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Tips To Avoid Mid Life Name Changes
Part 1

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Looking for dog naming tips? Before searching our site for a great ideas, we’d like to offer you a few ideas that will make your job easier, and ensure your puppy gets the best one possible.

It’s been estimated that your pal will be called by the title you’ll be choosing for it, over 30,000 times during the course of it’s lifetime. It’s also been estimated that 1 in 5 puppy owners want to change their pups title in the first year they have it. But by following these simple dog naming tips in the beginning, you can avoid common mistakes, and, your pal can avoid the confusion of mid-life changes.

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Our dog naming tips for new owners...

1.  Stay away from calling your pal something potentially embarrassing. The title “Stinky” might be cute at first, but as the joke gets old, how will you feel in a year or so when you have to call “Stinky” home at night? Also, how do you think young children might treat a pup with this title?

2.  Does your choice rhyme with something negative? Or maybe with the name of a family member or friend? Once discovered, kids might jump all over this and treat your pup differently, causing you to be one of those 1 in 5 people who want to change it later on!

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3.  Be mindful that your pooch might outgrow it’s title. Buttercup might be appropriate for a cute puppy, but not when it becomes a full grown Great Dane!

4.  Keep it to one or two syllables. Dogs not only learn it quicker, but it makes them easier to train.

5.  Here's a good tip, pick a title that matches your pals appearance or personality. Lightning might be a good choice for an energetic pooch, but not for one that sleeps all day.

6.  Avoid titles that sound like common commands such as Go, Stay, Sit, etc. This might cause confusion for your pal when trying to train it.

7.  Watch out for trendy choices that might cause embarrassment once the trend is passed. Would you want people to realize from what you call your pal that you were once a big fan of Disco?

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8.  Beware of the common trend to call your pup after people. Though doing so is not a bad thing in itself, if you title your pup after a friend or family member, they might take offense. How will your human friend Sam like it when he hears…“Get off the couch Sam!” or worse…“I took Sam to get fixed the other day”…

9.  Ask your pooch what he/she thinks! Since it’s going to be his/hers, you might want to narrow your search down to your own 5 favorite ones, then try them out on your pal. You’d be surprised how well it responds to some, yet yawns at others.

10.  If you’ve adopted an older dog, it’s best to keep it’s current moniker so that it doesn’t become confused. If for some reason you must change it, consider one that sounds similar or rhymes.

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