Small Male Dog Names
Little Ideas For Your Little Buddy

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Coming up with great ideas for small male dog names can be a fun project for you, your pup and your family. Sure, there's lots of little boy dog names to choose from out there, but having a large variety makes finding the perfect one an easier task.

While pure breeds with AKC papers make great boy canines to add to your household, they certainly are not the only way to locate a great pal for yourself for your family. It is important, however, to be responsible about neutering your small pal or to be certain that pups are bred responsibly. By doing so, you'll have a healthy dog to go along with that awesome new name.

Our Little Boy Dog Names
-Suggestions and List-

Ace: The lowest (or highest) card in a deck, depending on the card game being played. It all depends on how your little canine views himself as to whether he is the biggest or smallest member of the household, making this a perfect choice for any small guy.

Cute Pomeranian puppy

Chipper: This male small dog names can be chosen to reflect the happy personality of your little four-legged male or to indicate his physical size. Any guy would be pleased to have this small male dog name as his own.

Dezi: Of the famous Lucy and Ricky of television fame, Dezi Arnez played the small, Latin husband of such good looks and interesting talents. This moniker can be perfect for a Latin breed such as a Chihuahua or any of the breeds of littlish size. Hmmm, maybe Babaloo might make an interesting choice too.

Gump: If you are among the millions of fans of the movie Forrest Gump, you might choose this term to call your small furry friend. No matter what breed, he probably already knows that “life is like a box of chocolates because you never know what you will get”, but he is glad that he got you in life’s lottery.

Hugo: A spin-off of the word “huge,” Hugo can be a perfect pick for any tiny boy no matter what his background or past. Because he has love for you so big that he is huge in your eyes, this might be the best small male dog name choice for him.

Cute Yorkie puppy

Jeepers: “Jeepers, creepers, where’d you get those peepers, where’d you get those eyes…” goes an old song and this can be a very nice title for a small male canine companion. It reflects the huge, soulful eyes so common to small male pooches.

Mighty Mouse: This choice can fit any male companion with four legs, because it brings to mind the famous cartoon character that was a small mouse with powerful body and personality. This may just remind you of what a big heart your little pal has and be the best fit possible for your guy.

Putt-Putt: A good title for a male pup with short legs. Also an interesting pick for the dog whose owner is into golf and has control of his putting game. Putt-Putt-Putt for a dog whose owner doesn’t.

    Atom     Feisty     Munchkin
    Banjo     Foxy     Moondoggie
    Big Boy     Giant     Nash
    Binkie     Gumball     Nibbles
    Bug     Hidalgo     Nit Pik
    Bungee     Igor     Niles
    Bongo     Ike     Ounce
    Calvin     Itty Bitty     Pez
    Cinder     Jiggs     Pipsqueak
    Dancer     Jiminy     Pixie
    Dazzler     Kasper     Pixel
    Devin     Kit     Pumpkin
    Dollop     Kisses     Quasar
    Drop     Leprechaun     Quip
    Edsel     Mini     Quimby
    Elf     Mite     Rival
    Fang     Mike 35     Zippy

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cute chihuahua puppy

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