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Big Names For The Little Guy

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When coming up with the cute Chihuahua names on this page we wanted to take a bit of detour from the lists that we offer for other dogs and offer some ideas that fit certain aspects of the Chihuahuas size and personality.

Puppy cutie dressed for chilly weather

Anyone who owns a Chihuahua finds out soon that at times it acts like a big dog in a small dogs body. The way it holds it’s head and shoulders back while on backyard patrol, ready to pounce on any unsuspecting squirrels, butterflies or even Great Danes should they wander in…it doesn’t care, nor does it recognize it weighs only 6 lbs max.Realizing it’s a small, yet large dog, we offer first on this page cute Chihuahua ideas that sound small, then Chihuahua names that sound big. And for the cherry on top of the dog naming cake, we offer excellent Chihuahua puppy names further down this page that are sure to have that Great Dane running away. So here we go…

Our Own Favorite
Chihuahua Names First...

Angel: This dog title is just perfect for a sweet, dainty little Chihuahua that has an angelic face and a loyal personality.

Chili: For a male or female Chihuahua that's perfect for a pooch with a little bit of sass in it's personality. Particularly well suited for a dog that thinks it's the baddest dog on the block!

Chihuahua puppies taking a nap

Karma: If you are a believer in Karma, this is a great choice for your sweet female Chihuahua, especially if you feel like you did something wonderful in your life in order to deserve having her as your dog.

Cash: Money represents power, and these small dogs have a lot of power and pride. Use this for a Chihuahua that has a little attitude and a lot of confidence.

ChiChi: Doubling the nickname of this dog, Chi, into this cute choice makes it suitable for male or female Chihuahua. It is easy to say and easy for your pooch to hear and respond to. It is also a common Mexican or Spanish nickname as the Chihuahua hails from the Latin lands of origin.

Rio: This term means, literally, “a river”; it is also the name of the river separating the U.S. and her neighbors to the south. As a short boy’s name, it is easy and smooth on the tongue and your Chihuahua dog will love it.

Romeo: Chihuahuas have a sweet, lovable side, so pay tribute to this adoring personality trait, by calling your male dog after the romantic character.

Small Sounding Names For Chihuahuas

   Angel    Honeybee    Peaches
   Atom    Junior    Peanut
   Baby    Kewpie    Peewee
   Babydoll    Kisses    Pipsqueak
   Babykins    Ladybug    Pixie
   Bambi    Laptop    Proton
   Bits    Little Boy    Puddles
   Bonbon    Little Girl    Pumpkin
   Bonsai    Littlefoot    Putt-Putt
   Bug    Little One    Pygmy
   Bunny    Lollipop    Rascal
   Butterball    Midge    Shorty
   Buttercup    Midget    Slim
   Button    Mini Me    Smidgen
   Cuddles    Minuet    Squeaky
   Crumbs    Mite    Squirt
   Dinky    Munchkin    Teenie Weenie
   Doodle    Neutron    Tinkerbell
   Elf    Newt    Tiny
   Fifi    Nibbler    Tweedy
   Goober    Nibbles    Twig
   Gumball    Nipper    Vixen
   Gumdrop    Nymph    Widget

 Find more gender specific ideas for...

Males: If your boy Chihuahua has that special doggy swagger and uses it to his full advantage to get what he wants, then he's gonna love the choices on this page. 

Females: If all heads in the room turn when your girl sashays in, why not choose a title that highlights her special feminine charms and qualities?...

BIG Sounding Chihuahua Names

    Attila     Jumbo     Samson
    Avalanche     Jupiter     Samurai
    Barbarian     Jurassic     Sarge
    Big     Kahuna     Sasquatch
    Big Boy     Kilimanjaro     Saturn
    Big Foot     King Kong     Seismic
    Big Shot     Kodiak     Sergeant
    Big Time     Kong     Shamu
    Bismarck     Lincoln     Shark
    Boomer     Lurch     Sky
    Boone     MacGregor     Stallion
    Brawler     Mack     Stallone
    Brawny     Magnum     Sumo
    Bruno     Majestic     T-Rex
    Brutus     Mako     Tank
    Buffalo     Manley     Tanker
    Bunyan     Marlboro     Terminator
    Burly     Marmaduke     Texas
    Chubby     Mad Max     Thunder
    Chunky     Maxi     Tiberius
    Dakota     Moose     Titan
    Denali     Muscles     Titanic
    Dragon     Nemesis     Tracker
    Duke     Nelson     Trapper
    Frankenstein      Nevada     Trojan
    Freedom     Nietzsche     Tsunami
    Genghis     Ninja     Tundra
    Gladiator     Pachyderm    Ulysses
    Godzilla     Patton     Outlaw
    Goliath     Pharaoh     Voyager
    Gorilla     Quasimodo     Walter
    Grizzly     Quasar     Whopper
    Harley     Raging Bull     Wookie
    Hercules     Rambo     Wyatt
    Hulk     Raptor     Wyoming
    Jabba     Roman     Yukon
    Jaws     Rugby     Zeus

For something different try these...

Unique Chihuahua Dog Names: Don't make your choice final till you see these!

Other Male & Female Chihuahua Names

    Abesque     Frankie     Rage
    Abdullah     Gangsta     Rain
    Ace     Genesis     Rainer
    Adonis     Genghis     Rambo
    Airborne     Gino     Ramses
    Aja     Guido     Reefer
    Ali Babba     Gypsy     Reno
    Alpha Male     Hamlet     Renoir
    Andreas     Happy     Ringo
    Amigo     Havana     Rip
    Aries     Heartbreaker     River
    Asia     Hemingway     Rocket
    Atlas     Hollywood     Rodeo
    Attila     Hooch     Romeo
    Attaboy     Hot Dog     Rogue
    Avalon     Houdini     Roulette
    Avenger     Hubba Hubba     Rowdy
    Babaloo     Indigo     Rufus
    Baja     Infinity     Saber
    Bali     Ishtar     Sable
    Bandito     Jade     Safari
    Banzai     Jake     Sage
    Beans     Java     Sahara
    Beau     Jaws     Salem
    Beauregard     Jazz     Salsa

    Beefcake     Jedi     Santana
    Beijing     Jelly-Belly     Santiago
    Bentley     Kahlua     Sarge
    Bigshot     Kahuna     Savannah
    Blizzard     Kali     Schnapps
    Bo     Karma     Scooby Doo
    Bogart     Kashmir     Séance
    Bolero     Keno     Sedona
    Bonsai     Killer     Sequel
    Boone     Kodiak     Shasta
    Bossman     Kona     Shiloh
    Brando     Lance     Sierra
    Brawny     Lasso     Sinatra
    Brutus     Lefty     Sinbad
    Bubba     Legend     Skedaddle
    Buckaroo     Leno     Skidoo
    Bullet     Lexis     Slash
    Butkus     Liberace     Souffle
    Cabo     Liberty     Spam
    Cadence     Lobo     Spanky
    Cagney     Lodi     Spike
    Cairo     Loverboy     Spirit
    Capone     Mad Max     Squeak
    Caramba     Maestro     Taloula Bell

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