Shih Tzu Names
Perfect Naming Ideas For Your Sweet Pup

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This Shih Tzu names page is dedicated to helping lucky owners such as yourself, find the perfect name for this amazing breed.

Being one of the more popular dog breeds out there, anyone who owns one can attest to their sweet, lovable personalities, and boy do they love to play!

Shih Tzu puppy wants to be a cowboy

Apart from they’re good looks and charm, there’s several other interesting things about the Shih Tzu you might find interesting…

-The Shih Tzu is one of the oldest breeds in existence, originally bred as companions for Chinese royalty, they date back thousands of years. Their name in Chinese translates into “lion dog”.

-Even though they have long coats, they shed surprising little, making them ideal for allergy sufferers as well as apartment dwellers, as well as aspiring groomers.

So what’s there not to love? Nothing really, so why not fit this special pup with the perfect Shih Tzu dog name? What you’ll find below are a few suggestions we felt would fit your pal, then gender specific Shih Tzu names, then some additional creative ideas below those.

Ready? Let the search begin…

Male & Female Shih Tzu Names
Suggestions Then Lists

Bianca: Means “white, pure,” and is a great choice for a small, white, and spunky female Shih Tzu that will fill your home with lots of personality and fun.

Lioness: The word Shih Tzu means “lion dog,” and is a great play on words since they are such small, but hardy and confident pups that have the appearance of a lion.

Percy: Constantly alert, this petite pooch loves to be the watchdog of his home and is extremely loyal and protective of his human companions.

Curious Shih Tzu puppy

Petunia: Picture your sweet, loving Shih Tzu waking you up every morning and jumping out of bed to follow you into the kitchen while you make your morning coffee.

Pickles: A fun and interesting Shih Tzu dog name, well suited for a girl that is sweet, but a little sour at times!

Sultan: This breed carries themselves with an air of royalty, so name your pal to reflect the confidence and strength you recognize in him, despite his small physique.

Tinkerbell: This Shih Tzu is small and sweet natured, but very energetic and constantly into everything. She will be well suited with parents that don’t mind having her go everywhere with them.

Zeke: Meaning “God will strengthen,” this Shih Tzu name is perfect for a little pooch that is hardy and strong at heart!

Ziggy: Full of fun loving energy and pizzazz, your male Shih Tzu has no idea that he is so small and tries his hardest to keep up with the big dogs.

Names For Males Names For Females

  Achilles   Karma   Abby   Jade
  Adonis   Kiki   Addison   Jasmin
  Alexei   Laddie   Babykins   Junebug
  Babaloo   Lenny   Basha   Kyra
  Binki   Lyric   Carisma   Lizzy
  Bronco   Macy   Caviar   Lovey
  Caper   Magnum   Dahlia   Madame
  Chew-Chew   Manchu   Delta   Margo
  Dimples   Midori   Dijon   Nika
  Dynamo   Nikita   Essence   Odette
  Elf   Noodles   Eve   Paige
  Esprit   Orion   Fable   Pastel
  Fidel   Paris   Fawn   Prudence
  Freckles   Peanut   Fuji   Rascal
  Genesis   Pearl   Gem   Rumor
  Grandeur   Peewee   Gorgeous   Sasha
  Honey Bear   Reno   Gumball   Savannah
  Iggy   Ripley   Hobbit   Strudel
  Jasper   Sable   Hula    Taj
  Jelly Bean   Squire   Ishtar   Tease

More Male & Female Naming Ideas

   Abbott    Faberge    Mozart
   Abeleen    Fancy    Mystique
   Adorabelle    Fedora    Nemo
   Affinity    Festus    Niles
   Aisha    Fingers    Ninja
   Alberto    Flash    Nirvana
   Alibi    Flirt    Nougat
   Amanda    Flo    Nymph
   Amber    Floozie    Odessa
   Asia    Gatsby    Ollie
   Bandanna    Gemini    Oren
   Beanie    Genoa    Othello
   Beauty    Gilda    Outlaw
   Bentley    Givenchy    Peabody
   Bingo    Godfather    Pearl
   Bling    Guido    Peewee
   Bluebell    Gummie Bear    Persia
   Bongo    Hansel    Pipsqueak
   Boogie    Happy    Puff Doggie
   Bootsie    Hazel    Pumpkin

Shih Tzu puppy posing

Boy Names For Dogs: More for Shih Tzu males
Girl Names For Dogs: Unique ideas just for the ladies

   Bouffant    Hemingway    Quinn
   Bubbles    Hilary    Rain
   Bungee    Hogan    Rambo
   Bunny    Hollywood    Reed
   Butch    Hurley    Rider
   Calista    Igor    Rodeo
   Calypso    Inflight    Rover
   Caramba    Jacques    Rowdy
   Casanova    Jag    Rumba
   Cassidy    Jai Jalai    Sable
   Cayenne    Java    Safari
   Chanel    Jitterbug    Salem
   Charlie    Juliet    Sambo
   Checkers    Julep    Sassy
   Chi Chi    Kalia    Scarlett
   Clancy    Karate    Scoot
   Clinton    Katie    Serenade
   Cody    Keno    Sha Na Na
   Cookie    Koda    Silhouette
   Crouton    Kona    Souffle

These Shih Tzus want you to take them with you

Chinese Names: Celebrate your Shih Tzus lineage
Unusual Names: For something a little different

   Cujo    Lamour    Tiberius
   Doggie Lama    Lashes    Tic Tac
   Damsel    Leno    Tigris
   Danube    Levi    Tonto
   Da Vinci    Limbo    Trish
   Dawn    Lionheart    Tulip
   Denver    Logan    Twirl
   Destiny    Mackenzie    Ty
   Diego    Mad Dog    Vagabond
   Dinky    Mafioso    Valiant
   Disco    Maguire    Vamp
   Donatello    Mardi Gras    Venus
   Drama Queen    Marley    Virtue
   Duke    Mercedes    Watson
   Dumpling    Midge    Weezie
   Dupree    Mindy    Wellington
   Eduardo    Minuet    Widget
   Elf    Mitch    Winston
   Elton    Mojo    Yoda
   Essence    Mon Cher    Yvette

Even More Unique Ideas For...

This Shih Tzu is trying to figure you out

Your Boy: Ideas just for the gents
Your Girl: Cute titles she'll be proud to own
Unique Pups: Perfect for your special pal
Cool Dog Names: Groovy man...groovy!
Dog Breed Specific: Breed specific ideas