Unique Husky Names
Perfect For Male & Female

If you're looking for unique Husky names and are lucky enough to own one of these beautiful dogs then this page is for you!

siberian husky dog

By now you’re aware of the many virtues of this breed such as...

-Their beauty
-Their intelligence
-How friendly and warm  they can be
-They rarely bark

Of course no dog is perfect and they have a few weaknesses...

-They're hard to potty train
-They love to dig holes
-Being escape artists they’re the Houdini’s of the dog world
-They’re not guard dogs and will likely welcome any burglar

Regardless of this breeds pros and cons we think they deserve the best Husky names possible and so we offer some of what we feel are the more unique ideas for this special breed.

Our Husky Names
For Males & Females

Angel: Meaning a messenger between heaven and earth, it’s a great name choice for the pup with a loving demeanor.

Aurora: If you’ve seen an Aurora (Northern Lights) you know just how beautiful they are...just like your pal.

Alex: Good for either boy or girl, we liked this name because of its strong sound, consider Alexis as a definite female choice.

Alpha: Your pooch is the definite leader of your family pack with self confidence that makes all other pets envious.

Asia: We liked this name because it comes across as exotic and unusual. For a variation of this consider Aja.

Bailey: A fun name and excellent for an energetic pup that everyone loves to be around.

Bungee: This pooch is everywhere...over here...there...back...and forth. Not to mention north, south, east and west!

cute siberian husky puppy

Baja: For the Husky that loves the cold yet has a heart that’s as warm as Baja down in Mexico.

Bandit: This pooch will not only steal the heart of all it meets, but will also greet bandits that break into your house with a kiss. Lol

Bonkers: For the pup that you could swear is a little bonkers...until it grows up into being a lot bonkers!

Brandy: Just like brandy itself, your Husky will warm your heart with its loving and affectionate ways.

Cabo: After the party town of Cabo San Lucas, if your pal loves it when friends or family come over then this is a good choice.

Calypso: Good for the girl that has a style and grace that matches it’s good looks.

Cheyenne: We’ve always liked this name because it reminded us of the big sky country in the mid US.

Dakota: A perfect Husky name for the male or female that loves the outdoors.

Denali: After the huge, beautiful Denali park up in Alaska.

Diva: For the headstrong girl that always gets her way!

Eagle: For the beautiful pooch that soars above the rest.

Fable: For the canine with a story to tell...good for a rescue?

Flirt: Does your male or female have everyone wrapped around it’s paw?

Gender Specific Husky Dog Names

Perfect for your Boy

Just as perfect for your Girl

Frankie: A great Husky name if you’re a fan of Frank Sinatra.

Freckles: You know there under that fur somewhere.

Genesis: Meaning beginning or origin, good for a rescue that’s starting a new life with you.

Gypsy: A wanderer at heart, for the independent pooch with a mind of its own.

Harley: For the boy or girl that loves the open road.

Hawk: Like the name choice Eagle, both are a good match for the graceful and swift Husky.

Hope: Where there’s love there’s hope, where there’s your Husky there’s love.

Ice: Perfect for the Husky that’s cool and calm in demeanor.
Indigo: The perfect Husky name for the pooch that has beautiful colorations.

Ishtar: The Babylonian goddess of love and war and a darn cool Husky dog name.

Java: Perfect for the high strung pup or should the owner love coffee.

Jazz: A smooth sounding name that’s great for a music loving pooch or for the owner that loves this style of music.

Jupiter: The largest planet of all, an excellent choice for this large breed that runs orbits around all others.

We Think You'll Like These Ideas Too...

Why not a BIG sounding name?

Howabout a Cool name for your pal?

Karma: Your canine reward for all the good you’ve done in the past.

Kodiak: A large variety of powerful brown bear as well as an island in the Gulf of Alaska.

Legend: A bigger than life sounding name for the pooch whose love of life is legendary

Liberty: A Husky name for the free spirited canine that loves to be free to roam.

Lobo: After the timber wolf, Huskies do have a somewhat wolf like appearance but nowhere close to the meanness.

Luna: Another word for the Moon and perfect for the pup that’s a night owl.

Mai Tai: A popular fruit cocktail that works great on a sweet male or female.

Husky puppy cuteness

Majestic: The perfect word and name that best describes this breed.

Meadow: Where your dog (and probably you) would prefer to be.

Nikita: From Russia which houses Siberia.

Nike: After the female goddess of victory.

Nirvana: In Buddhism the highest state of consciousness and a darn good rock group.

Orion: After the hunter in the winter constellation by the same name. A powerful and majestic choice for your male.

Parable: For the pup with a story to tell.

Perseus: The son of Zeus who helped slay Medusa.

Persia: After the ancient Persian empire which extended from Egypt to India.

Primo: A word meaning first-class as in “Your Husky is really primo.”

Rain: Who doesn’t love Rain?

Rajah: A king or prince, good for the pooch that rules your household.

Rebel: Just when you thought you had him trained....

Rowdy: Leave him/her unattended and the name will fit.

Saber: A sharp sword, for the pup you’ll always want by your side.

Shasta: After the beautiful Mt. Shasta in northern California.

Sierra: After the beautiful mountain range in California.

Sky: For the dog whose love extends from horizon to horizon.

Spirit: The thing your puppy has plenty of.

Tango: An energetic dance for an energetic dog.

Taj: Simply noted here because we liked this choice.

Willow: Long, lean and graceful best describes this pooch.

Whitney: After Mt. Whitney or for the fan of Whitney Houston.

Zeus: A good male name after the supreme god of ancient Greeks.

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