Top Dog Names
The Most Popular Chosen Among Owners

Dog King looking over his realm for top dog names

So what are the top dog names commonly given to such a beloved family member as one’s dog? Needless to say, Fido or Bowser thankfully didn’t make this list, but there are definite trends showing that people are favoring giving human titles to their furry friends.

We're not sure why this is, but if you choose to give your dog a human title, please be kind to your pal and call him or her after someone you’re fond of. Also, should you decide to call your pal after a living friend or relative, be sure you get their approval first…. Your pup might run around with excitement when he hears that Max is his new title, but Uncle Max might not.

As far as the list of the top 10 dog names goes, our crack team of webmasters have compiled all the name suggestions as well as the names owners have given their dogs already and offer you now…

The Top Dog Names For 2016
Drumroll Please...

                                             1. Buddy 

                                             2.  Max

                                             3.  Sadie

                                             4.  Jack

                                             5.  Daisy

                                             6.  Lucy

                                             7.  Lady

                                             8.  Charlie

                                             9.  Rocky

                                            10.  Duke


Shown below are the top picks for 2015, with the side by side listings of the most popular ones for girls along with those for boys. As you can see from the lists, many of those chosen for 2015 remained popular, as well as the trend to call their pups after people.

For Males For Females
         Max            Molly
         Buddy            Maggie
         Jake            Daisy
         Rocky            Lucy
         Bailey            Sadie
         Buster            Ginger
         Cody            Chloe
         Charlie            Bailey
         Bear            Sophie
         Jack            Zoe
         Toby            Princess
         Duke            Bella
         Lucky            Angel
         Sam            Lady
         Harley            Sasha
         Shadow            Abby
         Rusty            Roxy
         Murphy            Missy
         Sammy            Brandy
         Zeus            Coco
         Riley            Annie
         Oscar            Katie
         Winston            Samantha
         Casey            Casey
         Tucker            Gracie
         Teddy            Rosie
         Gismo            Misty
         Samson            Emma
         Oliver            Sandy
         Bandit            Heidi

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Popular Names For Pups: If you're looking for top ideas for your own pal but want some additional ones to choose from, the above link will whisk you away to another page where we've assembled a few choices that we felt should have been on the above lists.

Pooch Facts: If never spayed or neutered, a female canine, her mate, and their puppies could produce over 66,000 pups in 6 years!

Our Thoughts: Can you imagine your food bill? We're not even sure there's 66,000 naming choices on this site to call them!