Big Male Dog Names
Big Names For Your Big Boy

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Big male dog names can be chosen to fit any of the large breeds of canines. Whether you have elected to add a pure bred boy or a mixed breed adopted from the local shelter, you will know that having a substantial pal of the male persuasion is a big responsibility. Not only does he require space to play, eat and sleep, but he will need a great deal of exercise.

Bull Mastiff one of the largest dog breeds on the planet

If you have a large fenced-in yard, he can work off lots of energy playing all alone or with the children, but if you are in a metropolitan setting, you must be prepared to spend lots of time exercising and enjoying the park together to ensure he remains both healthy and happy.

Some of the popular breeds (which deserve their own names) that fall into this category include the Great Dane, Mastiff, Rottweiler, Doberman, Labrador Retriever and quite a number of other breeds which are renowned as working dogs like the German Shepherd. There are also working pooches which fit this group including the black and white spotted Dalmatian associated for decades with firemen and fire engines. If you choose a name for your big boy based on his size or personality, you can pick word that means “big” or one that sounds large as easily as one which suits his coat or breed.

Our BIG Male Dog Name Lists...

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Action: Having a large pal means that your life will be full of action of all kinds: romping, running, walking, playing and having lots of fun together. If your male likes the sound of this moniker, he’ll respond rapidly once he hears you call out his new name.

Rottweiler watching for burglars

Atlantis: The unfound world of Atlantis may be a legend or could be fact; we simply do not have proof either way. But it is one of the longest surviving stories of a sunken land to have appeared in all of history and it appears in more locations than any other potential myth. If your male is as large as this legend, why not give him this big male dog name?

Barbarian: Used to describe uncivilized males, Conan the Barbarian is among the most famous of the movie characters fitted with this moniker. If your ginormous male often acts and thinks a bit barbaric, choose this large sounding name for him.

Cassius: The original first name of Mohammed Ali, this title is associated with heavyweight boxers in the fighting ring. Choose it for your large male if he reminds you of one who “floats like a butterfly but stings like a bee”.

Dino: This name refers to the largest living creatures of past ages, the dinosaurs. Used to reflect the physical size of your male companion, you may feel at times he is every bit as big as a dinosaur both in his emotion and physique.

Yellow Lab out hunting

Dragon: A fantasy creature having wings and breath of fire, you may find this name suitable for your large buddy if he is red in color or simply has a red-hot personality.

Duke: A salute to the larger than life movie actor John Wayne, this large masculine sounding name will have all lesser pups fleeing town when The Duke arrives.

Ice: Your big dog probably has a heart of gold, but for all appearances, he may show the outside world a very cold shoulder which you can reflect by choosing this big male dog name for him.

Manley: Males of large statue often have a masculine way about themselves and your dog is no different. He’s definitely no gurlie dog, he’s Manley.

Some Additional Big Boy Dog Names

   Apollo    Gandhi    Lodi
   Attila    Giant    Lumpy
   Bad Boy    Gladiator     Mafia
   Banshee    Goomba    Majestic
   Bohemian    Hi Jinx    Marlboro
   Bonkers    Hulk    Maxwell
   Boone    Hurricane    Mobster
   Bunker    Ivan    Monster
   Cage    Jasper    Rival
   Cagney    Jethro    Rolls
   Crumble    Killer    Rowdy
   Dagger    Klingon    Samurai
   Danger    Kong    Siberia
   Devil    Largo    Stallone
   Enrage    Later    Vegas
   Evil Knevil    Lazarus    Warlock
   Feisty    Lester    Wookie

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