U-V Names For Male Dogs
Naming Lists & Suggestions For These Letters

Hard to imagine that there might be any good U-V names for male dog to choose from but there are. Albeit it's a short list for both letters yet still, how many dogs on your block have a title that begins with one of these letters?

You may have adopted a mixed breed pooch or a pedigree as your companion. No matter if your dog is an award winning show dog or simply a well loved pet for the children, you'll find the selections below helpful in choosing the right one for your pet:

Names Beginning With U

Uber: This German word meaning “the very best” is an excellent choice for a companion male canine of any size or breed.

Sharing secrets with her dog

Ulf: Meaning “the wolf,” consider this choice for a dog that resembles a wolf, such as a male Norwegian Elkhound or a Siberian Husky.

Ulysses: This military title has a large place in history. It is uncommon enough to suit a dog of any size or breed, but would be perfect for a large, dignified male like a Great Dane or Dalmatian.

Unity: If this pooch is a part of family get-togethers, and you always have fun when he's around, then this might make a good choice.

 Ugo (not me, but U)  Undercover  Uproar
 Ukiah  Underdog  Upshot
 Ukita  Underfoot  Upstart
 Ultra Dog  Unity  Uptown
 Ulysses  Uno  Uriah
 Umberto  Unser  Utah
 Uncle Sam  Uppity  Uzi

Names Beginning With V

Lab with kitty pal

Valiant: Meaning bravery, this choice lets the world know that you honor your male companion's bravery in all aspects of life.

An interesting male choice for the pup that's not afraid to take a gamble. Good too if you enjoy going to Las Vegas yourself.

Victory: This strong upbeat sounding choice can reflect victory in battle or victory in other areas of life. It can even mean victory that you located the best dog to share your home.

Vodka: A neighbor we had named their white male GSD this. That was about 30 years ago and its name we still remember.

  Vaccaro   Vega   Vinny
  Vader   Vegas   Viper
  Vagabond   Ventura   Virgil
  Valiant   Versace   Virgo
  Valdez   Versailles   Virtue
  Valiant   Vertigo   Vista
  Valor   Veto   Vito
  Vance   Vibe   Viva
  Vandal   Vic   Vodka
  Van Damme   Vicar   Vogue
  Vanderbilt   Viceroy   Voltaire
  Vandyke   Victory   Vortex
  Van Gogh   Vidal   Voodoo
  Vanish   Vienna   Voyager
  Vanity   Viking   Vroom Vroom
  Vasquez   Vincent

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