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Unique and clever male dog names are great to apply to a young pup, or even an older pooch you adopt and add to your family. The more clever the title the less likely that all the boys on the block will share that choice, and think of how high your male buddy will hold his head once he realizes that!

It can be difficult to come up with a really clever male dog name ideas that suits your pooch. You want a choice which is respectable and won’t generate poking fun at him. After all, you’ll be calling his name an estimated 30,000 times over the course of his lifetime. Even if adopting an elderly male that needs a home, you will repeat his title or a derivative of it thousands of times.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of clever male dog names that we felt were truly different, as well as suitable for your pooch.

Our Clever Male Dog Names
-Suggestions And List-

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Ashes: This clever boy dog name choice is perfect for a grey or grey/black mixed coat. Since a fire produces ashes of these colors, your choice will be very clever and your pooch will love this pick.

Asimov: Every fan of science fiction will recognize this as the surname of author Isaac Asimov. However, the word is unique in sounds and the tone sounds a bit sci-fi. Your boy will believe you picked it to indicate how smart you know he is and friends will wonder how you came up with it.

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Bandit: Most energetic male dogs like to grab any offered toy and run away with it, only to soon bring it back asking you to toss it for fetching. Just like a bandit, he may well run away with the toy and decide to bury it or lie down and chew on it, not returning it any time soon as he thoroughly enjoys himself.

Bravado: Living in the land of the free and home of the brave, your male pooch will be brave enough to defend you and his other human friends from harm. This clever male dog name is best suited for a larger breed of boy companion but can be used for any size or breed.

Chipper: The masculine version of the feminine name choice “Happy”, this pick will make your buddy know you selected a unique identifier of which he will be quite proud. If he’s the sort of dog who likes to chase and chew a stick, he’s likely to be a real ’chipper’.

Cowboy: Choose this masculine identifier for a male of one of the large breeds, especially one of the herding breeds such as the German Shepherd. He’ll feel big and tough as he dreams of roaming the western plains rounding up cattle or other livestock.

Cupid: Choose this for a cute male of any of the small, toy or teacup breeds. Just as Cupid shoots arrows into the hearts of lovers on Valentine’s Day, your boy will shoot arrows right into your heart, making you love him dearly.

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Da Vinci: Famous artist and inventor of ancient times, Leonardo Da Vinci was a true genius with paint and brain alike. Your masculine dog will feel this clever pick shows how brilliant he is and few other pets will share this unique idea.

Quatro: A Spanish word meaning “four”, this selection refers to your dog’s four legs. It is quite uncommon and very unique. You won’t have other pets respond when you call this word but your boy will recognize it easily has his personal call signal.

Rowdy: Select this word, meaning energetic, rough and disorderly, it is a clever pick for any breed of large male canine. You and your dog will love the sound of the word and your friends will think you took hours of thought to come up with such a creative choice.

More Clever Names For Male Dogs

    Ace     Codger     Gambler
    Arnez     Cogburn     Gander
    Axel     Corporal     Gaze
    Babbit     Country     General
    Barnum     Courage     Gizmo
    Beans     Cringe     Goliath
    Bailey     Dandy     Gumball
    Banjo     Denver     Jasper
    Bogart     Dustin     Jingle
    Bugsy     Dozer     Jumbo
    Buster     Dude     Jupiter
    Cagney     Dumpling     Laptop
    Casper     Endeavor     Pluto
    Cartwright     Fargo     Pulsar
    Carter     Fave     Tesla
    Cedric     Frolic     Traveler
    Cinder     Gadget     Trevor

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