Border Collie Names
Perfect For This Intelligent Breed

When coming up with this page of Border Collie names we soon realized we weren’t dealing with your average dog. Nope, this dog is smart!

Cute Border Collie enjoying a spring day

So intelligent that not only is the Border Collie regarded as THE smartest dog in the doggie kingdom, but we figured that this page is probably being keyword searched, found and read by many Collies know who you are.

That’s why when coming up with this names for Border Collies page, we recognized that we had to come up with lists of ideas that these four legged Einstein’s would appreciate, otherwise they would get bored quickly, and search someplace else when they found the time between their Calculus and Trigonometry classes.

So what we’ve tried our doggone best to do below is offer a few great suggestions, then lists of male and female Border Collie names just for this breed. We hope you and your master agree.

Male & Female Border Collie Names
Suggestions Then Lists

Benji: Meaning "son of the right hand" Benji is a popular male Border Collie name. This pup will be your valued helper.

Caleb: Caleb is a devoted companion who is whole hearted and will be fearless in the face of overwhelming odds.

Border Collie watching the herd

Cody: This strong willed dog is too intelligent to lie around the house all day, it’s got better things to do, like herd the kids.

Jaiden: This cute pick means "thankful" and is suitable for the dog that you are happy is in your life. Your Border Collie will like this choice.

Lolita: The name "Lolita," was made famous by the 1955 novel by Vladimir Nabokov. An expressive choice for your four legged seductress.

Rascal: Rascal is a good choice as a Border Collie puppy name for the pup that's rambunctious. Maybe Mischief might also make an interesting name?

Riley: Riley is a sophisticated choice for your valiant Border Collie. With this fellow, an emotional bond is not one for you to take lightly.

Scout: A perfect matching moniker for an energetic Border Collie that loves to “find” things, or is always on the hunt.

Border Collie with a beautiful coat

Spencer: This makes a good choice for the Border Collie that is calm outside and has a lot of affection and love bottled up inside for you.

Tacoma: This cute name is a wonderful selection for the dog that you got during a storm during your life.

Tango: Watching this dog perform agility moves and stunts is like watching a polished Tango dance.

Valiant: Your Valiant will all ways try to be a true perfectionist and will always use a rational approach when doing his Border Collie thang.

Names For Males Names For Females

   Ali    Liberty    Abigail    Kali
   Aries    Lucky    Affinity    Kashmir
   Bo    Marley    Arielle    Macey
   Bossman    Maui    Blitz    Mango
   Cadence    Meadow    Breezy    Merle
   Cassidy    Nacho    Cabo    Natasha
   Cori    Nicky    Cairo    Nugget
   Dudley    Ouija    Chalet    Oakley
   Dusty    Pookie    Denali    Pal
   Eagle    Puma    Dooley    Persia
   Esprit    Rebel    Evita    Rajah
   Fable    Rio    Fancy    Reggae
   Frankie    River    Fargo    Sadie
   Gino    Sable    Gidget    Shadow
   Hooch    Sedona    Grace    Sophie
   Hunter    Shelby    Grits    Trekker
   JoJo    Taboo    Harley    Utah
   Kato    Touche    Indigo    Viper
   Kiki    Vega    Jade    Wasabi
   Legend    Whitney    Juliet    Wild Thing

More Unique Names For Border Collies

beautiful collie

For Your Boy: Hundreds of names for male Border Collies
For Your Girl: Zillions of naming ideas for the ladies

   Abby    Hogie    Ranger
   Adonis    Hope    Raven
   Ajay    Houdini    Razz
   Alexis    Ike    Reefer
   Aloha    Infinity    Reno
   Amaretto    Jag    Renoir
   Angel    Janus    Rogue
   Anika    Java    Rowdy
   April    Jenny    Sake
   Aria    Jewel    Salem
   Bayou    Jinx    Sammy
   Bandito     Josie    Santana
   Baron    Kahlua    Sarge
   Basil    Kara    Scoot
   Beijing    Kate    Sequel
   Bingo    Keira    Shady Lady
   Blackhawk    Kenya    Sheik
   Bodean    Kenzie    Sienna
   Bogart    Koko    Silhouette
   Bolero    Lace    Sinbad

"On the Internet nobody knows you're a dog"-Jake-The Border Collie

   Cabana    Lara    Slim
   Cagney    Lasso    Sonja
   Calista    Lee    Taj
   Camille    Leon    Tamar
   Caruso    Link    Tanya
   Cash    Loco    Taos
   Celeste    Major    Telly
   Chance    Malone    Tequila
   Charade    Mario    Tex
   Chianti    Mascot    Tiara
   Dakota    Matlock    Tiffany
   Doggie Lama    Melody    Tiki
   Dante    Mercedes    Titan
   Darius    Miranda    Tracker
   Dawn    Movado    Traveler
   Deja Vu    Nellybelle    Travis
   Delaney    Nexus    Trouper
   Edge    Nigel    Tucson
   Einstein    Ninja    Unity
   Elvis    Noble    Valiant

playful collie

For Cool Dogs: For Border Collies too cool for ordinary names
For Lovable Pups: You just want to hug them forever

   Emma    Nomad    Van Gogh
   Espresso    Oberon    Versace
   Evian    Ole    Virtue
   Faith    Omaha    Wags
   Farley    Oops!    Wahoo
   Fetch    Orbit    Warrior
   Flash    Orion    Wednesday
   Flirt    Outlaw    Wildfire
   Frankie    Page    Woodstock
   Freedom    Panache    Yancey
   Ganja    Parable    Yankee
   Garbo    Paulie    Yikes
   Genesis    Pearl    Yukon
   Gigi    Peggy Sue    Yuma
   Gypsy    Pepe    Yuri
   Grant    Perseus    Yvette
   Gringo    Pete    Zack
   Haden    Phoenix    Zaire
   Havana    Quasar    Zeke
   Heather    Rainer    Zen

Even More Unique Ideas
For Border Collies...

border collie ready to play

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