Cute Yorkie Names
Unique Naming Ideas For These Cute Pups

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Looking for Yorkie names that will match the appearance of your newly acquired pup?…Then you've come to the right page.

Everyone knows how special Yorkies are, and so did you when choosing this certain breed to become part of your family.

Cute Yorkie puppy wants to play

Some of this breeds
many virtues…

-They're wonderfully loyal

-They're small enough to fit in a purse

-Yorkies look so regal, everyone should have one on their lap!

-They're just so darn cute…what is there not to love about them?

Considering all the above mentioned things, we felt they deserved a names page all their own. So what we've done on this Yorkie page is to recommend ideas that are small sounding as well as ideas that sound big, for those looking for Yorkie dog names that are unique and a bit humorous. Following those, scroll down towards the bottom of this page and you'll find additional ideas hand chosen just for this breed.

Which ones are our personal favorites?
Glad you asked!

Bambi: Think of how cute the little Bamboozler will look on your lap!

Chewbacca: After the hairy, loveable Star Wars character

Minuet: A Yorkie title that sounds small, dainty, and classy

Rambo: You rule the roost, but Rambo rules the rooster.

Saucy: Perfect for the Yorkie that's a flirt

Our Male And Female Yorkie Names

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Smallish Sounding Ideas First

   Little Boy
   Little Girl
   Little One
   Teenie Weenie

More Yorkshire Terrier Names

Ideas That Sound BIGish

   Big Boy
   Big Foot
   Big Shot
   Big Time
   King Kong
   Raging Bull

More Male & Female Ideas
Can you ever have too many?

   Abby    Fandango    Miley
   Abner    Farley    Miss Daisy
   Ace    Fidel    Monroe
   Alexis    Fiesta    Moongoddess
   Amelda    Fingers    Nell
   Amore    Gazpacho    Nemo
   Aquila    Geisha    Ninja
   Babette    Ghingis    Noodles
   Babs    Girlfriend    Odette
   Babykins    Gizmo    Olga
   Basha      Hobo    Omar
   Benji    Honeybunch    Outlaw
   Binki    Hope    Pancho
   Bodean    Hot Rod    Paws
   Bogart    Hubba Hubba    Peaches
   Boo    Indy     Porkchop
   Caesar    Jelly Bean    Quasimodo
   Cagney    Jewel    Rags
   Calista    Jigs    Rascal
   Carina    Josie    Reba
   Casey    Judo    Reggie
   Cha-Cha    Justine    Riley
   Chi Chi    Kara    Rocco
   Clancy    Kato    Sadie
   Cricket    Kava    Safari
   Damsel    Kewpie    Salem
   Danger    Kody    Saucy
   Dash    Lashes    Scamp
   Delta    Lassie    Shady Lady
   Destiny    Laverne    Stella
   Dimples    Lefty    Tiny
   Disco    Liberty    Tito
   Dixie Chick    Lips    Toodleoo
   Doodad    Matlock    Tornado
   Duchess    Matzo    Travis
   Eiffel    Maude    T-Rex
   Elke    Meatball    Van Gogh
   Elliott    Melody    Vanity
   Elvis    Mercedes    Wanda
   Espresso    Midge    Webster

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