E-F Names For Male Dogs
Naming Lists & Suggestions For These Letters

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This E-F names for male dogs page is our next installment in alphabetical order. The more choices you have the better, and we’ve done our best to give you a bunch. Also we’ve offered some male naming suggestions along with our lists, which will get your creative juices flowing, and make your search easier.

Male Names Beginning With E

Eagle: This dog soars above the rest, from its demeanor, to its looks, everything about it is a cut above. Falcon might make a good alternative choice.

Einstein: What a brain! This male pup seems to know everything. Things like...when it’s walk time, time to play, time to eat…everything!

cute hairy dog

Elvis: All the female dogs in the neighborhood know when he’s around. Even when he walks…there’s a whole lotta shakin goin on! If you have a hunka hunka burnin love for your pup, then this choice is perfect.

Emerald: A precious gemstone will show your canine pal how much you value him and his constant loyalty, love and friendship.

Escape: A good choice for a male pup that much prefers to escape the confines of the house or backyard and be out roaming someplace else.

Espresso: Good for the pooch that's brown or black and has more energy than a caffeinated dog.

  Eagle   Edge   Elton   Escort
  Earl   Eduardo   Elvis   Espresso
  Earp   Egad   Ember   ESP
  Easton   Egypt   Encore   Espirit
  Eastwood   Eiffel   Enchilada   Essence
  Easyrider   Einstein   Epic   E.T.
  Ebony   Elf   Epstein   Everest
  Echo   Eli   Equinox   Evian
  Eclipse   Elias   Equity   Excalibur
  Eddie   Elmo   Errol
  Edelweiss   Elroy   Escapade

Male Names Beginning With F

Fearless: Nothing scares this dog, not the mailman, not the neighbors cat, not even the vet.

Fidel: Meaning “faithful,” this is a perfect name for that male pet that stands by his owner’s side no matter what.

dog being hugged

Fiesta: A party on four legs! He’s so much fun to be around that all your cares melt away.

Flirt: That look, that flirtatious glance, that confident strut! This dog has the doggie confidence that makes all the girl dogs swoon.

Fortune: For that dog that just seems to have all the luck; possibly one that was rescued out of a bad situation, or one that just seems to keep out of trouble by the skin of his teeth.

Freckles: This name is well suited for a male dog that has just a few different colored spots sprinkled over his body, and would work well for a male dog of any size or breed.

 Fabian  Fergi  Flea  Freckles
 Fable  Ferrari  Fletch  Freedom
 Fajita  Fester  Fletcher  Frenchy
 Falcon  Festus  Flip  Freud
 Fallon  Fetch  Flip-flop  Friar Tuck
 Fancy  Fiat  Flirt  Friday
 Fandango  Fiddler  Fly Boy  Frisbee
 Fantom  Fidel  Fonzi  Frisco
 Fang  Fido  Foo Fighter  Frisky
 Fargo  Fiesta  Football  Frito
 Farley  Figaro  Forbes  Fritz
 Fats  Fiji  Ford  Froggy
 Fearless  Fingers  Foreman  Frosty
 Feisty  Finnigan  Forrest  Frodo
 Felix  Fizzzz  Fortune  Fudd
 Fella  Flair  Franco  Fudge
 Feller  Flame  Frank  Fuji
 Fenway  Flash  Frankie  Fu Man Chew
 Ferdinand  Flatfoot  Frazier  Furball

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