Pug Names
Unique Naming Ideas For One Unique Dog

This Pug names page is dedicated to one of the most interesting dogs in the canine world. A pup that's not only interesting in appearance, but also with a personality that puts other dogs to shame.

Lazy Pug watching you

If you’ve owned a Pug for awhile you no doubt can attest to their occasional stubbornness, but also to their amazing spunk and comical side as well.

Although we’ve never owned one ourselves, we’ve have had some interesting encounters with them and have fallen head over paws in love with their humorous antics as well as their high energy that propels their doggie cuteness.

Here’s some additional facinating facts that show there’s more to this pooch than just good looks…

-The Pug is said to have originated in 16th century China, and came to Europe via sailors working for the Dutch East India Trading Company. From Holland the breed spread thru out Europe then conquered the world.

-They’re great family dogs that need minimal exercise. Watch when you do though, as like small compact cars, Pugs can easily overheat. But keep water in their radiators and food in their gas tanks and they’ll run for miles!

So what you’ll find on this Pug names page is a few suggestions for Pug dog names that we felt would fit well on this pup, then some gender specific lists then more creative naming ideas towards the bottom.

Unique Male & Female Pug Names
Suggestions and Lists

Espresso: For the black Pug that’s full of energy.

Jazz: A fitting title for a sweet, but spunky little pup that has a wonderful temper and can just go with the flow. This choice could work well for either a male or female.

This puppy wants some attention

Lolita: An interesting choice for the Pug girl that all the boys love to see sashay their way. She has them (and you) wrapped around her paw.

Mango: A mango is a round fruit that has a powerful, sweet flavor that is hard to resist. Good for a male or female Pug name.

Pugsley: A unique title that not only plays on it’s breed, but also after the character son from The Adams Family comedy. Can work for either gender if you forget The Adams Family part.

Quinn: The Irish for "wise" this is a good male Pug name for a pooch that's an intelligent counselor, and has your cat convinced to permanently stay outside.

Roxy: The perfect Pug dog name for a sassy, confident lady.

Shadow: This choice is for a puppy that is full of fury, excitement and energy, and like your shadow is always by your side.

Dog party animal

Shemp: One of the famous Three Stooges, this Pug pup will keep you in stitches with his antics.

Snickers: A sweet and unique pug dog name for a fun loving pup. This can be used for either a male or female.

Titan: The name of the group of powerful deities that ruled during the legendary Golden Age; He's your faithful companion who is always there helping you rule your T.V. from your couch.

Ziggy: For the doogie that can’t seem to go in a straight line.

Names For Males Names For Females
 Ace  Lenny  Aloha  Kalia
 Astro  Loverboy  Annie  Kenzie
 Bayou  Maestro  Babbs  Lambchop
 Banzai  Manley  Belle  Laverne
 Beauregard  Nacho  Bojangles  Ma Cherie
 Bogart  Ninja  Cabaret  Magnolia
 Capone  Oblong  Calista  Maude
 Durango  Oz  Cassie  Nibbles
 Dynomutt  Pecos  Dijon  Noggin
 Elvis  Pierre  Dimples  Ole
 Flash  Pickles  Diva  Penny
 Genghis  Rascal  Elvira  Petunia
 Ginseng  Renoir  Evita  Pookie
 Homer  Roulette  Fifí  Rage
 Howdy  Sake  Funnygirl  Reese
 Hugo  Scooby  Genoa  Ripley
 Indy  Shanghai  Go-Go  Sade
 Java  Thurston  Happy Feet  Shazam
 Keno  Tucker  Honeybunch  Tidbit
 Killer   Van Damme  Irma  Wasabi

More Male And Female Pug Dog Names

   Adonis    Flirt    Nell
   Aesop    Francine    Nika
   Al    Freedom    Nitro
   Amore    Fudge    Nova
   Andie    Gabby    Nudge
   Archie    Garfield    Odie
   Avalon    Genesis    Olga
   Baja    Gidget    Onyx
   Banjo    Gigolo    Oreo
   Barbarella    Godfather    Ortega
   Barney    Grace    O’Malley
   Beau    Gumbo    Pal
   Benji    Half-Pint    Passion
   Biff    Handsome    Patton
   Big Mama    Harlot    Peaches
   Bodean    Heart Throb    Pepper
   Bomber    Hershey    Pia
   Boogie Woogie    Hobo    Pistol
   Boots    Hooch    Popeye
   Bowser     Iceman    Primo

Male Names For Pugs:
For hundreds of additional ideas
Female Names For Pugs: More choices for the ladies

   Bronco    Iggy    Ralph
   Bugsy    Jackie Oh!    Raven
   Butkus    Jagger    Reefer
   Carlos    Janus    Reggie
   Casbah    J.B.    Ridge
   Caviar    Jelly Bean    Ringo
   Chanel    Jigs    Rio
   Cheech    Judo    Rowdy
   Chianti    Kahlua    Rush
   Choctaw    Kara    Sam
   Cleo    Kate    Sarge
   Cletus    Kibbles    Sassy
   Coco    King    Saucy
   Conan    Klondike    Sega
   Crash    Knievel    Shady Lady
   Creed    Lady    Shiloh
   Cricket    Lamour    Shiner
   Cujo    Lana    Sinatra
   Czar    Latte    Slim
   Dallas    Legacy    Spartan

Smallish Names For Pugs: Small ideas for this breed
Names For Cool Pugs: Hip ideas for groovy pups

   Danger    Lenny    Tiger
   Da Vinci    Liberty    Tito
   Dee Dee    Longshot    Top Dog
   De Niro    Lomax    Tramp
   Destiny    Lovey    Trooper
   Dillinger    Ma Barker    Tubs
   Disco    Macho     Tuffy
   Dog Vader    Mad Dog    Tulip
   Dooley    Maggie    Tyler
   Dr.No    Magoo    Ulysses
   Dudley    Malone    Ventura
   Durban    Mario    Vinny
   Earl    Marty    Vixen
   Electra    Matlock    Waco
   Elke    Maxim    Whitney
   Ewok    McGill    Wild Thing
   Excalibur    Meadow    Windsor
   Fargo    Midnight    Winston
   Festus    Moondoggie    Yahoo
   Figaro    Mr. Big    Yoda

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