G-H Names For Male Dogs
Naming Lists & Suggestions For These Letters

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G-H names for male dogs are easy enough to find, but finding one that truly represents your new pet is a different story. You may be looking for something that exemplifies his perky personality, or something that alludes to certain interesting physical characteristics; better yet, you may just want an interesting and fun title for your male dog that not many other canines will have.

Listed below are some G-H names for male dogs that should definitely get a second glance while you are trying to decide what to call your new pal. Even if these suggestions and lists don’t suit your fancy, be sure to check out the other letters of the alphabet we have compiled.

Male Names Beginning With G

Gambler: This dog is no stranger to mischief or taking chances. Did he knock over the vase?…..or was it the cat? This dog is too cute to blame, so it must have been the cat!

Bulldog chowing down

Garner: A French word meaning “guardian,” this is the perfect name for a guard dog, or even a male mutt that has turned himself into the family watchdog.

Gator: A fitting name for a puppy that likes to chew on everything with his little puppy teeth.

Gilligan: He’s everybody’s “Little Buddy”.

Gizmo: This dog will be small in size, but big at heart. He will be proud, confident, completely certain that he's really a big dog!

Grandeur: We can see this title on a large male dog that carries itself well. When he walks in the room, all heads turn.

Gus: It’s hard not to love the lazy spirit of this dog; he is never in a hurry, unless food is involved, and just simply cannot be bothered to get out of bed too early or to exercise too much.  

 Gadget  Genghis  Godfather  Gringo
 Galahad  Genie  Godzilla  Grinch
 Galaxy  Genius  Go-Go  Grits
 Gallagher  Geronimo  Goliath  Grizzly
 Galen  Ghingis  Gomer  Groovy
 Galileo  Ghost  Goober  Groucho
 Gambler  G.I.  Gooch  Gucci
 Gandhi  Giggles  Goodfella  Guido
 Gandolf  Gigolo  Goofy  Gumball
 Gangsta  Gilligan  Google  Gumbo
 Ganja  Gin  Goomba  Gumby
 Ganymede  Ginger  Goose  Gumdrop
 Garfield  Gingersnap  Gorilla  Gummie Bear
 Garrett  Gino  Gossip  Gung Ho
 Gator  Ginseng  Grandeur  Gunner
 Gatsby  Gipsy  Grant  Guru
 Gaucho  Givenchy  Grasshopper  Gus
 Geezer  Gizmo  Gravy  Guy
 Genesis  Goblin  Gremlin

Male Names Beginning With H

Happy: This pup's always upbeat and smiling…he’s like a ray of sunshine on four legs!

Hemingway: For the avid reader, or literature buff, this is a fitting name for your male pooch. It would also be well suited for a dog that is adventurous, just like many of Hemingway’s main characters.

Border Collie on patrol

Herbie: This dog has energy, lots and lots of energy. He is likely a small dog that loves to jump up and down, play fetch, and run endlessly in the backyard.

Hillbilly: A good name for a dog who’s lineage is in question.

Hogan: Meaning “young,” this is a great choice for a male pup that never seems to grow old, or one with a childlike spirit.

Holden: A gentle, kind pooch that loves long walks outdoors, hiking with his companion, or just laying at his owner’s feet by a warm campfire.

Houdini: This pooch mysteriously disappears when it’s time for a bath, but can be easily found at dinnertime.

 Haden  Havana  Hoagie  Hootie
 Hairball  Haven  Hobbit  Hopalong
 Haley  Havoc  Hobnob  Horshack
 Halfback  Hawk  Hobo  Hoss
 Half-Pint  Hawkeye  Hocus-Pocus  Hot Dog
 Halo  Heartbreaker  Hoffa  Hot Rod
 Ham  Heart Throb  Hogan  Hotshot
 Hambone  Heathcliff  Hogie  Hot Stuff
 Hammer Time  Hemingway  Hollywood  Houdini
 Hamilton  Hendrix  Homeboy  Houston
 Hamlet  Hennessy  Homer  Howard Huge
 Hancock  Herbie  Homey  Howdy
 Handsome  Hercules  Honcho  Howler
 Hannah  Herman  Honda  Hubba Hubba
 Hannibal  Hermes  Honeybunch  Huck
 Hans  Hermit  Honey Pie  Huckleberry
 Hansel  Hero  Honky-Tonk  Hudson
 Happy  Hershey  Hooch  Hugbug
 Happy Feet  Hiccup  Hoodlum  Huggable
 Hardy  Hickory  Hooey  Hugo
 Harem  Hillbilly  Hooligan  Hulk
 Harlem  Hip Hop  Hoopla  Humdinger
 Harley  Hippy  Hoops  Hummer
 Harpo  Hipster  Hoosier  Hunter
 Harry  Hitchcock  Hoot  Hustler

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