The Best Male Dog Names
Ideas Just For The Guys

Let's face it, when searching for the best male dog names no doubt you want one that's as unique as your boy. Ideas that transcend the ordinary because your pup is, after all...the best!

We've always felt that variety is the spice of life, and that's no different when it comes to the best male dog names, that's why when writing this page we gave variety a new definition. Instead of offering a page full of theme based naming ideas, we gathered up names that are about or after anything and everything!

What you'll find on this best male dog names page are a veritable cornucopia of naming ideas after authors, various types of food, historical pups, cars, cities...heck, there's even a few best male dog name ideas from Star Trek. So if you're an owner who likes to think outside the naming box...this page is for you!

Our Best Names For Male Dogs Lists...

Ace Best title for your top dog, top card in a deck
Aleppo A hot pepper, good for the pup with a lot of spice
Alistair Alistair McLean, British thriller author
Arbo A male Pokémon character
Arnie Arnold Palmer, Legendary American golfer
Ash A good male name for a grayish colored dog
Atari A popular video game company
Audi German car brand
Azan Borg drone from Star Trek: Voyager
Badger Best for a fearless and relentless canine
Banger British term for sausage
Barfy The pup from the Family Circus comic strip
Barley A type of grain, best if the owner is a farmer
Bashir Character on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Berlin Beautiful capitol of Germany
Birdie One under par, Bogey if you're like the rest of us
Blanco Means the color white in Spanish
Bo President Obama's Portuguese water dog
Bolt As in lightening, best for a fast dog
Bongo A type of drum, good for a music loving pooch
Boogie From boogie woogie, type of dance
BooKoo An energy drink brand
Borat Fictional character from the movie of the same name
Boston Capital of Massachusetts
Brady A male name from the Brady Bunch
Breeze This pooch has a cool, calming effect
Bruiser Tough on the outside, a marshmallow on the inside
Buck A male deer, good if the owner is a hunter
Bugsy Bugsy Siegel, man who brought mob to Las Vegas
Bundy Al Bundy, lazy TV dad. Call him Al for short
Buster From the Buster Brown comic strip
Buzz Too much caffeine, Espresso after waaaay 2 much 
Callaway Golf club manufacturer
Camper When outdoors, this dogs a Happy Camper
Cash For big dog, Dollar for mid, Penny for small breed
Checkers One of Richard Nixon's dogs
Chico Spanish for little, cute for small breeds
Chip Off the old block
Chorizo Spanish for sausage...Ole'
Cider Good name for a sweet brownish male dog
Clyde Male half of the Bonny and Clyde duo
Coleman A small city in Texas, good for a small breed?
Collins Jackie Collins, romance author
Conga Type of drum, for the dog with a sense of rhythm
Cooper D.B. Cooper, legendary skyjacker who got away

Boxer hippy

Unique Boy Names
: Tired of hearing the same male names? You won't hear these called out at your local dog park.

Cool Names For Your Boy: The only way to describe these choices is...Groovy Man...Groovy! Less cool pups should note that we have other name pages for you.

Cupid You can't help but fall in love with him
Daffy From the cartoon duck
Dandy Good for an elegant male that carries itself well
Dapper Looking smart, maybe related to Dandy?
Data This pups owner is a computer programmer
Diego From San Diego, sunny Southern California city
Dogbert Dilbert's pup, great title for a male office pooch
Duke After The Duke, nickname for actor John Wayne
Edsel Best if the owner likes classic cars
Einstein A smart dog when it comes to physics
Eureka You found it! Good for the rescued dog
Faro A type of card game
Felix Not just a name for a cat
Flipper Best title for a water loving canine
Frisbee A popular high-flying disc
Galveston City on the water in Texas
Gem For the priceless jewel in your family
Goober Slang term for a peanut, good for a small pup
Gringo Slang term used in Mexico
Grits A popular dish in the south
Groucho One of the Marx brothers, maybe also for a moody dog?
Guru This pooch has a mystical hold on your family
Hammy Best for a nutty pup that's always the life of the party
Hardy From the comedy duo, Laurel and Hardy
Harpo One of the Marx brothers, good for a quiet male
Haskell Eddie Haskell, from Leave it to Beaver
Hero Best for the pup that rescued you
Hobart Tasmania's capital city, you've heard of Tasmania, right?
Homer Famous Greek poet and Bart Simpsons dad
Hooch Slang for hard alcohol
Houston Fourth largest city in the US
Howdy A friendly greeting from a male who loves everyone
Hudson A river in New York
Indy Short for Indianapolis 500, good for a fast pooch
Inu Dog in Japanese
J. Edgar LBJ's dog, he loved his pup...not J. Edgar Hoover
Jasper A type of chalcedony, a beautiful stone
Jazz For the pooch that comes alive when it's played
Jetta A brand of VW, also good for a fast dog
Jimmie Chocolate candies sprinkled on cupcakes
Jive Latin dance style
Jolt A popular energy drink brand
Jupiter Fifth planet from the sun, best for a large breed
Kamikaze For the male pooch that gives his all
Keno A game of chance, good if you love Las Vegas

Bulldog puppy ready for a fight

Breed Specific: If your male is of a specific breed then here's a page that houses the best names for any pooch regardless of shape or size, from Chihuahuas to Rottweilers you'll find them here.

Clever Ideas For Your Boy: Is your male intelligent, quick on his four feet and as sharp as a tack? He sure is! Here's a list of best male dog names that would salute those canine attributes.

Killer Good title for a dog that is all bark and no bite
Kip Kremling character in Donkey Kong
Krypto The canine pal of Superman
Lassie Lassie to the rescue! endorsed by little Timmy
Leo For the pup that is lion-like
Lilo From the movie Lilo & Stitch
Lobo Wolf in Spanish, good for the pooch that's a rouge
Lombardi After the legendary Green Bay Packer coach
Loopy Silly, goofy or otherwise crazy
Mack A brand of semi truck, good for a tough dog
Maguire After homerun hitting* Mark Maguire
Malek This male pooch name means King in Arabic
Mars Fourth rock from the sun and darn good candy bar
Master He's the real Master around the house
Max Popular and classic moniker for a dog
Neon For the energetic dog that lights up a room
Norm The barstool regular on Cheers
Nugget Best for a golden colored pup
Onyx We can see this name on a black colored pooch
Orbit For the puppy that runs circles around all others
Orwell Author of the famous book 1984
Ouzo An anise-flavored alcohol
Paprika A type of hot pepper
Pebbles A good male dog name for a small dog
Peppy Full of energy and high spirits
Pikachu Pokémon character
Pinnacle A good choice if you love the mountains
Pistol Sometimes he behaves, sometimes he's a Pistol
Pluto Disgruntled former planet, also popular Disney character
Proton Energetic pal of Neutron
Rags A good choice for a pooch whose lineage is dubious
Rambo For the pup who takes no prisoners
Ref Short for referee, good for a black and white dog
Reno Biggest Little City in Nevada
Ripley After Ripley lead character of the Alien movies
River It's soothing and refreshing to be around River
Rockstar Good for the pooch that's a bit high strung
Rush Moves with speed, especially after the neighbors cat
Rusty Best name for a red-coated canine
Scamp Mischievous one who gets into trouble

Chihuahua long ears

Unusual Ideas For Males: Many owners prefer a best male dog name that’s unique, a manly title that transcends the ordinary. Here's a few of the best to propel your pup to the stratosphere of uniqueness.

Small Names For Boys: If you own a small male pooch then you know why they’re so popular. Who can resist their tininess? These smallish best male dog names are perfect.

Scooter Simply a cute boy dog name for a smaller breed
Scrabble Popular word game, for a dog of mixed lineage?
Serrano A type of hot pepper
Shadow Your Shadow is always by your side
Shannon One of JFK's male dogs
Sheriff Best for the dog that's good at enforcing your rules 
Sidney Sidney Sheldon, suspense author
Simon After Simon Cowell, judge on American Idol
Skipper Person who commands a vessel
Sneakers Another male choice for comfortable tennis shoes
Spillane Mickey Spillane, mystery author
Sulu Lt. Commander on Star Trek
Sushi A favorite Japanese food
Tango A dance your pup does when you come home
Teddy A stuffed bear that all love to hug
Thunder It follows lightening
Titan The largest moon of Saturn, best for big male breed
Wallace Sidekick to Gromit in the British animation 
Whiz A smarty pants, this pup knows everything
Wile Wile E. Coyote, from The Roadrunner cartoon
Wyatt Wyatt Earp, Sheriff of Tombstone
Yoda Popular wise character from Star Wars
Yodel Vocalizing done in the Alps, for the dog who howls
Yoyo For the male pup that's never gone long before it returns
Zippy Best for a lively and full of energy canine

Dachshund waiting for walk time

Large Boy Names: Best male dog name ideas for larger breeds like Retrievers, German Shepherds or Huskies. Or why not give a big name to a small pooch?

Awesome Ideas For Your Male: A simple click here and your off to the races with all new categories which will have you and your pal going Bow-WOW! Even your cat will ask to be envious.

Our A-Z Best Male Dog Names

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