Labrador Retriever Names
Ideas For Chocolate, Black, And Yellow Labs

On this Labrador Retriever names page we wanted to pay homage to the most popular dog breed in the world.

Labrador Retrievers are affectionate, easy to train, good looking, and are so smart they’re considered Einstein’s on four legs, better looking with a lot more fur. That’s why we felt it would be neglectful of our dog naming duties if we didn’t dedicate a whole Labrador Retriever names page to this special breed....

As you scroll down this page you’ll see that we offer not only suggestions for Lab dog names, but gender specific naming ideas as well as separate lists of chocolate lab names, black lab names and yellow lab names too.…bow-WOW!

Labrador Retriever Names
-Suggestions and Lists-

Blossom: An interesting title for a yellow Labrador Retriever that brightens any room it enters. Daisy might also be a good choice to consider as well.

Buddy: He’s your Bud, he’s your pal. This would make a good Labrador Retriever name for the pup that wants to always be where you are.

Juliet and Romeo love their new Labrador Retriever names...

Dakota: This breed loves the outdoors (they are Retrievers after all) and this choice brings to mind fresh air, open spaces and blue skies from horizon to horizon.

Duke: John Wayne was known as "The Duke" and because it’s a strong male title, as well as one indicating royalty in a monarchy, it’d be a good choice for the Labrador Retriever that carries itself well.

Dutchess: This term is the feminine of "Duke", a landed title in the royalty of monarchies such as the United Kingdom. Queen might also make a good Lab dog name.

Java: A common nickname for coffee, this chocolate lab name would make an excellent choice for an energetic pup. There’s nothing decaffeinated about this Labrador Retriever!

Liberty: For the pooch with an independent streak. The title Freedom might also make an interesting alternative Labrador Retriever name.

Rascal loves it's new name found on this Labrador Retriever names page...

Rascal: This puppy is always into something. If this sounds like your pal, then maybe Mischief might make another interesting choice for your Labrador Retriever.

Rio: Let’s party! A popular vacation destination and a good Lab name for the pooch that’s always fun to have around. Cabo might also make a good Labrador Retriever name.

River: Labs have always loved the water, and if you can’t keep yours out of it then this might be the perfect fit.

Samba: For the puppy that comes alive when it hears music or does a certain dance of excitement when you walk thru the door after a days work. Tango might also be a good choice for your Labrador Retriever.

Names For Males Names For Females

Ace Rebel Abigail Nugget
Andy Reno Babe Patience
Bear Rocco Callie Rain
Bodine Romeo Diva Reba
Buster Rowdy Grandeur Rio
Cadence Saber Honey Rosie
Charlie Sage Hooligan Rumba
Dabney Salem Hope Sadie
Elvis Scooby HubbaHubba Sake
Fable Spirit Jazz Sedona
Frankie Sushi Kahlua Shangri-la
Houston Taboo Kiki Sky
Lucky Taj Lace Soupy
Max Tequila Mabel Sweetie
Nacho Traveler Magic Taj
Ninja Tyson Maui Tiki
Noodles Vegas Mercedes Tootsie
Ouija Wasabe Misty Unity
Pookie Whitney Natasha Velvet
Rainer Woofstock Nicky Willow

Black Lab Names
-After Things Darkish In Color-

  Ashley   Ebony   Pepper
  Blake   Eclipse   Phantom
  Black Bart   Eightball   Rajani
  Black Foot   Espresso   Raven
  Black Knight   Galaxy   Sabbath
  Black Magic   Guinness   Sable
  Blackmail   Hershey   Shade
  Black Stallion   Ink   Shadow
  Charcoal   Jet   Smoky
  Coal   Merle   Stormy
  Coco   Midnight   Tara
  Coco Puff   Moondoggie   Thunder
  Cosmos   Nero   Twilight
  Darcy   Nighthawk   Velvet
  Diesel   Nightingale   Vesper
  Doyle   Onyx   Warlock
  Dusk   Panther   Wizard

Here's even more unique choices for
Black Labrador Retrievers

Chocolate Lab Names
-After Things Brownish-

  Agate   Espresso   Panther
  Baby Ruth   Fog   Pepper
  Black Bart   Folger   Phantom
  Blackie   Galaxy   Postum
  Blackjack   Hershey   Raven
  Black Knight   Houdini   Sable
  Black Magic   Joe   Sanka
  Bonbon   Latte   Sir Choxalot
  Brownie   Licorice   Shamalan
  Burnette   Magic   Smokey
  Café   Mahogany   Snickers
  Cappuccino   Maxwell   Spot
  Chip   Midnight   Storm
  Chocolate   Moonbeam   Toffee
  Cocoa Puff   Moon Shadow   Truffle
  Demitasse   New Moon   Voodoo
  Ebony   Night   Wicker
  Eclipse   Nighthawk   Warlock
  Eightball   Onyx

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Chocolate Labrador Retrievers

Yellow Lab Names
-After Things Yellowish-

  Amber   Crouton   Ole Yeller
  Apple   Daffodil   Paris
  Aspen   Dawn   Pat
  Autumn   East   Peaches
  Bananas   Fall   Plum
  Blondie   Fawn   Puddin
  Brandy   Fire   Quiche
  Butter   Flash   Saffron
  Buttercup   Golden   Sahara
  Cake   Gloria   Sandy
  Caramel   Glory   Sunrise
  Chartreuse   Glow   Sunset
  Chiffon   Glowy   Taco
  Conch   Harlow   Tortilla
  Cornchip   Honey   Twinkie
  Corndog   Jamaica   Tweety
  Crackers   Nugget    Vanilla

Hundreds of additional choices for
Yellow Labrador Retrievers

Other Male & Female Lab Names

  Ace   Exodus   Kahlua
  Avery   Fabulous   Kelvin
  Bandit   Fame   Kona
  Bang Bang   Femme Fatale   Lambert
  Barney   Filly   Luv
  Belvadere   Fumble   Marvin
  Blondie   Goose   Maui
  Braxton   Gustov   Mustard
  Bubba   Harley   Palamino
  Cabo   Homey   Question
  Chilly   Hooch   Stardust
  Cooler   Humble   Trace
  Crusty   Jamaica   Wanderer
  Cuddles   Jazzy   Wonder
  Dagwood   Jester   Wookie
  Dazzler   Jambalaya   Varsity
  Elite   Justine   Yardley

Breed a Labrador Retriever with a Curly Coated Retriever, you get a Lab Coat Retriever. A breed loved by research scientists.

-Good Dog! magazine-

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