Unusual Dog Names
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What makes our unusual dog names different from the rest? And what makes them different in the first place?

The unique names listed below come from a slightly different angle than the standard, predictable Fido or Rover, yet can be the perfect fit if given to the right pup. Since you came here looking for unusual ideas that are different, what I’m talking about are ideas that are after something you eat or drink.

dog and cat raid the refrigerator

So what started me to thinking about things we eat and drink when coming up with these suggestions? Well, when I was young and no taller than my Daddy’s kneecaps, (I was a small boy) my first two pups were called Pickles and Taffy…two different forms of food. One of my sisters pups was called Pepper, and an old neighbor had a beautiful pure white German Shepherd she called Vodka.

Actually, with a little creative thinking one can come up with a whole bunch of interesting choices after things we eat or drink.

For a small breed how about Cupcake, Gummy Bear, Jujube, Cookie or Skittles for the dog that's a sweet rainbow of fun?

For a brown dog how about Whiskey, Bon Bon, Godiva, or Tootsie?

Other suggestions...Dumpling or Gumball for a cute small breed, or how about Espresso for the pooch that's a bit high strung?

Unusual ideas after things we eat and drink are everywhere! I’m doubtful that when titling my first two pups I was thinking about condiments and candy, yet my pals were special, and their unusual dog names will forever stay with me. Why? Because their names were as unique and as special as they were!

Which is why I’m dedicating this page to you Pickles, Taffy, Pepper and Vodka! Because of you, the world was a better place.

Our Tasty
Unusual Dog Name Categories

dog waiter

Unusual Puppy Names
-After Favorite Foods-

Ever thought about calling your pal after a favorite food? Sounds delicious doesn't it? Especially considering that these are calorie free and won't go straight to your hips.

dog sweets

For Sweet Dogs
-After Candy And Sweets-

Is your dog sweet? You bet it is! So why not consider giving him or her a title after a favorite candy bar, cake or other form of sugary goodness?

dog bartender

Names For Dogs
-After Alcoholic Beverages-

Hard as it might be to believe, there are more than a few great choices after drinks of alcoholic nature. From mixed drinks to the hard stuff, these will make you tipsy!

Gender Specific Choices...

dog eating and drinking

Unusual Male: Dogs frequently have their own unique habits or traits. Traits that endear themselves to us even more. If this sounds like your boy, then here’s a few ideas…

Unusual Female: The word “unusual” means rare, remarkable and out of the ordinary. If this describes your girl, then have we got something different for her!…