Unique Dog Names
For The Puppy With A Style All Its Own

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This unique dog names page is dedicated to you pup lovers out there who are looking for something different.

This Golden Retriever puppy would like nothing better than a unique dog name

Unique dog names that go beyond all of the typical, perhaps overused ones that you frequently hear at your training classes, groomer or your pups daycare can be found here.

Let’s face it, if you own a Boxer, Labrador Retriever, or any breed, you want to find a title that's different enough to make it stand out from the rest of the pack, and distinctive enough to make it easier to dog train for you.

So because of this, when trying to come up with category ideas, we had to think a bit out of the backyard in order to give you male and female choices that were not only creative, but ones that would make your dog proud.

Our Unique Dog Names Lists...

Here's Our Lists That Are......

Perfect for the
Unique Male

Here's a list of choices that we felt any canine would be proud to be called. Awesome these are...like your pal.

Perfect for the
Unique Female

Why give your girl a title that's plain, when you can give her one that's unique? She'll love these...

For the pup that's

For big breeds like Rotties or Labs, also for small pups that think they're big like Chi's or Pom's.

small dog breed

So cute, so...

These rank big but on a small scale. Great for smaller breeds, these will make the cute pup even cuter.

funny smiling dog

For something a bit

If your pal has ever made you laugh then here are some choices that are sure to give a grin.

groovy and cool dog

Hip, groovy and...

Some dogs have "it" and some don't. That canine coolness and panache that makes other dogs envious.

globe trotting dog

Spanning the globe

Does your pals breed originate  from a certain country? Or maybe you love visiting a certain country or locale?

wealthy dog

Unique picks after
Money & Wealth

After everything pertaining to wealth, money, and the bling that comes with it. This proves you can take your Fortune with you!

thirsty and hungry dog

Unusual picks after
Food & Drink

After favorite sweets, foods, and even alcoholic beverages. Try Cupcake for a small pup, or Brandy for a brown one.

funny colorful dog

Salute your pups
Size & Color

Find unique brown, black, blonde and white names for dogs along with choices perfect for big and small breeds.

redneck dog

For the canine

Does yer dawg have a little bit of hillbilly in it? Does it come a runnin every time it hears grits are bein served?

hunting retriever dog

For pups that love

For all you hunters out there, find hunting related terms for your pal like Fetch, Magnum, Bullet and Duck!

mean and tough dog

Lovable but

Not all pups are warm and fuzzy, for the pooch that's tough or for one that had a tough rescue story.

cowboy puppy

For the canine

Love western movies, history, or country music? Here's choices that even John Wayne would like.

masculine dog

So manly, so...

For macho canines, or for pups who think they are, regardless of their size or breed from Pit Bulls to Chihuahuas.

police dog

For the K-9 canine

Unique dog names we thought best fit the strength, stamina, and loyalty of these dogs.

sled dogs

For pups that pull a

If you just bought a sled, why not give a special title to the pup who's going to pull it?

dog name pairs

Two times the fun
Pair Ideas

Own two pups? why not give them unique dog names that naturally go together?

ferocious dog

For furry Godzilla's

These will make small pups big and big ones bigger...
Cats beware!

pharoah egyptian dog

After the Ancients...

With a title like Thor, Zeus, or Orion your boy or girl pup will rule the Canine Kingdom

science dog

Newton would approve

Perfect for a smart pooch, these are after people and things pertaining to science

Pomeranian cutie pie
Lab staredown
Timid Chihuahua
Great Dane taking a break
Puppy on vacation
Pooch dragging itself
Cute puppy wants what your having for lunch
Cowpoke puppy