Maltese Names
Cute Ideas For An Energetic Pup

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This Maltese names page is dedicated to what many consider to be the best and most loving companions in the canine kingdom.

These small, lightweight bundles of doggie luvin are not only great family pets, but are easily trained and have a reputation of doing really cute things, to which all owners can attest to.

Cute Maltese puppy waiting to go shopping

Maltese Facts…

-This breed has a long history, they go so far back that the first documentation of this pup comes from a painting on a Greek vase from around 50 B.C.

-This breed has known many famous owners including Marilyn Monroe, Tony Bennett, Barbra Streisand and Elizabeth Taylor.

-Even royalty appreciates this dog. Royal owners have included Queen Victoria, Empress Josie Bonaparte (Napoleons significant other) Queen Marie Antoinette, Mary, Queen of Scots, even the King himself Elvis owned one!

So as a tribute to this all white, four legged bundle of fun, we start this Maltese dog names page off with a few suggestions, then we take a unique naming turn and offer you some interesting Maltese names after things that are whitish in color, then offer some really creative male and female Maltese names that we felt were perfect for just this breed.

So fasten your naming seat belt, here we go…

Male & Female Maltese Names
Suggestions then Lists

Apollo: A humorous large sounding idea for the cute Maltese who barks at the mailman, but appreciates all the fan mail he receives.

Basil: The meaning of Basil is "royal, kingly". Having been owned by many in the royalty, a good title for the male Maltese that carries itself well.

Bella: Meaning "beautiful", these pups are gorgeous when groomed.

Puppy cutie enjoying a day at the beach

Bo: Meaning "precious one" this works for either gender.

Cabo: After the party town of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. A good choice for your Maltese fiesta on four legs.

Lacey: Her white hair has a lace-like quality. She knows she’s beautiful on the outside. You know she’s beautiful on the inside as well.

Lolita: Perfect for your canine flirt, all she has to do is sashay into a room one hip at a time and she’ll have everyone wrapped around her paw.

Peanut: Good things come in small packages, much like the yummy food, so why not title your Maltese with this thought in mind?!

Roxy: This girl is the perfect combination of sweet and sassy, and will quickly steal her owner’s heart with her cutness and desire to snuggle.

Samson: After the Biblical character whose strength came from his long hair. A strong sounding choice for the pup whose always in charge.

Speedy: Perfect for the Maltese that’s always in trouble but manages to get away before being caught.

Names After Things White

    Blizzard     Ivory     Snow
    Casper     Kenai     Snowball
    Cloud     Marshmallow     Snowy
    Cotton     McKinley     Star
    Crystal     Pearl     Sugar
    Dusty     Phantom     Whitey
    Frosty     Sierra     Whitney

White Names For Dogs:
For even more whitish sounding ideas

More Male & Female Maltese Names

   Abby    Electra    McGee
   Ace    Elvis    Meatball
   Agnes    Erika    Mercedes
   Alexis    Espresso    Miguel
   Amadeus    Evita    Mugsy
   Amigo    Faberge    Nellybelle
   Amore    Fang    Nemo
   Andre     Ferrari    Nibbles
   Austin    Fifí    Niles
   Avenger    Flash    Nirvana
   Bacardi    Floozie    Noodles
   Baja    Fonzi    Nugget
   Banjo    Francine    Odette
   Banzai    Freedom    Omaha
   Baxter    Frodo    Opal
   Begonia    Gabor    Orbit
   Benji    Galen    Outlaw
   Biff    Gangsta    Pandora
   Bigfoot    Geisha    Pappy
   Bingo    Gidget    Patience

Maltese Dog Names Perfect For...

Your Boy: Oodles of unique male Maltese names
Your Girl: Even more unique female Maltese names

   Bling    Gilligan    Pebbles
   Blossom    Gizmo    Peggy Sue
   Bodean    Hannibal    Peking
   Bolero    Harlequin    Persia
   Bolt    Havana    Pickles
   Bongo    Heart Throb    Pierre
   Brando    Heidi    Prada
   Bubba    Hogie    Quirky
   Cabaret    Hotshot    Rain
   Cadet    Iceman    Rambo
   Cali    Jacques    Ranger
   Camelot    Jag    Rascal
   Capone    Jagger    Reilly
   Carisma    Java    Reggae
   Cartier    Jedi    Reuben
   Cash    Jitterbug    Ringo
   Champ    J.R.    Roadie
   Chanel    Kahuna    Rockstar
   Chantilly    Karma    Root Beer
   Chianti    Kato    Sadie

Here's Unique Names That...

Sound Small: Cute small choices for a cute small Maltese
Sound Cool: Groovy ideas for your pal

   Chiclet    Keira    Salem
   Clancy    Kelly    Sambo
   Colette    Killer    Sarge
   Doggie Lama    Kobi    Savannah
   Damsel    Laddie    Schultz
   Danno    Lambchop    Sebring
   Darcy    Lane    Sergei
   Dash    Latte    Sienna
   Deano    Lee    Simone
   Dharma    Leno    Spartan
   Dijon    Lava Lips    Tabasco
   Disco    Love-Bug    Takara
   Diva    Madame    Tate
   Dixie Chick    Madge    Tease
   Dogzilla    Mad Max    Tenor
   Doodad    Magoo    Tess
   Drama Queen    Mama Mia!    Versace
   Duce    Marie    Vienna
   Durango    Matahari    Vinny
   Edge    Maverick    Wahoo

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