Creative Names For Dogs
After Size And Color

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Looking for names for dogs that show just how much you appreciate your pals size or color?

Cute shy puppy looking for names for dogs

While many owners will choose a name based upon how cute it sounds, others will title their pup according to some outstanding characteristic or personality trait, and others will even choose one after that pups origin, like giving a German title to a German Shepherd.

This page offers a list of dog names from the angle of your pals coat shade and/or size, offering choices that reflect a given color, or have a relationship to that shade, or after things that are or sound big or small.

As an example, do you own a brown pooch? Then how about calling it Whiskey, or Latte, or even Coco? Is your buddy white? Then how about Blizzard or Snowflake, or even Casper after The Friendly Ghost cartoon for the pup that’s congenial at dinnertime, but disappears when it’s time to go to the vet.

If you have a large breed how about something large sounding like Atlas, Bigfoot or Zeus? For a small breed how about Peewee, Squirt or even Dimples if you see your pup has them.

As you can see, there are many angles from which one can call your your pal, it’s just a matter of you and your pooch agreeing on which is the perfect fit.

Our Names For Dogs That Are...

very big dog

BIG Sounding: Large sounding ideas are the perfect fit for certain breeds. Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and others deserve the respect gained by a big naming choice. Here's some pretty creative ideas...

cute small dog

Small Sounding: For owners who prefer a dog with a compact stature, the ideas on this page will highlight what most have already noticed...that small dogs are cute! Here's ideas that will make him/her even more so...

List Of Dog Names After Color...

beautiful black lab

Black: Black is a distinctive tone, and how contradictory is it to have a black puppy that has a colorful personality like yours? These suggestions try to capture both canine attributes, dark in tone, but bright in personality.

blonde lab puppies

Blonde: All the lesser colored pups are jealous when your pal enters the room. And what pooch wouldn’t be? How many humans wish that they were blondes? Well, those in the canine world are no different!

brown cocker spaniel

Brown: More common than blonde, but no less distinctive. It’s not always true that blondes have more fun, just ask your brown bud if this is true. We'll bet that he would love a brown title from this list of dog names to flaunt his shade.

white maltese

White: If you’re the lucky owner of dog that's white, why not give your pup a title that reflects this? Unlike the coldness of other white things out there, like snow or ice, you’re buddies warmth could melt the ice caps.