O-P Names For Male Dogs
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Thanks for visiting this O-P names for male dogs page of ours. Here you'll find some of the doggone best naming suggestions and lists in the doggie kingdom regardless of what size or breed your dog might be.

If your dog bays at the moon, or at the neighbors cat, you’ll be able to call it by name to knock it off…..once you find the perfect one.

Names Beginning With O

Oasis: After a hard day's work, this dog is refreshing to come home to.

Omaha: Both a city in Nebraska and a popular poker game, this unique male choice would be easy to recognize as well as a pleasant sound to speak.

Curly Standard Poodle enjoying a quiet moment

Omelet: This dogs lineage is a bit of everything. Regardless, doesn't everyone love an Omelet?

Oops!: Who left the back gate open??

Orbit: For the male dog that runs circles around all others.

Outlaw: Such a rebel…. he’s the bad boy of the neighborhood, and all the girl dogs love a bad boy.

Overdrive: This is perfect for the dog with tons of overflowing energy that simply never ceases to amaze you.

  Oak   Ogee   Oriole   Otis
  Oakland   Okie   Orion   Otto
  Oakley   Old Yeller   Orlando   Ouija
  Oasis   Ole   Orleans   Outlaw
  Obadiah   Olympian   Orson   Ouzo
  Obama   Olympus   Ortega   Owen
  Oberon   Omaha   Orville   Oz
  Obession   Omar   Oscar   Ozzie
  Obiwan   Omega   Osgood   O'Brien
  Oblong   Omelet   Oshkosh   O'Connor
  Odie   Onyx   Oslo   O'Hara
  Odin   Oops!   Osmond   O’Henry
  Odyssey   Oracle   Osmosis   O'Keefe
  Offbeat   Orbit   Oswald   O’Malley
  Ogden   Oreo   Othello

Names Beginning With P

Pablo: This dog name just rolls right off the tongue, and means “peaceful town.” The right name for a male dog that is laidback, gentle, and calm.

Pal: Forever your friend, he’ll always be by your side, because he is, after all….your Pal.

ROttweiler standing guard

Plato: Pay homage to one of the most well-known philosophers by naming your male pooch after him. This dog will appear wise beyond his years, and keen to the feelings of his human companions.

Pluto: Why not consider this famous moniker to call your best male pal? It is a great tribute to this Walt Disney character, as well as a former disgruntled 9th planet.

Pokey: This dog cannot be bothered to hurry up or move quickly. He takes things at a snail’s pace, and loves spending time sleeping in the sun or in a nice, cozy bed.

Pretzel: A unique name for a dog that twists and turns into shapes no human could ever duplicate and live to tell about it.

  Pablo   Pebbles   Piccard   Pooh
  Pace   Pecos   Piccolo   Pookie
  Pacino   Peetie   Pickles   Poochie
  Paco   Peewee   Pierre   Porkchop
  Page   Pegasus   Piggy   Porsche
  Pal   Peking   Pippen   Pounce
  Palermo   Pepper    Pipsqueak   Precious
  Palisade   Peppermint   Pirate   Predator
  Palmira   Pupperoni   Pirouette   Presley
  Paloma   Peppy   Pistachio   Presto
  Panache   Pepsi   Pisces     Pretzel
  Panama   Percy   Pistol   Primo
  Pantera   Perrier   Pluto   Prince
  Panther   Perseus   Poco   Princeton
  Papillon   Persia   Poet   Professor
  Paprika   Persnickety   Pogo   Proton
  Parable   Peso   Pokey   Puddles
  Patches   Peyote   Polaris     Puff Doggie
  Pathfinder   Peyton   Polka   Puma
  Patriot   Pez   Pollux   Pumpkin
  Patton   Phantom   Poncho   Punk
  Pavarotti   Phlash   Poof   Pupoose
  Pavlov   Phoenix   Pong   Puppy
  Peanut   Picasso   Pooch   Putt-Putt

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