Creative Female Dog Names
Perfect For Your Female Puppy

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Having a tough time coming up with female dog names that are unique and popular? You know, ideas that not only you like, but that your cute girl puppy likes almost as much as her warm bed, or favorite toy?...

Cute puppy looking for female dog names

With all the choices out there it’s understandably easy to get overwhelmed, that’s why we suggest that you choose your pups title democratically.

What do we mean?

What we mean by this is to peruse the many interesting pages below and come up with a list of your favorite top 10 or 20 choices, then take those female dog names and ask your friends and/or family to vote on their top 3 favorites. Then finally, run the top 3 by your pal to see which ones she likes the most.

It’s important to give your pooch a vote here because she’s the one that’s going to be called your final choice an estimated 30,000 times over the course of her lifetime as well as answering to it when it's time for training. Also keep in mind when doing so to watch for tail tell signs she likes it, if you get a wag, that's a "yes" vote! Watch too for the yawn of disapproval which is essentially a "no" vote.

So here we go…

To start your search simply click on one of the links below which will whisk you away to pages appropriate to that category. On each page you’ll find not only a list of unique girl dog names, but also a few creative suggestions which might be all it takes to help you find the perfect choice for your cute girl pal.

And most importantly, get her tail wag of approval!

Our Unique Female Dog Names...

Labrador Retriever puppy right after naptime

For the female that's
Unique: We chose these because they were more distinctive than many of the other ones we’ve heard. Perfect for the pup that stands head over paws above the rest.

Perfect for the girl pup that's
Clever: This word is defined as being intelligent, and being sharp. Sound like your pal? We doubt that your cat will agree, but what do they know?

German Shepherd puppy loving the fall time

She's way too...
Cool: For the pooch with a smooooth style all her own. When she walks into a room, the heads of all males turn. In fact, she's so cool that she doesn't "walk" she "sashays".

For something a bit...
Unusual: You know she's not ordinary, so why not give her a title that's extraordinary? One from this list will make her memorable.

Dapper Maltese stepping out on the town

For the female that's
Small: Perfect for a small breed, she might be tiny in size but she's mighty in spirit. Perfect for Pomeranians, Yorkies, Pugs, Chihuahuas and other smallish female pups.

This unique girl is
BIG: A perfect picture of style, grace and size. All cats and mailmen delivering bills beware! Good for Labs, Rotties, Shepherds and other large breeds.

Sad and lonely Pug

Female Puppy Names: She's such a sweetheart, why not give her a fragrant title? One that all the boys on the block will remember...

Girl Dog Names: Variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to unique ideas. You'll find an interesting variety here...

Names For Female Dogs: Experience our "Best of" list, your girl will thank you.

Our A-Z Lists…

Looking for some unique alphabetical female dog names? Or perhaps you want some creative choices that start with a specific letter of the alphabet for some reason? Our A-Z lists below can provide just that. Click any letters below to start.

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M-N | O-P | Q-R | S-T | U-V | W-X-Y-Z

Chihuahua wants some of what your eating
Sad Cocker Spaniel puppy
Bulldog is ready to romp
Cutie pie pooch enjoying nature
Curious Shih Tzu
Dachshund is hearing everything you say
Lazy Boxer waiting for service
This Beagle has been a bad girl
Pug puppy is lonely