S-T Names For Male Dogs
Naming Lists & Suggestions For These Letters

The S-T names for male dogs on this page were compiled by the naming experts here at our tiny world headquarters, and unlike name ideas that were hard to come by (like for the letters Q, U, X and Z) the letters S and T were full of creative choices that those lesser letters couldn't provide.

So here's a tip of our dog naming caps to these two letters for making our job easier and for giving you some pretty interesting male choices.

Dog Names Beginning With S

Shadow: A great choice for a male with a beautiful black coat, or a dog that's always by your side, like your shadow.

Sherlock: Just like the detective Sherlock Holmes was good at snooping around for clues to a crime, a good choice for a male that has a keen sense of smell, or knows the whereabouts of where the snacks are.

German Shepherd puppy looking for a friend

Sierra: This choice has a clean, crisp sound to it. It reminds us of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range in California.

Sky: I think of beautiful open spaces with limitless borders. A unique and beautiful male choice for any breed.

Sloan: Meaning “a fighter,” this name would ironically be well suited for a pooch that has an especially kind heart, one that would never hurt a fly.

Spirit: A name that’s part mystical, and part descriptive of a dog with a lively personality, it's a unique male choice you won't hear on many others.

  Saber   Scoop   Simba   Speedy
  Sable   Scooter   Sinatra   Spencer
  Safari   Scout   Sinbad   Spider
  Saga   Scrabble   Sir Arthur   Spike
  Sagan   Seance   Sir Galahad   Spirit
  Sage   Sebring   Sirius   Spitfire
  Sahara   Sedaka   Six Pack   Spot
  Saint   Sedona   Skedaddle   Spud
  Sake   Sega   Skeet   Spunky
  Salem   Segal   Skeeter   Sputnik
  Salsa   Seinfeld   Skidoo   Squeak
  Salty   Seismic   Skip   Squire
  Sam   Sequel   Skipper   Squirt
  Sammy   Sergei   Skippy   Stallion
  Samson   Sergio   Skittles   Stallone
  Samurai   Shaggy   Sky   Star
  Sanchez     Shakespeare   Skylar   Starbuck
  Sandy   Shane   Skywalker   Stardust
  Sangria   Shanghai   Slash   Starfire
  Santa Fe   Shark   Sledge   Stetson
  Santana   Shasta   Slick   Stevie Ray
  Santiago   Shatner   Slim   Sting
  Sarge   Shazam   Sloane   Stinker
  Sargent   Sheik   Slugger   Stitch
  Sasha   Shelby   Sly   Storm
  Sashimi   Shemp   Smartie   Stormy
  Sasperilla   Sherlock   Smiley   Strudel
  Sasquatch   Sherman   Smirnoff   Sugar
  Sassafras   Shiloh   Smoke   Sugarbaby
  Satchmo   Shiner   Smokey   Sugar Pie
  Saucy   Shogun   Snoop   Sugar Ray
  Savage   Shooter   Snoopy   Sultan
  Sawyer   Shortcake   Snowball   Summer
  Scarface   Shorty   Solace   Sumo
  Schmidt   Shotgun   Solstice   Sundance
  Schmooze   Showboat   Sonar   Sundown
  Schnapps   Showoff   Soupy   Sunbeam
  Schooner   Siegfried   Southpaw   Sunny
  Schroeder   Sierra   Spam   Sunshine
  Schultz   Sigmund   Spanky   Sushi
  Scooby   Silhouette   Sparky   Swag
  Scooby Doo   Silver   Spartan   Sweetie

Dog Names Beginning With T

Tabasco: A good name for a dog with a spicy temperament…maybe a Chihuahua?

Taz: This dog is a fury of excitement and energy, and never seems to slow down. Consider this name for a dog from the Terrier group.

Cocker Spaniel beauty

Telly: A small, sweet spirited male that loves to be wherever his human companions are at, and is extremely loyal.

Tex: For a male canine that hails from the great state of Texas, or whose human companions have a love for the state or the southwest, this is the perfect moniker.

Titan: A common name in Greek mythology meaning “giant,” this name is well suited for a large male breed dog like a Mastiff or a Great Dane.

Turbo: This male dog has energy galore and needs frequent walks to burn it off. And frequent baths to wash off all the mess it gets itself into!

  Tabasco   Taylor   Tiki   Traveler
  Taboo   Taz   Tinker   Travis
  Taco   Tease   Tin Tin   T-Rex
  Tag   Tempest   Tiny   Trinity
  Tai   Tenor   Tiny Tim   Triton
  Taipei   Tequila   Tippy   Triumph
  Taj   Terminator   Tipsy   Troy
  Takara   Terror   Titan   Trucker
  Tamale   Thimble   Tito   Tsunami
  Tango   Thurston   Titus   Tucker
  Tank   Tibet   Toodleoo   Tucson
  Tanker   Tickles   Toodles   Turbo
  Tanner   Tic Tac   Toot   Turk
  Tantrum   Tidbit   Top Dog   Twister
  Taos   Tiger   Toto   Tyson
  Tattoo   Tigger   Touche
  Taurus   Tigris   Trapper

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