Cool Male Dog Names
For The Coolest Of Cool
And The Hippest Of Hip

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The following cool male dog names are dedicated to those pups who have a “presence” about them. Dogs, when being given a name, want one that not only is different, but one that “transcends” all others. Because of this we’ve come up with such a list of names.

Below, you’ll find a list of cool male dog name suggestions that we felt fit the bill when coming up with names that are cool.

Cool Male Dog Names
-Suggestions then Lists- 

A beautiful tree that adds to the natural beauty of states like Colorado. It’s a strong name for a pooch that might have assertive tendencies.

Avalon: An cool name for a dog that's a free spirit and loves to roam.

Bungee: This pup has boundless energy, and goes from here to there in a flash!

Fashionable Chihuahua

Cabo: After a favorite vacation spot Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, this puppy likes to party.

Dakota: A good name for a large breed, it dreams of being outdoors in the woods or on the trail.

Elvis: With the way this pup shakes, rattles and rolls, you’d swear that he’s Elvis incarnate. A good choice for a dog who likes wearing sequenced jumpsuits.

Fable: A cool title for a pooch that’s been rescued from a tough situation as it’s got a story to tell.

Gumdrop: A sweet and chewy idea for small breed of pup.

Khan: The cool name of Captain Kirks main adversary from Star Trek, this might be a good fit on a large dog, or even a Chihuahua who you’d swear is from outer space.

Kona: A popular town in Hawaii, if you love this islands, and love your pal, this cool male dog name might be a good match.

Rio: Short for the famous vacation spot Rio de Janeiro, it’s like a party when your pal enters the room!

More Cool Names For Male Dogs

   Abesque    Frankie    Rage
   Abdullah    Gangsta    Rain
   Ace    Genesis    Rainer
   Adonis    Genghis    Rambo
   Airborne    Gino    Ramses
   Aja    Guido    Reefer
   Ali Babba    Gypsy    Reno
   Alpha Male    Hamlet    Renoir
   Andreas    Happy    Ringo
   Amigo    Havana    Rip
   Aries    Heartbreaker    River
   Asia    Hemingway    Rocket
   Atlas    Hollywood    Rodeo
   Attila    Hooch    Romeo
   Attaboy    Hot Dog    Rogue
   Avalon    Houdini    Roulette
   Avenger    Hubba Hubba    Rowdy
   Babaloo    Indigo    Rufus
   Baja    Infinity    Saber
   Bali    Ishtar    Sable
   Bandito    Jade    Safari
   Banzai    Jake    Sage
   Beans    Java    Sahara
   Beau    Jaws    Salem
   Beauregard    Jazz    Salsa

For More Groovy Names Try These...

A basketfull of Pit Bull puppies

These are perfect for Loveable Puppies
Cool smallish sounding names for Small Dogs
Cool biggish sounding ideas for BIG Dogs

   Beefcake    Jedi    Santana
   Beijing    Jelly-Belly    Santiago
   Bentley    Kahlua    Sarge
   Bigshot    Kahuna    Savannah
   Blizzard    Kali    Schnapps
   Bo    Karma    Scooby Doo
   Bogart    Kashmir    Séance
   Bolero    Keno    Sedona
   Bonsai    Killer    Sequel
   Boone    Kodiak    Shasta
   Bossman    Kona    Shiloh
   Brando    Lance    Sierra
   Brawny    Lasso    Sinatra
   Brutus    Lefty    Sinbad
   Bubba    Legend    Skedaddle
   Buckaroo    Leno    Skidoo
   Bullet    Lexis    Slash
   Butkus    Liberace    Souffle
   Cabo    Liberty    Spam
   Cadence    Lobo    Spanky
   Cagney    Lodi    Spike
   Cairo    Loverboy    Spirit
   Capone    Mad Max    Squeak
   Caramba    Maestro    Starfire

Want More Ideas? Here They Are...

Pug cutie ready for dinner

Funny Naming Ideas: For males that are a bit humorous
Clever Names For Males: Some very cool ideas here
Unusual Naming Ideas: Nothing average here

   DiMaggio    Neptune    Twain
   Dimples    Nero    Twinge
   Disco    Nevada    Ukiah
   Doodad    Nibbles    Ulysses
   Doogie    Nikita    Unity
   Duce    Ninja    Valiant
   Dudley    Nitro    Vanity
   Durango    Noodles    Vargas
   Eagle    Oblong    Vegas
   Edge    Odin    Velvet
   Elvis    Omaha    Virtue
   Epic    Omega    Voyager
   Escapade    Onion    Wahoo
   Espresso    Orbit    Wasabe
   Esprit    Ouija    Wheelie
   Fable    Outlaw    Whiskey
   Fajita    Ozzie    Whitney
   Falcon    Panache    Woodstock
   Fandango    Panama    Wookie
   Fang    Pancho    Wyatt
   Fiesta    Pantera    Yoda
   Fiji    Peanut    Yogi
   Fingers    Porsche    Yukon
   Flash    Primo    Zeke
   Fonzi    Puddles    Ziggy