Think of the flowing waters of a river and the serenity of that sound, this choice will always bring this sense of serenity to mind as you call out to your Mastiff.

Muscles: Choose this term for a powerful, strong and muscular pooch such as your Mastiff. Better watch out when Muscles flexes his!

   Chiquita    Indy    Omega
   Coda     Ishtar    Parable
   Danube    Jacques    Persia
   Dillinger     Jake    Reno
   Duchess    Jinx    Rio
   Elke    Junior    Sable
   Espirit    Kalia    Scarlett
   Everest      Karma    Taj
   Fable    Khan    Tiara
   Fang    Kujo    Valiant
   Fifí    Legacy    Vixen

Noelle: If your kids begged you for a dog for Christmas, or someone got you a holiday surprise, this is perfect. This Mastiff name will always remind you of the holiday that brought along your little bundle of joy.

Omaha: Both a city in Nebraska and a popular poker game, this unique choice would be easy to recognize and hear as well as a pleasant sound to speak.

Shadow: A great Mastiff name choice for a pup with a beautiful dark coat, and who tends to have a bit of a serious side to it. Perfect too for your canine pal that always sticks as close as your shadow.

Titan: A common name in Greek mythology meaning “giant,” this title is well suited for a large male like your Mastiff.

A Few Mastiff Dog Names That Sound BIG...

   Atlantis    Diesel    Manley
   Apollo    Dogzilla    Max Factor
   Aries    Dozer    Maximus
   Athena    Duke    Moose
   Atlas    Harley    Nike
   Avalanche    Hercules    Pegasus
   Baroness    Hulk    Perseus
   Bear    Jabba    Queen
   Big Foot    Jupiter    Regal
   Caesar    Kahuna    Roman
   Cheyenne    Koda    Samson
   Chubbs    Kodiak    Sumo
   Conan    Kong    Thor
   Cujo    Magnum    Triton
   Dante    Majestic    Yukon
   Denali    Mako    Zeus

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