Rat Terrier Names
Find The Perfect Fit For Male Or Female

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These unique Rat Terrier names are dedicated to this modern breed of working pup that’s only been around since the early 20th century.

Having popped up on farms throughout the Midwest United States because of a need for Terriers that were good at dealing with the endless rat population, this breed soon was recognized as having potential as a family dog.

There’s 3 sizes of Rat Terriers…Standard, mid-sized and toy.

Some of their good and not as good qualities include…

-They’re a spunky dog that love playtime and to chase things around the house.

-They love children but are not recommended for households with toddlers, are very respectable watchdogs, not prone to a lot of shedding.

Playful puppy ready to have fun

-They’re very long lived (15-17 years) though are susceptible to mange.

-Because of their high energy level they’re not recommended for apartment dwellers and do best where there’s plenty of room to run and chase things.

-They’re a stubborn dog and seem to have little desire to please so are somewhat difficult to train.

-Because they are ratters they’re not recommended for households with caged animals or cats. Plus, they’re poor at controlling their inbred desire to chase things.

Even though the Rat Terrier has many qualities, we would have to encourage would be future owners to do their research on this pup before acquiring one.

We also think that this dog deserves the perfect Rat Terrier name, so here we offer some unique ideas.

Rat Terrier Names
For Both Male and Female

If you have a courageous, loyal, or stoic pal, this Rat Terrier name is a great choice. This pooch will always protect and love you.

Basil: A great choice for a pet that has a great appetite, or for an owner that has a love for good Italian food. This Rat Terrier will be loyal as long as there is food around.

Bogart: Shared by a famous movie actor of years gone by, this pooch will have an air of class and grace about him, holding his head high with confidence. Your boy will be pleased to share Humphrey's famous name.

Cinnamon: A great pick as a feisty, spunky little Rat Terrier name for the pup with a spicy personality! This pup commands the attention of others when she walks in the room, but is always sweet and affectionate towards her owners and loyal friends.

Dante: This canine will be very dignified and proper, enjoying the finer points in a dog’s life. He won’t mind being spoiled, and will insist on being an integral part of his owner’s life.

   Aggie    Java    Pogo
   Amanda    Jingles    Prince
   Amigo    Kelly    Quinn
   Bonkers    Kobi    Rage
   Buffy    Lamar    Rambo
   Buzz    Lightning    Rebel
   Caper    Lefty    Reno
   Casey    Legend    Ripley
   Cha-Cha    Mad Max    Sake
   Cujo    Marley    Scoot
   Delaney    Maui    Skidoo
   Disco    McRuff    Speedy

Elvira: A perfect funny, and interesting name for your canine seductress.

Escape: Those long walks with your pal offer you an escape from the stress of work and chores. This title can reflect those peaceful times together. It is also absolutely perfect for the pup adopted from the humane society that nearly escaped death, or one that just can’t seem to stay in the confines of his fenced yard or property.

Gabby: Fun, loyal, and energetic, this female will want lots of love and attention and will definitely want to be the center of life in your family.

Gizmo: This canine will be small in size, but big at heart. It will be proud, confident, and completely certain that it’s bigger than it’s true size!

Ivan: Meaning “god is gracious,” this Rat Terrier name is ideal for the owner whose pal makes him feel like his dog is a gift from God.

Jet: This puppy is fast, super fast, and loves a good romp in the yard to run free; a perfect Rat Terrier name for this fast breed.

Kazi: You'll likely find no one in your circle of friends, or those who visit the same dog park as you, to have chosen this unique name for their lady friend. This title means “work,” and is perfect for a pet that is a working breed, like your Terrier.

Munchkin: This pooch has a lot of spunk in a little body. Your pal will definitely bark at neighbors or passersby trying to show that it can run with the big dogs. Deep down, though, this pup really just enjoys protecting it’s family and snuggling with them whenever it can.

Nero: The emperor of Rome, this Rat Terrier name has a clear sound and is seldom selected for males. This is a clear choice for a pet with a lot of confidence, and a “can do” attitude.

Olivia: A great moniker for a small, but hardy dog like a Rat Terrier, who loves to be part of the family and will never let you down. She is a very friendly pooch that always gets along with other canines.

   Ellie    Meatball    Tequila
   Evita    Nacho    Tito
   Falcon    Nike    Toots
   Fiesta    Ninja    Toto
   Genesis    Nugget    Valiant
   Goober    Odiie    Vegas
   Gypsy    Omelet    Vinny
   Happy    Orbit    Wags
   Harley    Pal    Whiskers
   Howdy    Patches    Woodstock
   Iggy    Pearl    Yoda
   Indy    Picasso    Yogi

She runs the show in your house, but is still very much loved and pampered by the family. Perfect for this smaller breed with a bold personality that’s not willing to share her throne with any other pet.

Spice: This Rat Terrier certainly spices up the lives she touches. If your pup has a cinnamon-colored coat, this would be great but any color pooch will appreciate adding the spice into your home.

Tex: For a canine that hails from the great state of Texas, or whose human companions have a love for the state or the southwest, this is the perfect Rat Terrier name.

Wiggles: This Rat Terrier name is self-explanatory, best suited for a playful puppy that just can’t seem to sit still!

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