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Miniature Schnauzer names should be as unique as this small breed. Having a long head, beard, eyebrows and moustache, they are quite beautiful dogs but require a bit of grooming to remain neat. Often you'll see these pups with docked tails and their front legs tend to be very straight. The v-shaped ears may be cropped or left natural, in which case they fold forward.

Colors for their costs range from solid black, white, salt and pepper, and many Miniature Schnauzers have a silver outer coat with a very soft undercoat. They have black noses and oval eyes. Their heads are long with strong muzzles.

This Miniature Schnauzer breed tends to be perky little dogs, full of energy and very smart. They can easily be trained and tend to love children. They want companionship from their owners and need leadership in order to prevent their developing an air of superiority. They don't really intend to fight, but it can be very dangerous if another canine interprets it as aggression.

Here's Our Unique
Miniature Schnauzer Names

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Abigail: This name means "gives joy" and you'll find that your Miniature Schnauzer really adds lots of joy to your life if you take time to train her. The name shortens, if you wish, to Abbey, which means "God rejoices" and is the name of King David's third wife.

Adonis: This is the name of the God of peace and love. You'll find your pet adds peace to your life as you share hours together, and it will give you unlimited love, making this a perfect Miniature Schnauzer name.

These pups are the pick of the litter

Aurik: Meaning "noble friend" and comes from German, it is thought that Miniature Schnauzers hail from German origins, although it is not certain.

Casey: This Miniature Schnauzer name means "vigorous" and can be used for either a female or male pup. Alternate spelling include "Cacie, Casie, Kasey, and Cacey" if you want a more creative spelling.

Darcie: Meaning "dark," making it just right for a dark coated pooch of this breed. Alternate spellings abound and include: Darci, Darcey, Darsey, Darsi, Darcie.

Kadin: This means "companion" and this breed is known for their great companionship. So consider this choice for your Miniature Schnauzer boy pup.

Young pooch looking for some trouble

Sandi: This name means "defender of all men" and your pet is likely to be a great guard dog even though small and rather non-threatening. But she will alert you to danger making this a great choice for your little lady Miniature Schnauzer. Alternate spellings include: Sandy, Sandie, Sandey.

Sterling: This name means "pure and of high quality". Because it calls to mind silver, it is perfect for you male canine if he has a silver or even salt and pepper coat but can be used for can used for any of man's best friend, regardless of his coat color. Alternate spelling is "Stirling".

Shotzi: This name means "sweetheart" or "darling" and can really be used for either a male for female companion pup.

Ziva: This name come from Hebrew and means "splendid" and really suits a lady Miniature Schnauzer pooch well.

Even More
Miniature Schnauzer Dog Names...

  Abby   Delilah   Mini Me
  Abigail   Deuce   Miss Daisy
  Able   Dharma   Moxie
  Ace   Diva   Ninja
  Adele   Dream   Opal
  Allie   Diedre   Opal
  Amore   Duchess   Parable
  Angel   Eager   Paris
  Aquila   Eagle   Paulie
  Avril   Emily   Perseus
  Babe   Fang   Persia
  Baby   Frolic   Queeny
  Bailey   Faith   Rage
  Bandana   Happy   Rain
  Bandit   Hannah   Rascal
  Barkley   Honey   Reese
  Basha   Imelda   Reno
  Basil   Indy   Renoir
  Benji   Jackie Oh!   Riley
  Becky   Jackie   Rio
  Bingo   Jade   Sable
  Blarney   Jasmin   Sake
  Blaze   Jasper   Salem
  Bree   Java   Saucy
  Bridget   Jewel   Schnapps
  Cabaret   Josie   Star
  Cabo   Joy   Sophie
  Carina   Kali   Silver
  Carisma   Kalia   Taj
  Carly   Kelsey   Tango
  Casey   Kenzie   Tanya
  Cashmere   Kenya   Toto
  Cassandra   Lacey   Travis
  Cassidy   Lady   Trixie
  Cassie   Lucky   Uriah
  Charlie   Leoni   Valiant
  Chipper   Leah   Vixen
  Clancy   Luna   Wasabi
  Constance   Madison   Wild Thing
  Countess   Marley   Wilson
  Couscous   Mercedes   Woodstock
  Dogster   Mia   Yogi
  Daniel   Miracle   Ziggy
  Delaney   Mini Pooch   Zippy

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