I-J Names For Male Dogs
Naming Lists & Suggestions For These Letters

You're barking up the right tree searching here for I-J names for male dogs. We have many creative ideas to choose from in the form of lists and suggestions. And although I-J names for male dogs might not be the perfect fit for your unique friend, hopefully they’ll at least get you going on the right track…

Male Names Beginning With I

Idol: Quickly winning the hearts of his companions, this male pet has personality plus and is full of tricks.

Imagine: This dog is a creative thinker and knows how to use his wily charms to get what he wants.

Pit Bull at the beach

Inflight: When taken to the park, or when you let him in your house, this dog moves so fast that you’d swear that most of the time he’s inflight.

Irresistible: He’s adorable, huggable, smoochable…...Irresistible!

Irving: This means “a friend of the sea,” and is perfect for the dog that just can’t stay away from the water, or a trip to the beach.

Ivan: Meaning “God is gracious,” this is well suited for any animal whose owner feels like they are a precious gift from God.

   IBM    Imax    Io
   Icarus    Incense    Iota
   Ice    India    I.O.U
   Iceman    Indigo    I.Q.
   Ice-T    Indio    Ireland
   Ichabod    Indy    Irish
   Icon      Infinity    Ironside
   Iditarod    Inferno    Ishmael
   Idle    Inflight    Ishtar
   Idlewild    Informant    Isuzu
   Idol    Informer    Itasca
   Iggy    Ingot    Itchy
   Igor    Inky    Ito
   Ike    Inquirer    Ivanhoe
   Illusion    Insider    Ivory
   Imagine    Intrepid    Isis

Male Names Beginning With J

Jersey: A fitting moniker for a male pooch whose owner loves sports, or who resides in New Jersey. Or even if you're a fan of the show Jersey Shore.

Pomeranian happiness

Jet: This dog is fast, super fast, and loves a good romp in the woods to run free; a suitable name for a male Greyhound or a Whippet.

Jacuzzi: For a dog that bubbles over with love!

Jagger: This choice would be good if you're a fan of The Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger. If your dog's nimble, you could say he's got the moves like Jagger.

Java: There’s nothing decaffeinated about this energetic male pooch.

   Jabba    Jarvis    Jimmy
   Jack Black    Jasper    Jingle
   Jack    Java    Jingles
   Jackal    Jaws    Jinx
   Jackaroo    Jaycee    Jitterbug
   Jack Daniel    Jazz    Jive
   Jacko    J.B.    Jock
   Jackpot    J.J.    Jody
   Jackson    J.R.    JoJo
   Jacques    Jeb    Joker
   Jacuzzi    Jed    Jordan
   Jade    Jedi    Jordie
   Jaeger    Jeeves    Joshua
   Jag    Jefferson    Josie
   Jagger    Jekyll    Jowls
   Jaguar    Jelly Bean    J.R.
   Jai Jalai    Jelly-Belly    Judo
   Jake    Jeopardy    Juice
   Jalapeno    Jersey    Julep
   Jalopy    Jesse    Julius
   Jamaica    Jester    Jumbo
   Jamal    Jet    Jumper
   Jamboree    Jethro    Junior
   Jamie    Jetta    Juno
   Janus    Jigs    Jupiter
   Jarreau    Jigsaw    Justice

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