Brown Dog Names
Unique Ideas After Things Colored Brown

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If you’re looking for brown dog names for your pup of this color, then have we got some ideas for you!

This cute Cocker Spaniel puppy is looking for unique brown dog names

Since brown is one of the most popular colors out there in the doggie kingdom, we felt it was part of our duty to offer ideas that would best celebrate this coloration. Especially since some of the most popular breeds are all or mostly this color.

Breeds like...

German Shepherds: A very popular as well as intelligent breed that is colored brown with black. If you’re the proud owner of one, why not consider a brown dog name for your pal?

Boxers: This popular pup comes in several different colors as well as multi-colors and of course, brown. Your Boxer is a TKO (Total Knock Out) so consider one of the male or female choices below.

Dachshunds: Originally from Germany and fondly referred to as The Wiener Dog because of it’s resemblance to a four legged furry hot dog, this pup is a lot of fun to own and comes in this color.

Male & Female Brown Dog Names
-Suggestions and Lists-

Auburn: A wonderful choice for your very precious pal. This pooch is a fearless friend and protector.

Autumn: The time of the season when the leaves turn color, Autumn is a pretty choice for a stylish pooch. This girl is the one that will help you to make the transition from summer into winter.

Boxer dog ready to pounce

Bear: This is a good choice for your guard or watch dog, as this boy is very strong and is as brave as a bear. Courageous and confident, this pooch has all the right abilities, attributes and morals to know what to do.

Brandy: Pick this cool title for the pup that is full of passion. This pooch keeps herself in good shape and has a passion for life. 

Brownie: Brownie is a good pick for the boy who is always performing some brave act. Like the moist chocolate bar with nuts, this pup is a sweet catch in the neighborhood.

Burnell: Meaning "Small brown one" this is perfect for a pooch from a small breed. This doggie always puts his family first and values their well-being.

Chip: A really cute choice for the little guy who always want to be the focus of attention. This boy can be a bit self centered and unimpressed when other canines are around.

Coco: The name of the monkey mascot of Kellog's Coco Pops, this is ideal for a pooch that has the same color coat as her. 

Brown long haired Dachshund ready for some doggy action

Cookie: Not all cookies are brown, yet all Cookies are sweet and desirable

Fudge: This names for brown dogs is a tasty pick for your sweet girl with the soft, rich coat.

Hazel: Give this to the puppy with the beautiful eyes and coat. A cool pick for the puppy which despite her stubbornness, will never pass her boundaries or snap at you.

Hershey: Dark, sweet and lovely, Hershey is undoubtedly an appropriate choice for a pup with a dark sepia coat like your Chocolate Lab or Rottweiler.

Kahlua: This female brown dog name is a good one for a girl with a coffee-like color. Like the liqueur after which she is named, she is definitely sweet.

Mocha: Trustworthy, dependable, and steadfast, Mocha is a beautiful choice for a fearless canine.

Molasses: Choose this for your low keyed girl with the light to dark sepia coat. Naturally sweet and refined, this elegant and graceful pooch will make everyone take notice when she walks into the room.

Laughing Cocker Spaniel

Sahara: She is cute, she is hot, she is everything you've got. Finding this dog was like finding an oasis in the desert.

Sandy: As the name suggests this would be a fantastic choice for your sandy-colored pal. Her upbeat and magnetic personality will bring excitement into every life that she touches.

Sepia: A cute title for your reddish-brown canine. This would be perfect for an owner who wants one that's unique.

Snickers: A unique brown dog name for the dog that reminds you of the tasty candy bar. A natural optimist, this pooch will turn even the sternest fellow into a happy child.

Tawny: Give this to your golden sepia dog. This girl is true and will always be the same, whether or not others are watching.

Some Additional Ideas...

 Amaretto  Cappuccino  Kodiak  Smokey
 Amber  Caramel  Kona  Smudge
 Auburn  Caramello  Latte  Sumatra
 Berandette  Chesnut  Mahogany  Tanner
 Biscuit  Cinder  Maple  Tawny
 Bourbon  Cinnamon  Mocha  Teak
 Brandy  Cocopuff  Murphy Brown  Teddy
 Briana  Coffee  Nutmeg  Tia Maria
 Brunella  Eartha  Peanut  Toffee
 Bruno  Fawn  Pretzel  Twix
 Burgundy  Ginger  Root Beer  Truffle
 Butterscotch  James Brown  Rusty  Whisky
 Cadbury  Java  Sienna

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