Clever Dog Names
Why Not Match Your Pups Personality?

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When coming up with all the clever dog names on this site we soon came to realize that not only do puppies come in diverse breeds, they also come with diverse personalities.

Spike the mean dog

Some breeds are higher energy like the Chihuahua or Yorkie, while some are more laid back like the Rottweiler or Great Dane. How about happy breeds? Have you ever met a Pomeranian that didn’t seem happy?

And let’s talk smarts…If you own a Poodle or a Border Collie you know what we’re talking about here, these pets are Einsteins on four legs! And how about tough, if you own a Pit Bull or maybe a pooch that survived a rough rescue you know how tough and resilient they can be.

Regardless of whether you own a specific breed, or if you own a dog whose lineage is questionable, all canines come with their own personality traits, so we offer the topics below to salute these differences and to help you find a title that best matches your pal.

Clever Dog Names For Pups That Are...

Happy Beagle with it's owner


-The favorite dog names of upbeat pups-

Choices dedicated to the pooch that will brighten even the gloomiest day, whose happiness is contagious and whose tail is always in wag mode.


Smart and well dressed dog striking a pose


-Ideal for the pooch with a high IQ-

Smart pups are easily trained and possess a high degree of puppy intuition. These bright suggestions are after things and people that are doggone smart…


Cocker Spaniel puppy naptime

Lovable Puppies
-Make your pal even more irresistible-

There are certain endearing terms and pet titles we call those we love the most. Why not give your pooch a lovable one from this page?


Great Dane lounging around

-Perfect for the pup that prefers to loaf-

Does your buddy yawn when it sees the mailman or when a cat walks by? These clever ideas are dedicated to the dog that’s dedicated to the couch.

Energetic dog looking for a match

-Funny puppy names for the energetic pooch-

Is your pal forever on the go, and always ready for a walk or playtime? If so, these high energy titles will help your pup leap tall buildings in a single bound.


German Shepherd beauty

-Resilience makes them ready for anything-

The unique suggestions on this page are monikers we felt had a tough sounding edge to them. You won’t find Fifi or Bambi on this page.


Man eating Chihuahua

-For the dog that’s less friendly-

Not all pups are warm and cuddly. These unique choices are good for guard dogs, mean pups, or if you're looking for a cute twist for a small breed.

Gender Specific Clever Puppy Names

For Males

Although not as personality specific as those categories shown above, these are none the less clever, and thus, worthy of being on this page. These are titles your pal would would be proud to have.

For Females

These clever choices for females were hand chosen by our experts as ideas that were a bit edgier than the rest on this site. We’re confident that you and your pup will agree.