Black Dog Names
Celebrate Your Pups Dark Color

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The black dog names on this page are dedicated to one of the most distinctive pups in the canine world…those who are this color.

black lab kissing owner...pucker up!

Think about it, how many canines have you seen that are this color? No doubt you’ve seen plenty of brown, blonde and even spotted pups…but black? Hardly any. That’s what makes these names for black dogs so special, not only do we offer ideas pertaining to things that are dark in color, but we also offer gender specific name ideas as well as those we felt were unique.

Both you and your pal recognize how special it’s color is, so why settle for an ordinary title, when you can choose one that causes your pal to stand head over paws above the rest? Simply click on one (or all) of the links below to find the perfect choice for your furry male or female pal.

Black Dog Names
Lists & Suggestions

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Ash for a boy, Ashley for a girl. Although Ash is symbolic of penance, regret and remorse, this boy's heart is warm and is always burning with affection.

B.B. Short for Black Beauty, this female choice would suit any dark and beautiful pooch. This pretty girl will have a shiny and polished coat that everyone enjoys running their hand over.

Blackberry: This is also a great choice fit for the dark little dog that you carry everywhere with you. Also, if you own one of these devices, you can also own a four legged furry kind!

Black Lab wearing a suit getting ready for a business meeting

Bootleg: Another name for the “Black Market,” this is a great choice for your buddy that doesn’t like to follow the rules, or who has a hard time listening to commands.

Cinder: A cool dog pick for the boy that's very agile and has tons of ability. This dark pup is always close whenever you want to start a fire.

Corbin: A French word for “quite dark,” this is a great choice for an all black French pooch like a Poodle.

Cyan: This cool choice is a fine one for the dog with a coat so shiny and dark it looks like "dark blue" when the sun shines on it.

Delano: This male black dog name means "nighttime" which makes this selection a good choice for a dark puppy or for one who enjoys this time of the day.

Domino: The word actually means “with a touch of white” so would be well suited for a dog that is mostly dark with white on his paws, chest, or face.

Draven: Meaning "Child of beautiful Shadows" this is a unique choice for the puppy that enjoys lurking in the shadows, or might be afraid of his own!

Bernese Mountain dog with his much smaller owner

Dusk: Perfect names for black dogs for the boy who loves going on long twilight walks with you.

Ebony: A cute choice for a female puppy that is pretty, but is a drama queen. She is usually unlucky in love but so much fun to be around. A wonderful choice for a dog with a great sense of humor.

Eclipse: If you are a “Twilight” movie fan, or if you spend time following the changes of the moon, this might be a perfect selection for your pal.

Ember: Meaning "Spark, Burning Low" Ember is an excellent black dog name for a puppy with a coat that resembles the smoldering remains of a fire.

Fia: A pretty little girl dog would be delighted to go by this Irish Gaelic name that means “dark.”

Jetta: The Latin for jet black, this is fitting for a dark female from any breed. This girl likes to whine (just like a jet engine) to get her own way. A real mommy’s dog.

Leila: A beautiful name defined as “the dark of the night,” any sweet and loving girl would be happy to respond to this word.

Beautiful black Scottish Terrier

Licorice: A distinct dog deserves the name after the distinctive flavor of licorice.

Noire: Meaning dark in color, this is a cool pick. A natural leader, this pooch is quite confident in its skills. Nature seems to have shown some prejudice as this dog is clever, noble and kind.

Panther: Wise, noble and graceful, Panther is a wonderful pick for a big breed with the shiny short coat. This would fit your solid dark gal pal very nicely.

Velvet: Give this cool pick to the pup whose coat reminds you of great luxury and sensuousness. A great black dog name for a fan of the 1960's TV series National Velvet.

Voodoo: Often referred to as “Dark Magic,” this works well for a pooch that easily escapes from the yard or who moves quickly and seamlessly.

More Male & Female Names For Black Dogs

  Aurora   Dusky   Midnight   Salem
  Black Bart   Eightball   Misty   Shade
  Blackbeard   Elvira   Moondoggie   Shadow
  Black Foot   Espresso   Moonbeam   Shady Lady
  Blackie   Fierra   Nero   Silhouette
  Blackjack   Flint   Nighthawk   Smoky
  Black Magic   Galaxy   Nightingale   Spider
  Blackmail   Hershey   Night Owl   Spooky
  Bon Bon   Indigo   Ninja   Storm
  Bruno   Inky   Onyx   Thunder
  Cinder   Luna   Pepper   Twilight
  Coffee   Magic   Phantom   Velvet
  Cosmos   Merle   Raven   Warlock
  Dahlia   Merlin   Sable   Wizard

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