Great Dane Names
Naming Ideas For A Rather Large Breed

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When coming up with these Great Dane names we soon realized this wasn’t your typical dog to begin with.

Beautiful Great Dane taking a rest

Some of the descriptive words that came to mind when we saw our first Great Dane was beautiful, majestic, and BIG! It was these characteristics that we tried to keep in mind when coming up with these names for Great Danes. Nope, you won’t find any naming ideas like Bambi, or Cuddles here, only ideas we felt would fit this unique breed. Choices we felt were beautiful, majestic and BIG!

Now we understand that whether a Great Dane name is a good one or not is totally subjective, but we feel confident that as you scroll down this page that you’ll find more than a few interesting ideas. So pull your chair up to your screen and call over your dog (for your own safety, we advise you not to put him/her on your lap) and choose which one fit’s the best.

We start off our lists with a few suggestions to get things going, then we offer a list of BIG sounding ideas, and then additional creative choices towards the bottom of this page that we felt would also be a good match for Great Danes.

Ready? Let’s name your dog!

Male & Female Great Dane Names

Apollo: After the Greek sun god, this Great Dane name will make your pal seem larger.

Bella: Meaning "beautiful", you'll be happy to give your four-legged friend this title because she is elegant and a real beauty.

Great Dane standing proud

Bo: This idea means "the precious one" and your Great Dane will be precious to you. It could be used for a female also if you‘d like.

Denali: This is the title of the largest park in the state of Alaska. If you’ve been there, you know just how big and beautiful it is, just like your Great Dane.

Duke: John Wayne was known as "The Duke" and because it is such a strong male figure, as well as one indicating royalty in a monarchy.

Lady: For the female Great Dane that carries herself well. All gentlemen know when a lady enters the room, especially when she does.

Great Dane and his much smaller Lab pal

Legend: Certain ideas have a lasting quality. One that’s passed down thru generations. We’re doubtful anyone will forget a Great Dane called Legend.

Majestic: This will point out the obvious to anyone who meets your pal. You’ll say “Meet Majestic” they’ll say “It sure is!”

Omega: For the last word in Great Danes

Samson: This title is great for the gentleman dog because of the muscular power possessed by this breed.

Names That Sound Largish
Other Unique Names Below These

   Attila    Hunter    Regal
   Axel    Ivan    Reno
   Barbarian    Jupiter    Rio
   Baron    Justice    Sahara
   Basil    Kahuna    Sky
   Boomer    Killer    Sumo
   Boone     King    Sundance
   Brutus    Kodiak    Tango
   Cheyenne    Kong    Tank
   Dakota    Liberty    Thunder
   Destiny    Mako    Tsar
   Dozer    Marvel    Tsunami
   Harley    Max    War Cloud
   Hercules    Maxim    Warlock
   Hulk    Queen    Yukon

  Large Sounding Names: More biggish biggish a word?

More Names For Great Danes
For Both Male And Female

   Abel    Fable    Midori
   Admiral    Falcon    Minuet
   Aja    Fang    Mon Cher
   Ali    Fidel    Mystique
   Amadeus    Fingers    Neptune
   Andre    Flirt    Nick
   Aquila    Frazier    Nike
   Arielle    Freedom    Ninja
   Atlas    Ganja    Nirvana
   Aura    Gatsby    Oakley
   Basha    Genesis    Oberon
   Basil    Genghis    Octavius
   Beau    Gigi    Odette
   Berlin    Godfather    Omar
   Big Al    Gorgeous    Oracle
   Blade    Grace    Outlaw
   Bodie    Grandeur    Pandora
   Bolero    Hans    Parable
   Booker    Harlequin    Patience
   Bordeaux    Hennessy    Pavarotti

Even More Ideas...

For Special Boys: For additional unique ideas for males
For Special Girls: More choices for female Great Danes

   Brando    Hilton    Pegasus
   Bridget    Hoffa    Perrier
   Brutus    Hogan    Piccard
   Bunyan    Howard Huge    Pisces
   Cabernet    Humvee    Porsche
   Cabo    Icarus    Primo
   Cairo    Icon    Puma
   Calista    Imax    Rainer
   Calypso    Infinity    Rambo
   Capone    Ishtar    Ramses
   Carina    Jaeger    Reagan
   Carissa    Jake    Reilly
   Carly    Jasmin    Remy
   Caruso    Junior    Renoir
   Cassandra    Kaiser    Rio
   Caviar    Kalia    Rocco
   Chalet    Karma    Rosie
   Chanel    Keira    Rowdy
   Chianti    Koda    Saber
   Coda    Kodiak    Sable

It all started when my dog began getting free roll over minutes.
-Jay London-

   Dahlia    Kujo    Salem
   Dana    Lakota    Sasha
   Dharma    Lance    Seance
   Dijon    Legacy    Sedona
   Diva    Legend    Shanghai
   Dooley    Libra    Sierra
   Drake    Lolita    Spirit
   Duchess    Lyra    Sultan
   Dundee    Macbeth    Taboo
   Dutch    Macho    Taj
   Dylan    Mad Dog    Tank
   Eagle    Maestro    Tequila
   Elias    Mako    Terminator
   Elke    Manley    Tiara
   Elvis    Margo    Titan
   Encore    Martini    Touche
   Epic    Maui    Traveler
   Equity    Mayhem    Unity
   Eros    Medusa    Valiant
   Excalibur    Mercedes    Voltaire

Other Unique Names For Great Danes...

Great Dane pals

For Females: Creative ideas she'll love
For Males: Give him a title he'll be proud of
Groovy Dogs: Geeky pups need not visit
Clever Ideas: Ideas after it's personality
For Unique Pups: For the pup that's special