Basset Hound Names
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With a little searching, and some creativity, Basset Hound names can be as distinctive as the breed itself.

And what’s there that’s not distinctive about this dog?

Those big eyes, those floppy ears, that waddle when they walk…ya gotta love’em!

There’s also additional things about this breed that make them even more endearing.

Big brown eyed dog

Did you know…

The term “Basset” means “low”?

Breeders bred this dog to be lower to the ground, thus making them a more effective hunter of small prey.

Their floppy ears and loose skin around their throats help to amplify their already strong sense of smell by sweeping the scent towards their noses.

Elvis Presley sang to a Basset Hound when he performed on “The Steve Allen Show” singing “Hound Dog” when the song first came out in 1956. Singing to a dog proved embarrassing for Elvis, but a dream come true for the star struck Basset Hound.

Marilyn Monroe owned a Basset Hound named Hugo…Lucky dog!

Some Additional Pros and Cons of Owning This Breed Are…


-They’re very tolerant of children and other pets
-Their amazing sense of smell makes them excellent hunting companions
-They have a very laid back disposition
-They make friends easily and are very loyal


-Their laid back stubbornness makes them difficult to train
-Their coats tend to smell under normal conditions, much so when wet
-Those adorable ears need a lot of care
-And don’t get us started talking about their shedding!

Even though there is good and not so good characteristics in every breed, we think this pooch deserves the best Basset Hound name possible. That’s why below we offer naming ideas that we feel would fit well on this special breed. And once you come up with a few ideas, don’t forget to run them by your pal before making your final choice, his tail wag of approval should tell you which one he likes best.

Basset Hound Names
For Males and Females

Abby: The shortening for Abigail; this choice means "Father in rejoicing" and is also from Dear Abby fame. This cute female Basset Hound name is perfect for any intelligent and beautiful puppy.

Funny dog with big ears

Basil: A great unique female name for a Basset Hound that has a great appetite, or for an owner that has a love for good Italian food. This pooch will be loyal as long as there is food around.

Bogart: Shared by a famous movie actor of years gone by, this pooch will have an air of class and grace about him, holding his head high with confidence. Your boy will be pleased to share Humphrey's famous name.

Cookie: This Basset Hound girl is all about having laidback fun, fun, fun; sleeping when it can, playing chase in it’s dreams, and gnawing with other pups.

Daisy: A favorite spring flower this adorable title is fitting for any sweet and memorable little pal. She will be loved by everyone, especially in spring.

Gabby: Fun, loyal, energetic sometimes, and talkative, this pup will want lots of love and attention and will definitely want to be the center of life in your family.

  Abigail   Fable   Magee
  Ace   Fiesta   Magoo
  Aggie   Floppy   Marley
  Amadeus   Gem   Nellybelle
  Ammo   Geraldine   Nibbles
  Babe   Hooch   Nugget

Ginger: She is cute because she is so sassy and has quite a bit of attitude.

Dog with big brown eyes

Gizmo: This dog will be small in size, but big at heart. He will be proud, confident, and completely certain that he really is a big dog!

Jasper: Choose this one for the Basset Hound that you consider to be your "treasure holder". This boy or girl will have a reddish brown coat color and is harder than glass just like the semiprecious gemstone that it shares this name with.

Madam: Normally used before the title indicating the rank of a woman, Madam is the perfect choice for a pooch that believes she is the mistress of the household.

Noodles: A good Basset Hound name idea for the small pooch that loves pasta or belongs to an Italian family. Meatball might make another interesting choice as well.

  Babyface   Huntress   Ozzie
  Blossom   Ilene   Patriot
  Bubbles   Jackpot   Rage
  Cajun   Jazz   Rebel
  Caper   Jellybean   Rocky
  Capone   Jitterbug   Rufus

Pickles: How could an owner ever be mad at a pup by the name of Pickles? This is a great choice for a cute Basset Hound with a cute and endearing personality

Pooped out puppy taking a nap

Princess: A majestic choice for that spoiled little dog that you have in your life. She will enjoy the royal treatment, and this smart girl will always stand out in a crowd.

Tex: For a canine that hails from the great state of Texas, or whose human companions have a love for the state or the southwest, this is the perfect moniker.

Trixie: An adorable girl Basset Hound with big ears and a tail that is always wagging. She is always ready to go on a new adventure, or out hunting and is happiest when her owner comes home.

Ulysses: This military name has a large place in history. It is uncommon enough to suit a larger than life Basset Hound that carries itself well and has no problems letting you know by it’s howl who’s boss at your house.

Ziggy: This little pup has lots of personality and a mind of his own. His confidence and upbeat personality make up for his lack of size.

  Carisma   Karma   Samson
  Couch   Lady   Smiley
  Dahlia   Lazy Boy   Spartan
  Doggie Lama   Lazy Girl   Sushi
  Electra   Logan   Taco
  Ellie Mae   Ma Barker   Turbo

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