Dachshund Names
Male & Female Naming Ideas For Your Doxie

These hand chosen Dachshund names are our own special way of saluting a unique and family friendly breed that hails from Germany and was specifically bred to hunt badgers. Even though there are few families out there having badgers that they want hunted, the Dachshund stands on it’s own four feet with a friendly personality that loves being the focus of attention.

This long haired Dachshund puppy is rockin out!

Did you know…

-Even it’s title can be translated into badger dog in German, with the term “Dachs” meaning badger and “Hund” meaning dog.

-The Dachshund came to America around 1870 but didn’t become popular until the 1950s because WWI & WWII propaganda used them to portray the Germans since they originate from there.

-Dachshunds don’t know that they’re small. Due to their fearlessness, this means they might not back down during confrontations with bigger animals such as larger dogs and no doubt, badgers.

As you scroll down this Dachshund names page we start off with a few suggestions we felt would fit this breed well, then you’ll find male and female Dachshund dog names, then a few lists with ideas that we felt would fit this breed better than those we’ve listed for others.

Male & Female Dachshund Names

Bijou: This Dachshund will be your own precious jewel, the ornament in your life. Bijou is small, elegant and simply beautiful.

This title is very common in Germany and would make a really good Dachshund dog name for your pal.

Brodie: For a Dachshund that is adventurous and always into something. He has a good natured personality, and even like cats.

Cute Dachshund name ideas

Bruno: While this Dachshund name means “brown-haired” it is still a manly choice for a breed like this.

Carina: A German word meaning “beloved” or “friend,” a good choice for your beloved German Dachshund.

Cassie: The Greek for "She who entangles men" this is perfect for the girl that entangles all males (human and canine) around her paw.

Espresso: A good title for a Dachshund that’s BIG on energy. There’s nothing decaffeinated about this pooch!

Ginger: This spicy canine loves to be with her owners and will happily join them anywhere they go with her tail wagging and her ears perked!

Oscar: With the Dachshund being referred to as a “weiner dog” after Oscar Meyer who is the largest manufacturer of hot dogs in the world.

Raina: This means "Mighty" in German and is a great fit for the girl who thinks she’s a much larger breed.

Rocco: A popular name for gangsters in older movies, cross Rocco the wrong way and he’ll take you for a long walk off a short pier!

Romeo: Dachshunds have a sweet, lovable side, so pay tribute to this adoring trait, by naming your male after the romantic character.

Ruffian: A great Dachshund name for your priceless pal. This pooch always holds it’s head high and thinks it knows better than you.

Speed Bump: A cute choice submitted by Lisa, a fan of this site. Thanks Lisa!

Valiant: Your brave little Dachshund will be sharing this cute little title with the comic strip character, Prince Valiant.

Names For Males Names For Females

Abe Killer Amanda Liberty
Attila Lassie Amaretto Lola
Badger Leo Aura Lovesong
Bogart Mad Max Bandana Mama Mia!
Buzz Malone Betty Jean Mignon
Cash Neon Caboodle Nemo
Chico Ninja Casey Nymph
Curly Opie Chiquita Oops!
Dimples Picasso Delta Peaches
Dog Juan Pumpkin Dijon Persia
Frankie Ramses Evita Rebel
Genghis Razz Freckles Reno
Grits Samson Gizmo Safari
Herbie Sergio Gucci Shady Lady
Hoagie Spartan Hooligan Tease
Ivanhoe Texan Hurley Tootsie
Jazz Titan Indy Vienna
J.R. Tito Juliet Vixen
Kaiser Uno Kashmir Whiskey
Karma Wasabi Kujo Wild Thing

More Male & Female Dachshund Dog Names

Curious dog

Names For Boys: More male names for Dachshunds
Names For Girls: More choices just for the ladies

Affinity Encore Moochy
Al E.T. Moondoggie
Alfie Fabian Mr. Bojangles
Angelo Fantasia Mugsy
Annie Fetch Nash
Ariel Fifí Nemo
Ashton Finnigan Neon
Astro Flash Ninja
Axel Flirt Noodles
Bandit Frazier Nova
Banzai Gabby Nutty Buddy
Barbarella Gangsta Oakley
Baron Garbo Odie
Beans Gem Omar
Beefcake Gertie Opry
Benny Giggles Orion
Biff Go-Go Orwell
Big Mama Heidi Ozzie
Blade Hendrix Pancho
Bodean Hilary Papillon
Bodie Hobo Peanut
Bongo Homey Peewee
Booker Hugo Perrier
Boots Hot Dog Picasso
Cabana Iceman Polka
Cal Infinity Rajah
Camille Jaeger Ransom
Capone Jake Rascal
Caramba J.B. Reba
Cartier J.R. Redneck
Cash Jethro Reggie
Cedric Josie Renoir
Chance Justine Rhett
Chase Kahlua Rio
Cheech Karma Rocky
Chianti Kato Rommel
China Kibbles Rowdy
Coco Kit Roxy
Crash Kodiak Rumba
Cy Kudo Ryder

Even More Cute Doxie Names

Lounging Doxie

For Small Pups: Creative names for small pups
For Brown Pups: Brown names for Dachshunds

Dallas Lady Saber
Dana Lafitte Schultz
Danger Lambchop Scout
Darcy Lane Sergei
Dash Laverne Sha Na Na
Da Vinci Legend Simone
De Niro Liberace Sinatra
Delaney Liberty Taos
Denny Mai Tai Tatum
Desiree Mama Mia! Temperance
Diesel Manley Tenderfoot
Dijon Mariachi Thurgood
Disco Martini Tiara
Dixie Chick Matzo Tickles
Dooley Maverick Ulysses
Easyrider McDuff Valor
Edge McQueen Versace
Eli Mini Mutt Voodoo
Ellie Mae Miss Daisy Wasabi
Elvis Mojo Wedgy

Other Unique Names For Dachshunds...

This Dachshund can hear what you're thinking

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