Bernese Mountain Dog Names
Perfect For Male Or Female Of This Breed

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These Bernese Mountain dog names salute one of the more interesting canines in the dog kingdom.

Not only is this breed BIG, it also posses the following interesting breed facts…

Newborn puppy complaining that it's hungry

1. This dog is so old that little is known about when it first came into being. Some believe the Bernese Mountain came with the Romans when they came to Switzerland over 2000 years ago, but since there were other large breeds in this country before them no one is fully sure.

2. The Bernese Mountain was bred as working dogs by farm families that used them as guard and herding dogs.

3. They eventually became cart pullers. Around the mid 1880s when cheese became more popular in Switzerland, Berners (a nickname for this breed) were so strong (they can haul 10 times their own weight) that owners attached them to carts filled with bread and dairy products.

Mooving right along here…

4. They still love to pull carts! So much so that The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America has annual competitions.

Other Things You Should Know About Bernese Mountain Dogs…


-They have an even temperament
-Usually get along with other pets
-They love kids
-They’ll love pulling your cart if you have one


-Once full grown they take up lots of space!
-They max out at around 100 pounds
-A 100-pound dog eats a lot of food!
-They shed like crazy and like to drool
-They have a shot lifespan of around 6-8 years

So here’s our Bernese Mountain dog names suggestions dedicated to this lovable bear of a dog…

Bernese Mountain Dog Names
For Both Male and Female

   Achilles    Legend   Savannah
   Alexis   Lexie   Scarlett
   Amelda   Loverboy   Sedona
   Arielle   Lovergirl   Shadow
   Aries   Lovesong   Shady Lady
   Athena    Lucy   Shane
   Attila    Magellan   Shanghai
   Atlas    Mai Tai   Shiloh
   Ava    Majestic   Sienna
   Banzai    Majesty   Sierra
   Bashful    Mama Mia!   Sinatra
   Basil    Marlon   Sky
   Beethoven    Marlowe   Sly
   Betty Jean    Martini   Socrates
   Big Mama    Maverick   Sofia
   Bodean    Maxine   Sonja
   Boomer    Meadow   Sophie
   Braveheart    Mia   Spirit
   Brewski    Mignon   Squirt
   Bryce    Minuet   Sugar
   Celeste    Misha   Sundance
   Countess    Mon Cher   Sunny
   Cujo    Monroe   Suzette

Cute puppy loving the springtime

Here's a Few Other Name Categories You Might Like...

Swiss Names: Perfect for this breed from Switzerland
BIG Dog Names: Call more attention to your Bernese Mountains size

   Cupcake    Moondance    Sweetie
   Delilah    Mystique    Talia
   Denali    Niles    Tango
   Dooley    Noel    Taz
   Doozy    Noela    Tess
   Dozer    Oracle    Tex
   Dudley    Ozzy    Tiara
   Ellie    Page    Tibet
   Epic    Palermo    Tiffany
   Excalibur    Patience    Touche
   Fable    Perseus    Traveler
   Fargo    Persia    T-Rex
   Frank    Pierre    Trinity
   Gabrielle    Prince    Tsar
   Genesis    Princess    Tucker
   Genghis    Pumpkin    Tulip
   Goliath    Queen    Tuscany
   Grace    Quinn    Twilight
   Guido    Rajah    Tyson
   Haden    Rebecca    Ukiah
   Happy    Reno    Van Gogh
   Hilary    Renoir    Versace
   Hope    River    Vidal
   Jade    Rocco    Virtue
   Jazz    Romeo    Wally
   Juliet    Roxy    Willow
   Junior    Rudy    Windsor
   Juno    Rushmore    Winston
   Kate    Sable    Woodstock
   Katie    Sake    Woody
   Kujo    Salem    York
   Lacey    Sam    Zeke
   Lefty    Samson    Zsa Zsa
   Legacy    Sasha    Zurich

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