Pit Bull Names
Unique Ideas Chosen For Just This Breed

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When coming up with this list of Pit Bull names, we soon came to realize that not all ideas would work well on this specific breed.

Jake's owner loved the unique Pit Bull names found here... https://www.dog-names-and-more.com/Pit-Bull-Names.html

We could have easily thrown together a lengthy list of choices like other sites do, but somehow couldn’t see Twinkie, Bambi, or worst of all…Tinkerbell as suitable Pitbull names.

Having come in contact with several Pit Bulls in the past, we were impressed by not only their muscular build, but also they’re friendly personalities. It was like meeting a friendly Hercules on four legs, with a lot more fur.

It was because of this impression that we tossed out ideas from this Pit Bull names list that might embarrass your dog and only left the Pit bull dog names that Hercules himself would be proud of.

We start out with a few names for Pitbulls suggestions to get your creative juices flowing, then we launch into our list where we think you’ll find some pretty interesting ideas. So you ready?…Let’s go!

Our Male & Female Pit Bull Names
-Suggestions then Lists-

The French word for "handsome or admirer" Any muscular Pit Bull would love this name as he’ll always be a hit with the ladies.

Let’s party!! This Pit Bull name is short for the partying town Cabo San Lucas down Mexico way.

Diablo: Meaning “devil”, your pup can be in ways devilish while still being angel when it wants.

Cool Pit Bulls can find cool Pit Bull names here... https://www.dog-names-and-more.com/Pit-Bull-Names.html

Kahuna: Meaning “Chief” in Hawaiian, this is the best name for the Pit Bull that’s the Chief Kahuna of the house.

Kalipso: This intentional misspelling refers to a type of music and dance from the Caribbean islands. Tango might also make an interesting Pit Bull names.

Kruger: This comes from Freddy Kruger of Nightmare on Elm Street fame. Associated with terror or fear, it can be a cool name for this breed.

Lolita: Always popular with the boys in the neighborhood, they love it when they see this Pit Bull sashay by.

Sage: Meaning "wise, healthy" Sage is a wise Pit Bull name choice for the pooch that has a certain calm presence about it.

Sasha: Meaning "man's defender" this is the best Pit Bull name for either a boy or girl. The -sha ending is not feminine in Russia, it is in America.

Shelby: The meaning of Shelby is "willow". This pup is friendly, cheerful, confident, and outgoing.

Tremble: This breed may well tremble with anxiety when holding back fear. Anyone threatened by an angry Pitbull should tremble from fear themselves.

    Abby     Harley     Rain
    Abdul     Havana     Rainer
    Ace     Hemlock     Rajah
    Adonis     Hendrix     Rambo
    Affinity     Hercules     Ransom
    Aja     Hoffa     Rascal
    Akira     Hollywood     Redneck
    Aldo     Homey     Rebel
    Ali     Hooch     Reefer
    Angel     Hooligan     Reilly
    Asia     Hotshot     Renegade
    Ariel     Hugo     Reno
    Attila     Ice     Renoir
    Atlas     Indigo     Rhett
    Babe     Indy     Ringo
    Babyface     Infinity      Rio
    Badger     Ishtar     Risque
    Bailey     Jade     River
    Baja     Jake     Rocco
    Bali     Jamaica     Rogue

For More Gender Specific Ideas Try Here...

Pit Bull puppy cutie

Hand picked names for lady Pit Bulls
Male: Chosen just for boy Pit Bulls

    Bandit     Java     Rowdy
    Banzai     Jaws     Rumba
    Beau     Jazz     Saber
    Beijing     Jinx     Sadie
    Bishop     Kahlua     Sage
    Bolero     Kahuna     Sake
    Bonkers     Karma     Salem
    Boone     Kelly     Salsa
    Bowser     Kenya     Samba
    Brawny     Killer     Sarge
    Bree     King     Sasha
    Bugsy     Koda     Schmooze
    Bungee     Kujo     Seance
    Cabo     Lacey     Sedona
    Cadence     Latte     Sequel
    Cairo     Lefty     Shadow
    Cajun     Legend     Shiloh
    Cali     Lennox     Sierra
    Calypso     Lexus     Sinatra
    Capone     Liberty     Skidoo

    Casey     Lincoln     Skeeter
    Cash     Lobo     Sly
    Cashmere     Lolita     Spike
    Cassidy     Lovergirl     Stallone
    Caviar     Lucky     Stella
    Cha-Cha     Mabel     Stinker
    Cheyenne     Macho     Storm
    Chi Chi     Mad Max     Sumo
    Cody     Mafia     Sugar
    Conan     Magic     Sushi
    Crash     Magnum     Taboo
    Dahlia     Mahala     Taco
    Dakar     Mai Tai     Taj
    Dakota     Majestic     Tamale
    Dallas     Mako     Tango
    Danger     Marlin     Tank
    Destiny     Martini     Taos
    Deja Vu     Maui     Tattoo
    Deuce     Maverick     Taz
    Diablo     Meatball     Tease

You'll Like These Categories Too...

Pit Bull looks like he means business

Tough: Cats won't hassle with this Pit Bull
Masculine: A perfect name for manly man pups

    Dice     Mignon     Tequila
    Dimples     Mo-Jo     Terminator
    Dog Vader     Mugsy     Thor
    Dozer     Nacho     Tipsy
    Denali     Nadia     Titus
    Edge     Nate     Toto
    Elke     Nemesis     Touche
    Elvira     Nemo     Traveler
    Elvis     Nike     Travis
    Epic     Nikita     Trinity
    Equity     Ninja     Trouble
    Espirit     Nirvana     Tsunami
    Excalibur     Nitro     Tucson
    Fable     Nova     Twilight
    Fajita     Odin     Uzi
    Falcon     Omar     Valiant
    Fandango     Omega     Vandal
    Fang     Oracle     Vaquero
    Fargo     Othello     Vegas
    Fiji     Ouija     Velvet

Even More Ideas That Are...

For Pit Bulls too cool for ordinary names
Unique: Unique Pit Bull names for your one of a kind

    Flash     Outlaw     Vinny
    Floozie     Ozzy     Viper
    Fonzi     Paige     Voodoo
    Frankie     Pal     Wahoo
    Frazier     Panama     Wanda
    Gangsta     Patch     Warlock
    Garbo     Peaches     Wasabe
    Gatsby     Pepper     Wedgy
    Genghis     Perseus     Whiskey
    Genesis     Phantom     Whitney
    Gidget     PJ     Willow
    Gigolo     Pookie     Woodstock
    Gino     Primo     Yikes
    Gismo     Prince     Yoda
    Goober     Punk     Yukon
    Gringo     Queen     Zaire
    Guido     Quest     Zapp
    Hailey     Quinn     Zelda
    Handsome     Radar     Zigzag
    Happy     Rage     Zoom

More Unique Names For Pit Bulls...

Colorful Pit Bull puppy

For Females: Creative ideas she'll love
For Males: Give him a title he'll be proud of
Groovy Dogs: Geeky pups need not visit
Clever Ideas: Ideas after it's personality
For Unique Pups: For the pup that's special

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