Australian Shepherd Names
This Beautiful Breed Deserves A Special Name

Soon after we started writing this Australian Shepherd names page we realized this was no ordinary dog breed we were dealing with.

Just one look and we recognized what most owners (and non owners) appreciate as one of the most beautifully colored dogs in the dog realm.

Colorful Australian Shepherd

But the qualities of this Australian Shepherd breed go far beyond their appearance.

-They’re highly intelligent, and adore having a sense of purpose which is why they excel when being trained.

-They’re perfect for the owner who is active, as they love to play ball, fetch Frisbees, and are masters at agility competitions. This Australian breed is not a dog for couch potatoes!

-They have strong guarding instincts, and are bred to herd. And herd they do! Strangers, your neighbors kids, your kids, you too if you should need to be herded.

-Australian Shepherds can have a vast array of eye colors, from hazel, green, blue, brown, amber and no doubt every color in between. Colorful eyes for a colorful dog with a colorful personality.

The names for Australian Shepherds you’ll find below will offer not only a few suggestions for this breed, but also gender specific ideas, as well as additional creative ideas below those. So pull your Aussie up on your lap (if it’s not off herding something) and see which names for Australian Shepherds you both respond well to.

Australian Shepherd Names
Suggestions then Lists...

Barbie: A cute play on words, as Australianers often refer to a BBQ grill as the “Barbie,” but also works as a fun choice for a female dog.

Billabong: Meaning "wateringhole,” this Australian word from Down Under makes a great name for an active, water loving dog.

Boomer: An Australian term for a large male kangaroo, this would be a great name for a male Shepherd dog, especially one that loves to bounce or run around.

Australian Shepherd puppies ready to play

Didgeridoo: An aboriginal wind instrument that is a perfect fit for a dog with a peaceful, serene personality.

Jackeroo: This Australian term is used for a male station hand (stations are large farms) and would be well-suited for a male Australian farm dog.

Kit: A fun-loving boy or girl dog name that actually means a package of items to carry along on walkabouts.

Shelia: Meaning "woman,” choose this pretty Australian Shepherd name for your sweet and dashing lady dog.

Sooky: This Shepherd name from Down Under means "tame". A great choice for a lazy or even well-behaved dog.

Talia: This word word from the big island nation means "water is near.”

Oz: This is an Australian nickname frequently used for the continent Down Under and could also be a good choice when looking for Australian Shepherd names.

          IDEAS FOR MALES                    IDEAS FOR FEMALES
  Arrow  Lasso   Akira   Jai Jalai
  Avanti   Liberty   Andie   Karma
  Bandanna   Mackenzie   Azure   Kelsey
  Blaze   Maverick   Baja   Lady
  Bodie   Melbourne   Bungee   Lolita
  Calypso   Nike   Cadence   Marley
  Caruso   Nitro   Cashmere   Mindy
  Cassidy   Outlaw   Deja Vu    Mystique
  Dakar   Pecos   Disco   Ninja
  Diablo   Primo   Elke   Nugget
  Dooley   Rebel   Frankie   Ozzie
  Eli   Ringo   Fuji   Perseus
  Fable   Ripley   Gia   Rage
  Fargo   Saber   Gidget   Renoir
  Gypsy   Sedona     Go-Go   Ricochet
  Houdini   Sierra   Harley   Sake
  Hustler   Taj   Hobie   Salem
  Ishtar   Tequila  Hollywood   Tango
  Kalia   Van Gogh   Iggy   Tiara
  Kujo   Versailles   Jade   Wild Thing

Male And Female Names For Australian Shepherds

For Your Male: For hundreds of additional male ideas
For Your Female: Just for Australian Shepherd ladies

   Abby    Harlem    O’Malley
   Achilles    Harmony    Paprika
   Addison    Havana    Passion
   Amadeus    Hobo    Paws
   Amigo    Honcho    Pearl
   Andretti    Hot Dog    Picasso
   Aquila    Hotshot    Polaris
   Avalon    Icon    Posh
   Babe      Infinity    Pretty Girl
   Bandit    Intrepid    Puma
   Basha    Jacques      Punk
   Beau    Jagger    Quasar
   Bingo    Janus    Rain
   Blue    Jet    Rajah
   Bogart    Jinx    Raleigh
   Bolero    J.R.    Ransom
   Boone    Justice    Reed
   Brandy    Kane    Renegade
   Bree     Kate    Rico
   Buck    Kato    Ridge

Dogs are the leaders of the planet. If you see two life forms, one of them is making a poop, the other one's carrying it for him, who would you assume is in charge? -Jerry Seinfeld-

   Cagney    Keno    River
   Calamity    Khan    Rocco
   Caper    Koko    Rosie
  Casanova    Kona    Roulette
   Caviar    Kyra    Sadie
   Chase    Laika    Sedona
   Chi Chi    Lakota    Shanghai
   Cheyenne    Latte    Shiloh
   Cinderfella    Legend    Sienna
   Coda    Lexus    Sinatra
   Courage    Liberace    Solace
   Cuervo    Lisbon    Susie Q
   Cujo    Loverboy    Taos
   Dalton    Lovergirl    Tiger
   Danger    Ma Cherie    Topaz
   Dean    Madison    Twilight
   Destiny    Mad Max    Top Dog
   Dijon    Magic    Touche
   Dolan    Mai Tai    Tracker
   Drake    Major    Travis

For Your Puppy: Perfect for little Australian Shepherds
For Cool Dogs: For Aussies too cool for ordinary names

   Duke    Mandy    Trey
   Dutch    Matrix    Trinity
   Dynomutt    Maxine    Tucker
   Edge    Mercedes    Turk
   Electra    Mignon    Twister
   Elvis    Miley    Tyson
   Epic    Mirage    Uno
   Espresso    Mischief    Uzzo
   Fajita    Mugsy    Valentino
   Fiji    Mystic    Vegas
   Fizzzz    Nacho    Versace
   Freckles    Nell    Virtue
   Fritz    Neon    Vodka
   Frodo    Nigel    Vogue
   Galen    Nikita    Wasabi
   Ganja    Nova    Winston
   Genius    Oakley    Woodstock
   Ginger    Odette    Woody
   Gorgeous    Omelet    Whistler
   Guido    Oscar    Yoda

Other Unique

Australian Shepherd Names...

cute australian shepherd puppy

For Males: Titles he'll be proud to answer to
For Females: Here's a title she'll be proud of
Doggone Unique: Creative ideas for pups
Cool Ideas: Help your pooch find it's groove
By Color And Size:  After your pals size or color

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