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Creative Light Names For White Dogs

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Looking for white dog names for your pup of whitish coloration? Then you’ve come to the right place! There are many breeds that come in this shade that deserve a title that best reflects their beautiful color.

Here's just a few breeds that can be all white...

Did you know that this breed actually has it’s roots from ancient Mastiffs and has been around since the 13th or 14th century, and was originally bred for bull baiting? So if you’ve got a bull in your backyard…watch out!

Cute Maltese pup searching for white dog names

Chihuahuas: Anyone who owns one can attest to this breeds unique characteristics being such a small dog while acting like it’s much bigger. This breed is confident in nature and has a strut to prove it.

Poodles: Most don’t know that this breed is known for it’s bird and duck hunting abilities. Also that it hails from Germany and not France. Highly intelligent they are, and come in various sizes.

Maltese: If there were such a thing as a 1-10 cuteness scale, these pups would rank an 11, which is why we think a suggestion from one of the lists below would be the perfect fit.

These are just a few breeds that come in white, but your 4 legged pal doesn’t have to be this color, or even a pure bred to appreciate the choices below. All that’s important is that you like a white dog name and that your pooch does too. After all, he/she is the one that’s going to respond to it over the course of it’s long and happy lifetime.

Male And Female White Dog Names
-Suggestions And List-

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Albion: The meaning of this is 'white rock' and it is suitable for a pup from a strong breed. Albion is an ancient poetic title from Britain, which makes it ideal for a light dog of European heritage.

Maltese Valentine

Blanco/Blanca: This means “white” in Spanish, this would be the perfect choice for a male or female breed that is this color, or has some white spots. It might also be the right choice for a home where family members speak Spanish on a regular basis.

Candida/Candido: A Latin word meaning “pure” or “white” this is an excellent choice for a sweet pooch that loves to climb on your lap and snuggle, or a sweet pet that has the face of an angel.

Cloud: Another light pup title for a calm dog. This free spirited boy is really good friends with "Skye" and "Nimbo". A wonderful choice for the boy (or even girl) who is always chasing after the clouds in the sky.

Crystal: Perfect for the whitish pooch with big beautiful eyes. This title means "ice" and it is the title of the transparent quartz gemstone that can be cut to reflect brilliant light.

Denali: After one of the most beautiful parks in Alaska. Primitive and wild, just like your Maltese!

Pure white smiling Poodle

Frosty: After the frozen dew, Frosty will make a fantastic choice for your light colored pal. This pup is patient with a gentle personality that will warm even sub-zero days.

Gavin: Meaning “white falcon,” this is the perfect moniker for a pooch that loves to run and jump in the air or soar into the water fetching balls.

Jumana: Meaning "silver pearl" Jumana is a cool white dog name that has a unique ring to it. This is the pup that everyone seems to love her beauty.

Kenai: After another beautiful park in Alaska, this place is known for its glaciers and beautiful ice formations.

McKinley: After the highest mountain (20,320 ft.) in the continental U.S. For the snow capped beauty that rises head over paws above all other dogs.

Misty: Meaning "Full of mist" this pick is ideal for your pal with the soft light coat. The early mornings and when it just finished raining is this puppy's favorite time of the day.

Napoleon: This means 'sons of mist' in Ancient German. A good moniker for a pooch that is a strong ruler and leader and is from a big breed.

Chihuahua puppy offers her heart...will you accept?

Opal: Give this title to the pup in which the color white is considered to be precious. A unique and colorful choice which is also suitable for an October pooch.

Pearl: A good title for a white pup that has long inspired wonder and mystery. Any female bearing this can be any size or breed.

Snow(y): A unique white dog name for an Alaskan Malamute or any breed actually.

Snowball: Give this white dog name to a snow loving pooch, or as a humorous choice for a small pup that looks like a rolling snowball when it runs around your house.

Snowbell: A good choice for a light pooch from one of the breeds where elegance is one of their traits. This girl always has an optimistic and positive outlook towards life.

Whitey: Incase it's white color wasn't obvious already.

Whitney: The highest mountain (14,505 ft.) in the contiguous U.S. good for a pooch that will climb mountains to get to the dinner plate.

A Few Additional Ideas...

  Alaska   Chardonnay   Glacier   Powder
  Alpine   Coconut   Gypsum   Salty
  Avalanche   Cotton   Ice   Shasta
  Begonia   Diamond   Isis   Snowy
  Bentley   Daisy   Jasmine   Snowflake
  Blaze   Dusty   Klondike   Star
  Blizzard   Edelweiss   Lace   Stardust
  Bones   Everest   Lacy   Starfire
  Bubbles   Fluffy   Lightning   Sugar
  Buttermilk   Frosty   Marshmallow   Whiteout
  Casper   Ghost   Phantom   Nova

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