Q-R Names For Male Dogs
Naming Lists & Suggestions For These Letters

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When it came to compiling the list of Q-R names for male dogs for this page it didn't take us long to realize that half way decent naming choices for the lowly letter Q were in short supply.

No problems with the letter R, it's just the Q's that left us in...so to speak...a quandary.

But enough of our quips, let's get on with our male suggestions and lists...

Names Beginning With Q

Quest: A fun loving dog that is just along for the ride; he will be happy just about anywhere, under any circumstances.

German Shepherd out on patrol

Quimby: This dog has floppy ears and almost smiles when he looks at you. He might have a few quirky physical characteristics, but that is what makes his owner love him!

Quinn: The meaning of this name is “wise”; the meaning itself exemplifies the type of dog that will possess this male name. Perfect for a male pet that has a striking presence, such as an Alaskan Malamute.

  Quad   Quarterback   Quesadilla   Quicksilver
  Quake   Quasar   Quest   Quill
  Qualm   Quasi   Quibble   Quimby
  Quantum   Quasimodo   Quiche   Quincy
  Quark   Quebec   Quicken   Quip
  Quarrel   Quell   Quickie   Quirky
  Quarry   Quentin   Quicksand   Quixote

Names Beginning With R

Radar: The perfect name for a male hunting dog, or a dog that has keen senses as a predator, such as an Akita.

Rage: This dog's all the rage of your family

Rambo: This male pooch is a dog’s dog. He’ll stand up to anything…whether it’s the mailman or the neighbors cat. He’s definitely no gurlie dog!

Pooped out Basset Hound

Rebel: If you have a new male pup that refuses to listen to commands or just seems to have a mind of his own, this name will suit him perfectly!

Rider: A fun name that rolls off of the tongue easily, this moniker is meant for a dog that loves to run, chase, and seems to have boundless energy.

Rio: Being the vacation spot Rio de Janeiro is, this name represents….vacation time! A cool name for a dog that loves to party.

Romeo: This dog has all the girl dogs in the neighborhood wrapped around his paw. A hopeless romantic at heart, will he ever find his Juliet?

  R2D2   Razor   Rider   Rolls
  Racey   Razz   Ridge   Roman
  Radar   Reagan   Riffraff   Romanov
  Radcliffe   Rebeldog   Rifle   Romeo
  Rage   Rebel   Riley   Rommel
  Raging Bull   Red   Ringleader   Rookie
  Rags   Redcloud   Ringo   Rooster
  Ragmop   Redford   Rio   Root Beer
  Raider   Redneck   Rin Tin Tin   Roswell
  Rain   Redrum   Rip   Ross
  Rainbow   Reebok   Ripley   Roulette
  Rainer   Reed   Ripple   Rourke
  Rajah   Reefer   Risk   Rover
  Raleigh   Reese   Risque   Rowdy
  Ralphie   Reilly   River   Rubic
  Rambler   Reggae   Roadie   Ruckus
  Rambo   Reggie   Roamer   Rudy
  Ramon   Rembrandt   Rocco   Ruff
  Ramrod   Remington   Rock   Rufus
  Ramses   Rhett   Rocket   Ruffian
  Ranger   Rhinestone   Rockstar   Rumba
  Ransom   Rhino   Rocky   Rumor
  Rapper   Rhythm   Rocco   Runner
  Raptor   Rickles   Rodeo   Rush
  Rascal   Rickshaw   Rodman   Rushmore
  Rasputin   Rico   Rodney   Rustler
  Rattler   Ricochet   Rogue   Rusty
  Raven   Riddler   Rolex   Ryder

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