Small Dog Names
The Perfect Fit For Tiny Pups

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Petite pups deserve small dog names exclusively for them. Anyone who owns a smaller breed knows what a joy they can be, with their fun antics as well as their colorful character, we felt they deserved their very own page dedicated to them.

loveable small chihuahua

What you’ll find below are our categories that have to do with small things that just sound cute and petite at the same time. We chose many of them because we heard ourselves giving off with an “awwww” or two when picturing them on a tiny pup.

Let’s face it, there are few things cuter than a Pomeranian, Yorkie, or Chihuahua puppy, or any little breed for that matter, so why not pay tribute to their endearing “awwww” factor by giving them a title that will always keep them as an adorable puppy in your heart?

 If you're looking for a humorous twist for your buddy, why not consider giving it a big name? Your small breed will definitely get more attention with something big sounding like Attila, Bigshot, or even Rambo.

Our Small Dog Names Lists...

cute dachshund puppy

For Females
She's so cuuuute!

There's few things cuter than a tiny pooch. To prove this, do you ever hear the word "cute" used when describing a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, or in the extreme case a Mastiff? We didn't think so. What we do think is petite girls deserve something special, and so we offer this page.

cute long haired chihuahua

For Males
He's so cuuuute tooo!

These small sounding small dog names are dedicated to the boy that cares less if anyone views him as such. He knows that he's loved and that's built his canine confidence to where he possesses a high level of doggie self-esteem...ever notice his swagger?  

cute maltese puppy

More For Small Dogs
Our "Best Of" page

Tiny breeds have it all...looks, charm, easily transported, they eat little, shed less, live longer, can beat up any cat, and the mailman doesn't stand a chance...what's there not to love? That's why we felt they deserved a "best of" page which houses a lot more choices for both male and females...

Breed Specific Little Dog Names

Looking for a greater selection for your specific breed? The links below house ideas that we felt best fit a certain pup. Do certain ones fit some breeds better than others? Yep! As an example we can't see Baxter or Dimples on a Pit Bull or a Great Dane but we can see them as a better fit on a Shih Tzu or Maltese. Click on your small pups breed below...

funny shih tzu

Chihuahuas: Big picks for the little guy
Dachshunds: This is one hot dog!
Maltese: Another favorite sweetie
Shih Tzus: Looks and charm in canine form
Yorkies: The ultimate pooch? Probably